Judge Strikes Down National Moratorium On Evictions | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Judge Strikes Down National Moratorium On Evictions | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Federal Judge struck down the national eviction moratorium, potentially leaving millions of Americans at risk of losing their homes two months earlier than expected.
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    1. Couldn’t last forever..
      Sold my house last month.. looking forward to getting a deal on a foreclosed house.

    2. Not in even in America should rent be free. Way too many hand outs. I voted for Biden but free rent, I don’t think so!

    3. You people are pathetic thinking you wouldn’t have to make up what you couldn’t pay then

    1. Luckily it only affects republiklan lead states , that have no state eviction moratoriums … so again republiklans hurt their own voters .

    2. @Pete Lind yeah, but the newly homeless MAGAts will move to blue states and infest them.

    3. @Doug Lowe They already are. Most of the homeless, squatting on the streets of Portland and San Francisco, are bussed in from red states.

  1. All property’s should be inspected before they are rented again. Assure they are up to code.

    1. Only Bad renters rent from apartments not up to code.
      It’s as much on the renters as it is the landlords.

    2. While I agree, that raises costs to own a rental and will raise rents to pay for those inspections.

    3. @Doug G that not true !!! There are good renters out there but i know there are people that are bad renters but not all are and the landlords justicifie raising rent becuase of those people and most landlords dont live up to codes they just want the money to pay there morages and take vacation it dont care if the renters and the there property in good conditons and following the property codes the law must change to alll landlords must must keep property codes in order and all there property for rent must be in good condition with all appplance in working order and must be excalty like there personal homes they all have everthing they need in there homes renters if they pay must have that living condtion to equal and if the lanlord want a backround check the renters to must ask for the landlords backroud check becuase i lived in many places that rented that they said they were the owner months later i found out there were just renters just like me collecting money behinde lies see in this world no ones better then anyone els there so called landlords that lied to you in your face and later you find out they were not the owners the laws must change makeing equal justice for everyone period !!!

    4. @Cary A
      I generally agree with you.
      Let me ask, Why dont the Good renters leave if it’s a bad landlord (bad living conditions)?

    5. @Cary A
      Here’s an example.
      My friend owns a duplex and I own one exactly the the same on the same street.
      His is run down (lawn not mowed, broken window, missing handrail, etc).
      Mine is very well maintained.
      We both rent for the same amount ($1200).
      He does no work , I do a lot to maintain and repair.
      What’s the difference?
      The difference is I have the same tenants for 6 years , no turn over.
      My friend has turn over every year.
      He makes less $ because of the turn over and evictions but also works much less.

      The market works,
      Bad landlords/houses attract Bad tenants
      Good landlords/houses keep good tenants

  2. well I’m sure this won’t cause…
    a panic, an uprising or a revolt…
    cause when you leave a man with nothing to lose…
    nothing to lose is exactly what that man has…

    1. @The ‘Debate Me!’ Channel – there was no moratorium on mortgage payments per se. Anybody that has a mortgage is still liable for the amount owed. There is moratorium on foreclosures which is similar to rental evictions. In other words, you aren’t supposed to be able to be tossed out for either. At the end of the day though, if you don’t pay that mortgage you will eventually lose that asset.

    2. @Ace Ace My understanding is they let you move the mortgage back. So nothing changes except your loan pay off date moves back a year.

    3. @The ‘Debate Me!’ Channel – That might be right. Typically if a bank gives a “skip a payment” type scenario you end up paying the extra interest. I don’t think interest was waived but I’m not sure. They just don’t tack on fees for a late payment. Thankfully I was able to make all my payments so I didn’t investigate much. You would still owe the exact same principal amount + any interest increase regardless the number of payments you skipped. Technically a renter would be the same way but there is nothing securing a rent payment other than a small security deposit and the off chance a renter gives a darn about their credit.

    4. @Ace Ace It’s a shame that our government could not do more. Home owner don’t need rent if he don’t have to pay mortgage and banks for sure don’t need those payments. They are big enough to handle it and if not the government can fill in the gap. Rent/Mortgage don’t mean much. What makes them matter is COSTS. Remove the costs and it’s easy to take care off. You just have to cover renter and landloard.

    1. @Jim McLoughlin A compassionate landlord us what you like? As a landlord, I know the nicer you are to most tenants, the worse they will be in return. When I have ti pay the school tax to put other people’s kids in school and feed them, hiw compassionate do you think the govt is to me if I am late or don’t pay? Or if I don’t pay the water bill? Sad story or sympathy economy doesn’t apply to landlords, so why should it apply to feel sorry for me tenants?

    2. @Jim McLoughlin Why should I leave my home? The only home I know. Initially built for an extended family. I will in time, and have to give up everything I acquired in my life to move far away, so that those that want a free ride can chase out the only person that has a right to this building.

    3. @Whistles to Animals From your previous post I took it that you were the landlord of a second property. Nothing indicated you were talking about your family home.

  3. a complex issue to address in a pandemic. Both sides are suffering — the renters and the landlords.

    1. They are not land “lords”. This is not a feudal society, or is it? They are just some human beings who happen to own, invest in and rent living space.

    2. @E.T. Ethics – maybe you would prefer the words “leaser” and “leasee” or how about the words “rentor” and “rentee” or maybe “renter” and “property owner”. They all basically mean the same. Property owners have expenses too. They can’t go on indefinitely not collecting any rent. Many apartments buildings are leveraged with mortgages, etc. The owners have to pay the mortgage just like the renters need to pay the rent.

    1. Time for a lot of people to really scramble to find work…no “sugar coat” talk here!!!

    2. @red rum True, there are people who are really struggling but there are also a lot of those who are “Riding The System ” and for most of them, the wheels are about to run flat!!

    3. @Raymond J. Exactly. When I saw this story first, I immediately thought of when the housing bubble burst in 2008/9 or so, even though the situation is totally different. The government put the finger on financial institutions to reduce the principal owned on defaulted mortgages, and used a bunch of tax money to do it. People who bought houses they couldn’t afford had Obama telling everyone how important it was that they be kept in their houses. Houses they couldn’t afford, but because they bought something they couldn’t afford, the government claimed it was theirs. Anyone who had the financial resources to pay their mortgages, but instead took out second mortgages and spent money on fancy furniture, clothing, vacations, cars, and living the high life benefited as if they were victims. Anyone who was frugal so they could be financially responsible and pay their mortgage were fools as the value of their investment plummeted. Now, there are people totally screwed because of the covid downturn, but anyone who could have done something but choose not to was given a free ride.

    4. Good luck renting anywhere else, with an eviction on your record. Hope you don’t mind living in the hood.

  4. Housing policies is not within the CDC’s jurisdiction, so CDC had no right to ban evictions. This was an obvious overstep by the CDC to begin with.

    1. If it is almost certain to negatively impact public health, imo, they do. But I didn’t set this crap up… so….

    2. @KT Kacer Pretty much everything in life affects public health in some way. It doesn’t give CDC discretion to ban evictions. Unemployment affects health too, but that doesn’t give CDC jurisdiction over changing interest rates.

  5. Told you your jobs and businesses were non essential, refused direct payments. Now this…..

    1. What do you expect? The people who own the rentals need to make money too, been almost a year.

  6. Why does it look like chuck is vibrating in the beginning of the vid? Does he have Parkinson’s?

  7. Renters up in arms about being Evicted. What about the small time Landlord that will loose their Home? These very same Renters Blame the Rich for all their Problems But it will be the Rich people that snap up all these Homes and Yes, They will get Richer. I feel bad for the People that Invested all they had to someday Retire – And have it all taken away with the Help of the Government.

  8. So, if the tenants cannot pay and get kicked out…who would be able to rent anyway??? Stay at home..wait, they don’t have one…

  9. Rent going up. Homelessness going up. Crime going up. All going up, wayyyyyyyyyyyyy up.

    1. societys stopped genociding …big mistake idd start with mental cases and homeless round them up and send to some far away deserted island

  10. The lack of rent payment is what is going to get them kicked out. Took the extra payments the goverment sent them then decide not to pay the rent with it.

    1. I’m a flat rate Mechanic, if no one is driving…Then why do they need to get their car serviced, when its been sitting in the driveway for weeks?

      I think you need to mind your own business and stop commenting on things you know nothing about.

      Oh and just for a reminder, Trump really did lose because a MAJORITY of Americans were sick (literally) of his stupidity.

  11. Maybe they should of lowered rents by 25 percent so people could still afford to live the landlords still get some money and just make the tenants pay the 25 percent on the back end of their lease after the pandemic in installments

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