Judgment Day? GOP On Edge As Congress Will Seize Phone Records From Jan. 6

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s investigators are going after the phone records of some of their Republican colleagues looking for evidence they helped criminals compromise the Capitol. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on the update in the investigation. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Bay 17 We are not talking about Biden’s Afghanistan we are talking about January 6 get your head out of the pale learn what we are talking about one thing at a time stop shifting the blame grow up

    2. @R Long uh huh, it got pretty quiet after i posted those youtube links though 🤔 could it be because they actually clicked on them and saw that i was right?? 🤷

  1. every single one of these politicians who are involved should lose their seats and be prosecuted immediately

    1. @Craig Cherry it’s not up to her trumpie! Lying Donny was sitting in his bunker laughing like a little school girl! He should have made the call but didn’t!

    2. @Bobby Testy What did they lie about exactly? Better bring facts because your opinion is faltering. Which is all you have brought to the table. And pathetic name calling.
      Are you an adult? Capable of debate?

  2. This is why the Reprehensibles didn’t want an outside probe of 1/06. But the House is getting their dirt anyway. LOCK THEM UP.

    1. @Joe Mama this is what I’m saying. You can do better. Transitive property is at follows: A=B And B=C then A=C. We vote representatives into the government. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT and vise versa. Think critically or open a book for once instead of drinking the koolaid dawg.

    2. @Joe Mama I will bet my left testicle that you’re either a troll or you actually vote for the people who actually cause the problems. Or a little of both.

    3. @Gratitude Always If caught driving under the influence of drugs, not having, not selling them, you can be sent to jail

    4. @Idea Baker yes, because the FBI investigation finding none is not good enough for Natzi pelosi, probably will come up with fake evidence like we seen for four years.

  3. Why do I have zero expectations that anyone in a position of power will ever be held criminally accountable for what they have done?!!

    1. They didn’t get where they are without being real slippery. Look at traitor mitch the day after the election he said he was done with trump now he says that isn’t what he meant he now says he was done with the stolen election lie…. slippery

    1. @Trump’s Lies Yes, it seems they get to the bottom of investigations and then the obstructionists are never held accountable. Carry it thru-be tough tighten the punishments and make them stick. I guess Trump isn’t accountable for his crimes within government or outside-Teflon Don I wonder who is backing him.

    2. If they dont put the boot of justice up their azz’s it will happen again. Time to set an example of what will not be tolerated.

    1. yeah…just like the Trumty investigation, cost $50 million, Nancy might need another $Trillion for the recurring theme. Hey…maybe the Talibone can pay?

    1. can’t think of another more important investigation. just think of all the new jobs and we could start another Cabinet called the “hinterland post”.

  4. high office should have high responsibility hence if that responsibility is broken , they should pay the proper price for that betrayal to the constitution

  5. The Republicans should LOVE this, it’ll give them a chance to prove their innocence, right?

    1. @Giraffe Waggoner an unarmed woman who was trying to break into the Capitol he was told to defend. She was warned but continued to break in. He had every right to shoot her. She was threatening congresspeople

  6. When Ari quotes hip hop artists it makes me like him and love hip hop even more. The Firm’s “Phone tap” was a hot track. … J

  7. Gym jordan is always so confident, fluid and seamless when he rants his high speed useless tripe, this is the first time I’ve seen him gasping for air and fumbling for words

  8. Jordan, and a host of the Traitors minions talked to him that day, Jordan recieved a congressional medal but what for, his patriotism or Allegiance to the Traitor

    1. Jordan received a metal of honor for raping over 600 women and children during the invasion of Afghanistan for Haliburton Inc. 165 Billion Dollars in deposited funds later…

  9. Trump: “It was a perfect visit to Capitol Hill”
    D.OJ. ” On whose command did you stormed Capitol hill”

    1. Ummm last I checked the DOJ isn’t saying anything to Trump, nor are they even charging ppl with crimes, except trespassing and hindering congressional hearings. Far cry from “storming the capital” and an “insurrection”

  10. Gym Jordan should be getting very nervous now. He’s either going to go down for his lack of actions at Ohio State or Jan 6th.

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