Julián Castro Hopes Dems Protesting Voter Suppression Inspire 'Folks In D.C.’ 1

Julián Castro Hopes Dems Protesting Voter Suppression Inspire ‘Folks In D.C.’


Texas legislature Democrats leaving state to protest Texas GOP voter suppression bills is discussed by MSNBC analyst Julián Castro, and Texas St. Rep. John Bucy, III.
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    1. @John Clarke why would you need tanks etc when the most powerful people in the country are all in one building being protected by one slew of cops? And if you fail at an insurrection, you’re somehow not guilty of comitting one? Stop acting like a child, I know that you understand these simple concepts.

    2. @JBomb82 you forget Trump is the only president to be impeached twice. His Republican cult saved his skin and voted to lie Karma will come in and bite them in the a××

    3. @marge beauchamp yep. And your democrat House scum paved the way and opened the doors for any president to be impeached multiple times for nothing. Congratulations!

    4. @Constituent A that’s because the video is on Trump’s YouTube channel. Do you really think MSNBC is going to let me post a link? Haha I promise you it’s showing up for me in my comments in this thread. So your content must be filtered. Why don’t you go to his channel and find it. I’m sure you’re subscribed even though you hate him. Just like most of my democrat friends on FB were following him on there. Go for it.

    5. @JBomb82 And that got them what? Their descendants taught since they could walk that white people are especially privileged and anything they accomplished is invalidated or illegitimate? Um ok


  2. All Democrats in Congress should be vocal and active to protect voting rights. Pass legislation already!

    1. The House of Representatives has already passed Voting Rights legislation called HR-1 The For the People Act. It’s been blocked from debate in the Senate because Manchin and Sinema don’t want to get rid of the filibuster. So a minority can over rule what the majority of voters want.
      Democrats in the Senate are pushing for a carve out, so that the filibuster won’t apply to HR-1 the For the People Act. It will allow the majority controlling the Senate to vote for the new Voting Rights Act.

    2. Shame on MSNBC host Joy Reid who criticized a Texas abortion ban, signed in May by GOP Gov. Greg Abbott, by referring to the pro-life bills as “Talibanism.”

      Commentator Joy Reid on Monday shared an opinion piece from The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, who slammed the Texas abortion ban in her piece entitled “Republicans now stand for lawlessness and disorder.”

  3. One would think that a man confined to a WHEELCHAIR might understand the importance of having the convenience of drive-through voting.
    Since most elderly white folks vote repub, doesn’t that mean they are limiting access to their own voters?

    1. republicans are notorious for shooting themselves in the foot. it is hard to blindly push an agenda created by billionaires that claims to help the little guy without completely f***ing the little guy.

    2. @Spencer PhilippineDream it’s always better to give money the the little guy so they can use it for their drugs

    1. Well said David they have never talked about policy, they never vote for bills that would help both republicans and democrats….just like moscow mitch said his focus is to not vote on anything

    2. Please explain? Haven’t seen Republicans take one thing away! I’d is required in almost everything we do…now suddenly a problem?

  4. When Mitch McConnell didn’t have the 60 votes needed to confirm trumps judicial nominees, he carved out an exception to the filibuster and made it happen anyway. Please tell me one good reason why Democrats shouldn’t do the same thing for voting rights
    – Robert Reich –

  5. Can you get a more of a difference, these Democrats are willing to go without getting paid for a principle and Ted Cruz F*cks off to Cancun when his State is in trouble.

  6. _What?_ Is Abbott trying to say that people would be _carjacked_ and forced to drive-through vote against their will??? Oh, come on!

    1. Dear @TurtleGaming HD ,
      Yep, you are confused. Maybe turn off the Foreign Propaganda and Demagoguery.
      And try to remember when we were all Americans.

    2. @TurtleGaming HD Get that hate out of your heart. When minorities criticize the government they hate America, but whites can violently attack the government and you call them patriots. Just a ball of hating hypocritical lying racists. Yall don’t know what true patriotism is. It’s fighting for and loving a country that discriminates against everyone NOT WHITE!! THAT’S PATRIOTISM!!!

    1. @TurtleGaming HD Reading is fundamental. He/She wasn’t calling the governor a White Supremacist. They were describing the process of attempted voter suppression in Texas. White supremacy afraid of a fair vote.

    2. @TurtleGaming HD P. S. IF you’re going to correct someone’s grammar, it helps not to use “your” when you mean “you’re”, as you did.

    3. @Bro. 68 3738 Then you haven’t researched pass what’s being told to you. Or you are BLIND!!! And it doesn’t matter what color you are, it matters how knowledgeable U R!!

    4. @Satara Mc yeah dems don’t think people are knowledgeable or capable of voting even thinking people who live in rural areas cannot make a copy of their id’s. I think Kamala rode 90 days in a bandwagon and that is why it took a long time to arrive at the border!

  7. GO TEXAs DEMS! We all need to follow their example of bravery and sacrifice for Every American to have their votes be heard and counted.

  8. “we are living on borrowed time in texas”. all of democracy is on borrowed time. the supression started decades ago. now is when push comes to shove and people need to stand strong. otherwise it will all be lost. vote 2022, in record numbers. do not take anything for granted.

    1. The suppression started decades ago? Sounds like someone who’s never experienced something like communist russia

  9. Good move. ONE mail-in ballot drop location in million-strong, largely black, Harris County tells me all I need to know about the GOP in Texas and their rotten evilness.

  10. Can they fake their death even if compelled to be present in the legislative house to rebut quorum?

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