Judge Slams Former AG Barr's 'Disingenuous' Spin Of Robert Mueller Probe | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Judge Slams Former AG Barr’s ‘Disingenuous’ Spin Of Robert Mueller Probe | Morning Joe | MSNBC


A federal judge has ruled that former Attorney General William Barr was 'disingenuous' about the process behind his decision to issue a memo clearing then-President Trump on obstruction of justice charges.

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Judge Slams Former AG Barr's 'Disingenuous' Spin Of Robert Mueller Probe | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Lee Christmas The FBI wasn’t looking for Biden’s laptop in Rudy Colludy’s appartement. They were looking for Rudy’s electronic devices in connection with the investigation of his involvement with the Ukrainians in fabricating corruption evidence against the Bidens.

    2. @Folk47 Goulet
      I know. But the narrative about the laptop is being played up in whacko-world. I responded that the FBI already has the original laptop, as of 12/2019. Even if the warrant included hard drives, they really don’t need other copies. Although, if they had taken those hard drives maybe they’d have seen more Giuliani/Bannon/Wengui manipulation of “the laptop”. It was an October surprise manufactured by Bannon et al, and flopped.

    3. Trump has the ability to glean the weakest most seedy individuals to do his bidding. Each one must answer for themselves and Trump should pay his due as well.

    1. ALL politicians are in it for the money. They just play on a team with tribal tendencies and people pick a side. It’s all ridiculous. Everyone, deep down, knows all politicians are corrupt. They use loop holes in the law to become millionaires with a six figure salary.

    1. @Ken Smith No, he was the AG, so he was never going to be in trouble for anything hardly.

    2. The big punishment for lying was having someone talk loudly to him. America is just lol….

    3. @Denise Arthur Not just that. Barr needs to lose more than that. A precedence needs to be set & an example made for all Americans. The world needs to know that NOBODY in this country is above the law. That includes presidents & president’s lawyers. “The Law is for ALL or NOT at all”.

    4. @Lovely Mangos I so totally agree and they need to work on the wording of some Laws also. Like the one that a sitting POTUS can not be prosecuted!! I think that is so wrong!! Same rational as yours!!!

    1. Nothing will happen. This story was pushed last night by Rachel Maddow. She always has a BOMBSHELL about Trump that goes nowhere. MSNBC is the only network pushing this story real hard. Even crooked cnn won’t put this on the air for more than a second. Wow can’t believe I ever listened to msnbc or cnn. They all lie fox, cnn, and msnbc. You want the truth go to Jimmy Dore , or Secular Talk youtube channels. MSM is CIA liers.

  1. Seems like I remember Barr saying history will be the judge trying to cover up his wrongdoing

    1. @Sharon Mores WOW! You should TRULY stop watching MSNBC! I am not trying to be mean at all! The Conservatives aren’t the party keeping lists of people to round up. The Leftist are doing that, and the Left is also responsible for what’s being taught to our children… In our schools! What are they teaching instead of “Ann Frank”? In more & more schools… They are teaching… That white Christian values, & families have oppressed the minorites in America. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, ECT. are trying to separate “We The People”. I know it’s not easy to find, and accept the truth, but… This guy has never lied to me. Timpool search for him on Utube & the muller report. Good luck.

    2. He also said that “history remembers the winners…”. I say that history remembers wrongdoing at high levels (Nixon and the Watergate Scandal. Very few people remember or talk about what good Nixon may have done.

    3. @Lyz Starwalker Rod Rosenstein, William Barr, Robert Mueller, etc. None of them was working for the democrats Nor are any of them democrats.

  2. When? When are the people in authority going to be held to the same laws and standards as the everyday citizens?

    1. @Jimmy Ritter Mishandling of classify information, but the thing is trump and his family were also accuse of the same thing and were as guilty. They couldn’t do anything to hillary without putting themselves in trouble lol.

    2. @viviantazo1 I actually laughed out loud at that!!! Yeah, he was accused by unnamed sources at MSNBC!! Bwahahahahabahahabababahaha!

    3. @Jimmy Ritter What was your source, msnbc seems to be more reliable compare to fox news and other left wing medias who are only capable of singing his praises, or coming up with ridiculous defense whether he was making a laughingstock of himself.

  3. So is there any accountability for Barr, or are we playing the “moving forward” game?

  4. The memo, the full, unredacted Mueller report, as well as the records of meetings that were held and then committed to the “top secret” servers, must all be examined and released to the public. These clowns are corrupt.

    1. @may wilson I agree with you. She was protected by the deep state. If Hillary went down many more would go down too.

  5. They long ago surrendered their integrity and souls for power and influence and money. Why would this, even if its released, change a thing?

    1. Wow Danold trump realy turn these people into liers thief mobster rioters and jerk like himself

    1. @chris coleman Ooooh I don’t know…for lying to congress, lying to a federal judge, obstruction of justice…pick one

    2. @tizzle noc lolol obstruction of Justice wasn’t wasn’t a charge at impeachment lolol

    3. @tizzle noc so when barrack Obama used the IRS to go after political opponents before an elections whats that?

  6. This comes a little too late for those of us who knew it was a lie from the onset. The stage has been set and now we know that whatever “they” do from now on will be “a lie”.

    1. @filthynice 88 well we know all the players, but what Posey in the justice dept. Said it was ok to black out all the info of the Mueller report? Barr and his Posey

    2. Oh yes, because we are assured that whatever “you” do has the purest and most altruistic motives.

    3. @Danny Spitzer Argument? It was sarcasm. ALL politics are slimy. NO party holds the high moral ground.

    1. It has to be, nobody is above the law. These pollies have to stop the bare faced lying to the American people.

  7. It’s just mind blowing that this is news!!! Duh!! This was obvious and more is going to come out! I am tired of these people that call themselves public servants are constantly given a pass! We as citizens are held to a much higher standard it’s called”prison”

    1. Exactly. I got so tired of telling folks to read the report whenever they repeated the Republican narrative that Mueller found nothing.

    2. Barr is a backstabbing McCain wannabe who ALSO has a lot to hide so he’ll make up stuff just like Bolton and vindman did

    3. @naomidga the guy who supposedly wrote the report mueller who didn’t even know what was in it had trouble understanding what was there u clown author didn’t understand it so it made sensehere’s your sign

  8. We all knew it at the time , which makes it even more satisfying to see these criminals get slowly dismantled by the system they perverted at every turn.

  9. Barr needs to be indicted for lying to the court. Future attorney generals need to be put on notice that this will not be allowed.

    1. Ever hear of John Mitchell, was done to him. Barr was a Court Clerk back then, was well aware what happened and made not a bit of difference to him, won’t to others like him.

    2. Rod Rosenstein, William Barr, Robert Mueller, etc. None of them was working for the democrats Nor are any of them democrats.

  10. Never before have I seen such a massive conglomeration of sick Evil people!! The wheels of justice need to move much faster

    1. Never heard of the Committee to Re-Elect the President, AKA CREEP, Nixon’s re-election campaign of 1972? They were almost as bad, but did not canoodle with the Soviet Union…and also a Republican. GOP turned on him back then because they believed in the Constitution, unlike the GQP.

  11. If I and you lied to any one of these bodies especially a judge, we would be in jail.

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