1. Given how people reacted to a cartoon about puberty (big mouth) and kids movie (seeing red) along with the fact that my friend growing in Arkansas in a staunch Baptist conservative family was published by her dad when she got her first period because he thought she was “unclean” or whatever

    I’d say that’s an understatement.

    1. @dave h Well according to some parents in Florida, libraries do have porn; – – – the library only needs to have a book with a picture of Michelangelo’s David in the library to be considered to have porn, according to them.

  2. I read ‘Tales of a fourth grade nothing’ as a teenager over 30 years ago; it’s so relatable, it made me laugh AND cry.

  3. Thank you Judy, for your books! These topics did seem intimidating when you’re about to go through them but you wrote in a way to say, ‘Its all right…I’ve been there. Lets talk.’
    Sidebar: As I was listening to this, I was thinking about Golden Girls when they were going through their changes and how taboo it was for them…both entry and exit.

  4. Oh wow – Judy’s books were all we had to learn from back in the 80’s. I remember we would share books and hide “wifey” lmao 🤣 it was the best.

  5. Around 1980 whe I was 12ish I read a lot of the Judy Blume books. I learned a lot about girls and the issues sensitive to them. I believe it made me more understanding of the female perspective of growing up.

  6. I’m an Aussie but Judy’s books were incredibly popular here too. Can’t believe US states would ban them.

    Blume had a way of getting into kids’ brains and portraying the awkwardness and loneliness of being a teen or pre-teen. I remember Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. Also Superfudge, Deenie, and Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great. Can’t wait to check out the documentary.

  7. I read EVERY Judy Blume book I could get ahold of when I was in middle school. Her books were THEE books that turned me into a lifelong reader. My stepfather died of a heart attack when I was 11, and I had read Are You There God It’s Me Margaret just before that. I ended up “journaling” to God about my loss and life for about 25 or so years after that. Judy helped me through a horribly dark time. I hope she can see this someday. Thank you Ms.Bloom for all you have done and continue to do for young women. We NEED your guidance and words … especially now ❤

    1. Now kids are pressured to read ‘billy wants to wear a dress’ and ‘sshh don’t tell your parents’

  8. From Europe/ Germany: never came across her – seems to be a loss!
    Question: have they banned “Peyton Place” in Florida? A book that our parents only hesitantly handed to us😃

  9. The right team maybe but definitely the right time for this movie. I can’t wait to watch it with my young grandchildren

  10. The stupid school district here is trying to ban JB’s ‘Forever’ and a ton of other books that deal with sexuality and LGBTQ issues. I feel like we’re racing backwards😡

  11. Throughout History, politicians have tried to suppress the sexual desires of humans as a way of controlling them and it hasn’t worked yet !! 😂

  12. most people live past 12, they got to grow strange hair some time. PUBERTY. you actually go through it again in your 40s, but its achy muscle time. We literally live to die.. but we try to live as much as we can before the end comes.

  13. Life has changed so much when I was a kid only three things to think about having friends studying your school work and talking to girls seems like it’s real tough to be a kid today🤔

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