Judge says he may unseal portions of Trump search affidavit

Judge Bruce Reinhart said during a hearing at the West Palm Beach courthouse that he was planning to unseal portions of the affidavit, which is sought by various media outlets and other organizations.
His announcement came after the Justice Department, while arguing against the disclosure of the documents, revealed new, if not extremely vague, details about the investigation into the handling of classified documents from the Trump White House. #AC360 #JessicaSchneider #CNN


  1. Watching all of this play out in real time beats, days of our lives, general hospital and as the world turns all together! πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜…

    1. @Aaron Christoffersen “Boomer” and “Woke” is about the stupidest words I’ve ever heard. I do see them used occasionally when people are referring to QAnon conspiracy theories.

  2. An informant? Wonder who they work for? Wouldn’t that be incriminating itself? Is this what trumped up charges are?

    1. @Brian Johnston Which is it πŸ€” communist or socialist πŸ€” defending our public schools is obviously not a very good idea.

    1. @Jill It seems like they are trying to be as fair as possible to all parties. The press wants it. Trump said he wanted it, DOJ seemed ok with re-dacting it.

    2. Why didn’t Trump’s own lawyers file to unseal the affidavit πŸ€” almost makes me think that Trump didn’t want it unsealed πŸ€”

  3. The judge wants to unseal documents involved in an ongoing investigation? They need to push this up above the level of judges that trump owns.

    1. @Michael Johnson How would the judge be contravening Rule 6(e)? Wouldn’t he have a lot of discretion on the matter so long as he considers the necessary factors?

  4. Carrie Cordera is exactly right the potential of other cases to follow will have to be treated the same and this is not good. I myself believe that they should not release the affidavit until either the case is dropped or they indict. I say Leave it up to DOJ to decide !

    1. Affidavit lists prime source as a speculative editorial by Maggie Haberman in the NYT.
      Found; Declassified documents on Crossfire Hurricane.

  5. In the course of appealing my divorce settlement which was made without me even being in the room, the judge told the opposing attorney “You lied to me. If you don’t go outside and settle with this man, I’ll make sure you never win another case in this court so long as I’m presiding judge”. Yes folks, it happens. Orders get pencil whipped all the time.

  6. Respect to the DoJ and FBI for not giving in to pressure. There was a great deal of evidence that prompted them to search Mar-a-Lago. Trump thinks he is above the law.

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