Judgement on Covid Vaccine | HEART/NSTA Trust Chairman Resigns | TVJ Midday News - Dec 21 2021 1

Judgement on Covid Vaccine | HEART/NSTA Trust Chairman Resigns | TVJ Midday News – Dec 21 2021


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    1. @Dareal Yute God wish is not for any man to suffer, he allows these things to happen because of how evil we are to each other.

    2. @Dareal Yute right? where’s our nubian strength? jah made us in his imagine so he’s in us so get up and fight or keep on getting trampled by the beast.

    3. @Dareal Yute mek dem gwaan wait bro, people will never see the truth without God involved, im glad the day I woke up

  1. Invite God’s peace to rule your heart! As this year comes to an end, take time to reflect on the many gifts God has given you. Allow your heart be encouraged with the truth that God is a good God. Pause to thank God for sending his Son to die for you. Be reminded no matter what your circumstance you can live with peace because of Jesus.

  2. Thats y i switched to flow, not supporting digicel mandate on their workers. If flow follows suit i go bk to writing letters.

  3. Not forcing anybody, just go and find a different job…its your right to not get it, and the companys’ right to not give you employment.

  4. Did you see,that or is it me …why TVJ put up Reul Reid picture in the beginning talking about the HEART institution 😆🤣

  5. The workshop integrity should not be infringed on by people who choose to be non-compliant. There is no individual right to work at any workplace/job.

  6. Again everyday next year is a new year a lot of these people public servant need to flush out these people are disease

  7. How can the learned Judge rule on workplace safety when the vaccines do not provide public protection??? (Meaning the vaccines do not prevent or control the contraction or transmission of the virus). Also, if the vaccines are administered under EUA legislation which indemnify the developers and also give ppl the option to refuse the vaccines then how can an employer implement a mandate for these vaccines??? What did the claimants’ attorneys present to fumble such an important case??? There are plethora of evidence to support workers’ rights and freedoms but the attorneys must do the leg work to get it done.

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