Julian Castro Calls Cruz’s Trip To Cancun ‘Politically Fatal’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Julian Castro Calls Cruz’s Trip To Cancun ‘Politically Fatal’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Former HUD Secretary and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro argues that Senator Cruz’s decision to go on vacation while Texas was in crisis demonstrates that he only thinks of himself. Castro also believes that if Trump did the same thing as Cruz, he would not have returned from Cancun and his supporters would have seen that as strength. Aired on 02/19/2021.
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Julian Castro Calls Cruz’s Trip To Cancun ‘Politically Fatal’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. Nah nah nah nah fam, this is sickening and some people in that chat thread probably thought it was a cowardice thing to do. Youre the leader, if your house is cold imagine your followers. You dont turn tail and run when it finally happens to you! Those ‘snitches’ are champions to Texans. Id very well much like to know who they are so I can venmo them lol

    1. But I’m sure you felt that Ted Kennedy’s role in the murder of a young woman and Joe Biden plagiarism and serial lying were perfectly okay. Leftist hypocrites always feel that way, so there’s no need to feel ashamed.

    1. And same to for you. How did that $2000 stim check ASAP work for you as well as the promised 100M doses of vaccines in his first 100 days? How did that Russia/Trump collusion work for you when Adam Schiff swore to you he had “irrefutable evidence” that it was a fact. Biden lied to you for your vote, but you have a short memory for that……….Biden gets a pass. Hypocrite.

    2. @Tahtahme’s Diary I heard that many Texans forget what they’re having for breakfast, even as they are eating it.

    3. @crankked crankels California has the highest GDP than any State and all but a few countries. When companies raise capital to ramp up their business they go to NY, not Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas or Texas. Democrat States are net contributors to the US budget and economy, while Republican States are net spenders.

  1. Wow these republicans are shameless and liars. People have take responsibility for voting for them. I feel sorry for Texans but this is the kind of leadership they voted for.

  2. Where are these daughters he’s supposedly traveling with? I just see him at the airport and on the airplane.

    1. His “daughters” were a picture in his precious luggage .
      You have to have an escape plan no matter how bad your irresponsibility is.

  3. Texas: We have problem with freezing, no power, no water, fire
    Ted Cruz: Let’s go to Cancun. You won’t have any problem there.

    1. The left: Get rid of coal power that never fails.
      Also the left: Use renewable energy, because reasons.
      Texas: Well, that didn’t work.

  4. It’s sad, when you have to shame a Senator into caring for their constituents. If only their constituents weren’t the ultra rich, instead of the poor and working class Americans.

  5. Senators are being censured for voting their conscience/actually working regarding Jan. 6 riot. Any talk of censuring Ted for NOT working?

  6. Compare his actions with AOC who has raised 2 million dollars for people in need in TX, and she’s actually THERE to help them.

  7. As a Texan he needs to resign. It was really cold and people lost there lives and he left without helping people.

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