Juneteenth On Track To Become New Federal Holiday After Passing Senate 1

Juneteenth On Track To Become New Federal Holiday After Passing Senate


Rachel Maddow reports that the Senate has passed a bill to make Juneteenth, a celebration of the end of slavery, a federal holiday, sending it to the House, where it is expected to pass and go on to President Biden who is expected to sign it into law.
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  1. Will the name of this holiday be removed from school calendars in New Jersey, too?

    1. @Walter Fielding that don’t have nothing to do with this conversation, were talking about a day blacks in America celebrate the ending of slavery,not what’s happening in other nations and cultures. If and when they get a day to celebrate their ended bondage I support that 100%. By the way to think that pointing out other cultures and people being held in bondage, somehow makes your take on the bill being passed on this holiday any more valid is laughable. I pray they all be freed from these atrocities, but we will continue to celebrate the day BLACK AMERICANS got their freedom, and will gladly celebrate their freedom to come. See we as black people are not one-sided, it was wrong then and it’s wrong now.

    2. @Jerilean Amos I was responding to you saying slavery was uniquely American. It isn’t uniquely American. All cultures, all races, even all religions, have had slavery and supported it at one point in time. And why do we need to celebrate this? Every day is a day to celebrate the fact that in the United States slavery is outlawed under our constitution and that Blacks are more ingrained and valuable in American society than ever before. Why do we need a special day? My ancestors were persecuted for being Irish and were segregated by law in many cities. Catholic Churches were burned down and Irishman were denied work. Where is our day? Where is the day for the Japanese- Americans who were mistreated during WWII? Where is the holiday for the Jews and their long history of suffering? What about the English and the oppression they faced from the Normans and the Vikings? My point to this, is we’re all victims in one way or another, and all of our ancestors were oppressed in one way or another. Your ancestors are no different than mine and vise versa. What we should celebrate is the freedom you and I collectively have because of the fights people in the past fought so we lived in a better world. But from my understanding you’re going to disagree because you’re think your special.

    3. @Walter Fielding no I’m not the one who thinks they are special, don’t Irish people celebrate St. Patrick’sDay. That’s not celebrating your culture? Because there is a festival every year in my town, you say black people are more valuable to American society than ever before, how? The last I checked, we are the ones bring America down. So, now it’s okay to be victims, y’all really need to make up your minds, are we supposed to be victims or do we have the same opportunities as everyone else? Which is it, or it good when you can be the victim ok got it . As far as all the other groups you mentioned, like I said when they rally for holiday and get it I’ll be celebrating right along with them, hey maybe you could get that started for the groups you mentioned. Juneteenth do celebrate our freedom, but hey no body say you have to celebrate it, that’s your choice and it’s not about you, it’s about the black American people celebrating our culture you don’t have to involve yourself. We will celebrate our people, no need to apply. So you go to t your St Patrick’s Day celebration and we will have our Juneteenth celebration . Don’t forget to petition for those other holidays for the others you spoke of a I will be giving hand claps when they pass them into law too ok .

    4. @Jerilean Amos But St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a Federal Holiday, banks aren’t closed, government agencies still run, and I still get the mail. However June 19th is now going to be a Federal Holiday that tax dollars are spent on. And Blacks already have their cultural days don’t they? MLK Day, Kwanzaa, and the 4th of July. And Blacks do have equal rights in this country, just look around, Morgan Freeman said it best on Don Lemon’s show. The fact two black men, both of whom are millionaires, could sit on national television and discuss race proves that Blacks are equal in American society and are just as valuable as whites, asians, and others.

    5. @Walter Fielding but you said you didn’t have a holiday, and you do. You celebrate your culture on that day, MLK is celebrating his birthday, you’re trying to hard. Take your complaints to congress get a petition going and get you a federal holiday and make sure you tell them to close the banks and post offices. Juneteenth is about celebrating our culture not equal rights , stop throwing things in there. Equal rights was the civil rights movement come on back to the topic. That’s not what was said, and you know it, they said we have come a long way and we know that. There is a lot more work to be done, you prove that. Oh, and July 4th celebrates America’s independence day, not black in general. Most didn’t know they were freed until 2 and a half years later, that why we celebrate Juneteenth June 19 1861. If it’s money you’re worried about, should you be worried about it on President’s Day, George Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day. St Patrick’s Day all of them oh and look some of them are federal and they close banks and the post office. We are still going to celebrate it with or without a national holiday we’ve been celebrating it for years now. So you beating a dead horse, it’s not going to change anything.

  2. Sure, give government workers ANOTHER paid day off.
    That’ll make the world a better place. smh..

    1. @Dustin Sindledecker Hmmm, wouldnt this be a holiday celebrating republicans freeing the slaves from the democratic slave owners.

  3. And take note: they’re making this a *FEDERAL* holiday. Meaning *THEY* get the day off, and not *US*

    1. @Guided Meditation it wasn’t the democrats, it was the southern democrats, which have absolutely no affiliation with democrats of today. I forgot which presidential election had a democratic candidate and a southern democrat candidate. Literally not the same party. That’s like saying Republicans didn’t want to pass the civil rights act because they had affiliation with the Republican-democrats of hundreds of years ago. Literally entirely a separate party

    2. @Guided Meditation Nope, liberals freed the slaves and conservatives kept slavery, party switch, why do you think republicans carry the confederate flag?

    3. @Lolo91 First off lowest black unemployment in over fifty years. Jobs = money, money equals more freedom. Second, he gave EPA $100 million to fix the water issues in Flint Michigan. Third he allocated more money to black colleges than any other president. Forth, the poverty rate for black Americans was the lowest ever during Trumps term and fifth, he shifted a billion dollars to fight and help prevent HIV which affects black Americans more.

    4. @Awesome Automotives Don’t blame all white people for slavery, blame white democrats. My ancestry arrived in the US over a hundred years after slavery was nullified. Are my white parents responsible for slavery?

    5. @Yuri Bezmenov Yeah I didn’t say all white people are to blame, but the person I responded to said it made more sense to blame black people, which is incredibly stupid.

  4. Pandering to the highest level. “Let’s make Juneteenth a national holiday. That way we get they day off and not look like racist”

    1. That’s not how appeasement works. This won’t stop until everyone says, “enough”. Stop being scared of being called a name.

    2. corporation already consider Juneteenth a federal holiday, im getting payed extra for working that day, why complain for more money?

  5. Geeez.. so they vote themselves another day off I say lets have a referendum on term limits for Congress, now that’s something that will be wildly popular..

    1. @Bill Burgess you seriously believe that?

      Most policies that affect the individual are at a local and state level……generally state. You engage in your local politics, elect representatives that align with your priorities and such.

      You dont like “big __________” then dont vote for it, vote against it.

      If your against pacs then vote for people who want to eliminate pacs.

      If your against the electoral college, the vote for people who want to abolish it.

      And if ya dont want…..whatever it is your trying to explain, vote for better education…

    2. @Bill Burgess Black Supremacy was never a thing, and in general never will be because the African-American population only accounts for 12% of the US population, so I feel like your claims are kinda invalid

    3. @Matthew O’Reilly OK. Wtf are YOU talking about. I stated super delegate votes. Nothing about the electoral college vote. Bernie got more votes tha Hillary in the 2016 N.H. primary. But 4 female Democrats used the super delegate vote to override the voters. Gov. Maggie Hassen, Sen. Jean Shaheen. Reps, Annie Custer, & Carol Shea Porter. You’re sofa king quick to argue, you either don’t read, or comprehend the comment.Apples to Apples, skippy.

  6. Ya having another holidays was really important comparing to all the other important business at hand.

    1. Its all smoke and mirrors to keep you from figuring out how much inflation is skyrocketing. They will never come out and say it either because the fed will have to increase payouts to compensate for the inflation.

    1. @J Glenn I don’t get it, was that supposed to be humor or what? I am not ‘vomiting’ I am just explaining a fact that there is some inherent racism or race related history to certain things concerning the consumption of pork.

    2. @nova396 yes, that is what I said. There are certain phrases that illustrate that fact and many items in the genre of ‘soul food’ today demonstrate that, for example ‘pigs feet’ and ‘chitlins’.

    3. we all know [word yt won’t let me type] are pushing race in everything nowdays. Tiny hat people

    1. @gnrlive 1978 I like when people say this. Canada has a population of about 37 million people. California alone has a bigger population than Canada, with a lot less space.

    2. I have to wonder why this nonsense gets so much play. Virtually every state allows TWO ENTIRE WEEKS to vote prior to Election Day. “Sorry, I can’t seem to muster enough personal responsibility to shake loose ONE hour out of 14 days to exercise my franchise but the REAL problem is that the last possible minute to do so doesn’t land on a holiday.” Get outta here with that bull manure and learn how to adult!

    3. @That Guy Or you can just go early in the morning to vote. If i can manage to do that, then so can everyone else. What you’re talking about is never gonna happen

    4. @LAST WILL BE THE FIRST Do you realize that as far as the Internet is concerned, you are just a fly in everyone’s soup?

    1. @Jean the Second Millions of our white ancestors, White Europeans were enslaved by Blacks on the Barbary Coast in the 16th and 17th centuries. Where are our reparations and Holidays and Affirmative Action? You don’t see us living in perpetual victim hood about it forever. Blacks are not the only race on the planet to have ever been enslaved.

    2. @Defenestrate Were these KKK Democrats conservative, liberal, or ….? But I’m the one afraid of the truth, huh???Stay afraid and offended! LOL

    3. @Lolo91 i dont need to try again. but thanks. i know im not gonna change your mind. its been brainwashed. they are statues. its history. dont be so offended.

    1. @Egon Pax You mean like blaming white people alive today for slavery back then? Nah I aint paying for the mistakes of others, thank you. And I wouldnt expect a business to either. Also that would literally be going against equal opportunity (eeoc) and idk just general morality of trying to give everybody a fair deal, equal chances, and equal opportunity. I know the us sucks at that but we dont need to make it worse by seperating/dividing different races and putting some over others like that. Equality of opportunity, kinda sounds like a pipe dream, but like i hope it happens one day. Cause like the poor and disabled people are the people who are actually struggling to make it, and there isnt much opportunity for them either. This countrys become extremely classist, and ablism is kinda at an all time high. I mean over half the people killed by cops are disabled soooooooooooooooo…. I think thats the group that society needs to freakin listen to and protect. Cause the ada isnt really cutting it. But they wont ever probably because this country is too focused on political and racial division rn…

    2. Thats high key entitled, like they should give you the day off its a holiday. But expecting pay? Like fam I dont expect pay for the days im NOT WORKING. Like you work to get paid, or youre worthless to the company

    3. @Junomaster Why Kfc – you would be racist would you – why yes you are. My comment was meant for everyone, no matter what party or color, to be able to vote and take part in our Democratic system. You seem to infer that it would affect blacks because of your race baiting comment.

    1. @Nadia Black Americans don’t celebrate juneteenth, BLM supporters do, people who have been influenced by marxism and other racist ideologies celebrate juneteenth, and those people are dishonourable. Or do you find honor in burning down black neighborhoods and businesses to be a good thing?

      I already know my answer. You’re an unrepentant racist, you’re disgusting.
      Don’t act like “it’s a black thing”, it’s not, and you don’t speak for them.

    2. @Mara Naomi BLM and marxists, who stoke racial hatred as opposed to unity.
      It’s necessary and good to acknowledge the past, but that’s not what juneteenth is about. All of this stuff which BLM has pushed has been about resegregation, division, hate and violence. None of which helps people of any skin color.

    3. @Sean Winters Keep telling yourself that and one day you might actually believe it. You’re angry and that’s your anger that you need to resolve. History is history, and just because you had no idea about Juneteenth does not mean other people did not. It was low key but known. And if this new Holiday is passed then it will become even more known. Is that what you are really afraid of?

    4. Who cares?
      It’s a weak attempt at appeasement. The idiots will eat it up and nothing will change. Mission accomplished.

    5. @Sean Winters So we should not celebrate the 4 of July? Does it stoke divisive feelings for the English?

    1. Well our employers should give us the day off as well. Like any federal holiday. Why don’t you ask them.

    2. Actually huge numbers of federal employees work on holidays. Military, law enforcement, medical personnel, service staff. And the cops and congressional staff should definitely get some extra time off for enduring the insurrectionists’ attack on 1/6! Never Forget!!

  7. Next year’s new federal holiday ” We just don’t feel like working holiday”

    1. @WorldFlex so you made a claim, I showed evidence otherwise. You said my evidence was moot because it factored in all jobs, failed to provide any evidence to the contrary and then insulted me. Well I guess we know who the genius here is

    2. ​@Ambulant Gaming
      Average US full time hours per week is 47.
      Average EU full time hours per week is 41.
      Median US household income on average about 15% higher than the EU average.
      EU total PTO can average up to 25 days a year.
      US total PTO can average up to about 10 days a year.

      Statistically the average American works 14% more hours per week, which justifies the 15% higher salary.
      However the average American also works 21% more hours per year after PTO, so Americans are definitely underpaid for the number of hours worked.

      This completely ignores aspects such as cost of living, fundamental services such as education, healthcare, and transportation.

      It’s also worth mentioning that part time jobs in the US do not always provide PTO or provide very scarce amounts, whilst the equivalent in the EU are still required to follow the minimum EU-wide 20 + any additional days set by their respective federal governments.

    3. @Pure ok, im going to ignore the other aspects such as education healthcare etc as I probably agree with you on those and it has nothing to do with how long you work. So you’ve proved that Americans work about 21% more for +15% pay? Also, can I have a source for this? It seems a bit odd that you pick specifically full time jobs only.

  8. “Angry les haircut woman posing as a news anchor tells nation about how gov will not work on yet another day” – fixed the title

  9. When is George Floyd holiday..?
    I heard it’s suppose to be a day of celebration for pregnant women…
    ~Live Long and Prosper~

    1. @Shanice B.
      Yet Floyd took a major overdose of fentanyl so he wouldn’t be arrested.
      I’m not saying that the cop was right, but he was convicted too harshly when Floyd was going to die from a heart attack.
      No one who’s really and truly being choked can clearly say, “I CAN’T BREATHE.”
      Once I was being choked in wrestling practice and I couldn’t tell out that I was choking.

    2. @Andy Thomas why did George Floyd not get his day in court?
      Oh yeah that’s right Derek thought he’d take the law into his own hands.

    3. @Texan-American I’m not going to argue, because the autopsy states the actual cause of death. And What influenced that conviction was the officer not removing his knee from Floyds’ neck nor giving aid after the dude passed out and died.

    4. @Shanice B.
      Then we agree to disagree… Not disagreeing with you entirely, but fair enough.

  10. I like how at the beginning it says
    Yet, that thing works in the media.

  11. Let’s be honest, the only reason everyone in the senate voted to pass it is because it gives all the congressmen another paid day off.

    1. No way… do they actually get paid? No freaking way! You telling me after kidnapping people enslaving them and continuously murdering them to this day, they make it a holiday and get money in their pocket? While the ones who deserve the actual holiday and money in their pocket are still being enslaved are you serious? Do they actually get paid? I need answers please!

    2. @James Guitton People taken from Africa enslaved México taken as well with letters of apology and no country returned or given a ride back home to country.

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