Julián Castro Defends Shots At Joe Biden | Hardball | MSNBC

Julián Castro Defends Shots At Joe Biden | Hardball | MSNBC 1


Julián Castro joins Chris Matthews from the spin room and defends his shots at Joe Biden’s health care plan.
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Julián Castro Defends Shots At Joe Biden | Hardball | MSNBC

35 Comments on "Julián Castro Defends Shots At Joe Biden | Hardball | MSNBC"

  1. Pretty sure Castro is out after this performance.

  2. The MSM wants Biden to be the nominee sooooo badly…..

  3. Republicans often claim Democrats are weak, yet when a Democrat (in this case Castro) actually talks tough and ruffles feathers of the Washington elite, he’s called out as hurting his own message. I for one want a President who has good, progressive policy and is willing to buck the system/establishment to get things done. And, while Julian isn’t the most progressive, he certainly has been outlining specific policies and calling out corporate/establishment Democrats from all 3 Debates.

  4. To be honest… i dont like Biden and I dont like Castro either.!!!!

    • @nailbiter I have not addressed Castro except in his calling out Biden’s lie. Castro was correct. Biden was wrong and/or has a bad memory. Most city mayors in America have a police shooting situation. Buttigieg’s problem with Black voters is solely because most Blacks are homophobic, and they want to pick another reason for their dislike. Trump’s only entertainment value as a horror show. I prefer my horror shows outside the White House.

    • @ruth depew
      So that’s why Buttigieg seems bias against black folks. Like every racist in this world, they all have their reasons to dislike a certain group of people. However, he’s a public official. He supposes to serves everyone equally & that’s what I expect from the president as well.

      I would only vote for Trump IF I HAVE TO CHOOSE between him & one of the two mentioned above which I don’t have to, fortunately. I have a choice to stay home & not vote at all & that’s what I would do.

    • @nailbiter Buttigieg is not racist, but it’s moot, Buttigieg will not be the candidate, even though he is the most intelligent and the nicest person in the race. The ONLY reason Trump is in the White House is because the Russians convinced tens of thousands of Democratic voters to stay home. Russia will be thrilled if Democratic voters stay home again 2020. So think about how much you want America to become a second rate dictatorship.

    • @ruth depew

      You can’t blame everything on the Russians. The DNC & media bias against Bernie was the root of the problem. When they chose Hillary over Bernie, they pretty handed Trump the presidency. Many of Bernie voters voted for Trump to spite the Democrats. Some referred to stay home.

      I get the feeling history will repeat itself once again. And you cannot blame any of us for doing so. We have been played for long & we had it. Either, they give us the person we want or enjoy Trump for another term.

    • @nailbiter I do not just blame the Russians. Fox news and their hyper inflated lies played a pervasive part. The illegally foreign staffed Cambridge Analytica played a part. Comey publicizing the Hillary investigation and then handing down a public scolding while keeping the Trump investigation secret played a part. However in Michigan 75,000 fewer Democrats voted than usual while Trump won by about ~10,000 votes. That was not 75,000 Bernie nuts; that was 75,000 Black voters who were targeted by Russia. the same applied in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

  5. one of MSNBC ‘sources” told Chris Matthews (after the debate) that Castro was going to attack precious Biden

  6. That guy is trash! Drop out, bum!

  7. Dominick Morizio | September 13, 2019 at 8:00 AM | Reply

    and we wonder why trump’s conspiracy theories and “fake news” labels stick…do your job properly chris matthews…then again, if you did your job properly, you probably never would’ve been given your position in the corporate media…walter cronkite is rolling in his grave

  8. I have to laugh at all these conservative trolls in here. Too bad they never hold their president to the same high standard they place on democratic candidates.

  9. You’re done bro

  10. Casro does not have the humility to apologize?

  11. So Biden calls Bernie a socialist and that’s fine… But Castro calls Biden out and it’s taking it too far? Lol you can’t have it both ways.

  12. Good job! Mr.Castro, obviously knows his policies and won’t fall into a discussion on some kind of discriminatory side swipe. He is focused and clear. Not a time for being too considerate. The need to win is more important than ever.

  13. I cant wait for someone to tell Chris to shut up and let me talk or this interview is over.

  14. very Trumpian, he was wrong yet he is doubling down, he is now out of this race. The people are not stupid, they know that 7 of these candidates are more than capable of taking Trump down. The people do not want to see a blood bath amongst their own, because whoever wins will have to work with the others (5 senators and 1 congressman) we already see that with the Republicans, division and hate and ridicule and name calling is a Republican thing not a Democrat thing. Also don’t discount Cory, Amy or Pete out yet.

  15. It’s amazing how MSNBC and CNN is covering up for Biden.

  16. Hey Chris, I listened to Biden very carefully. When he got to the part where Biden said if you lose your job can BUY IN, I forgot everything he said up to then because that meant that the unemployed who can’t afford food and rent are not going to be able to BUY health insurance. I listened very carefully for a retraction and it never came. Castro could have been more gentle, but Biden said BUY IN and apparently did not remember what he said.

    If Biden can’t say what he means to say and can’t remember what he does say, there is a problem. Better to know it now than later.

  17. If you think Donald Trump is not gonna call Joe Biden senile to his face then you are living in a dream world. This is perfectly acceptable. Fact of the matter is don’t trump will wipe the floor with biden if biden can’t handle a little scrutiny

  18. Chris Matthews is wrong. Joe Biden said that they could “buy in” because as soon as he said it, I thought, hold up there, Joe! Chris Matthews is not being accurate at all. Julián Castro is correct.

  19. Chris Matthews really mad at Castro. Wow the media is really going after Castro over BS

  20. Ok Chris we get it,you gotta stick up for your fellow geriatric,calm down dude.

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