Juneteenth Rallies Across New York City Protest Police Brutality, Demand Change | MSNBC

Juneteenth Rallies Across New York City Protest Police Brutality, Demand Change | MSNBC 1


  1. People listen to this magical song by Roy Zimmerman
    ” Vote Him Away” (The liar Tweets Tonight) !!!

  2. We were told slavery ended at this point in time. But without money.it seemed like the mess that it was. School glossed over that part.

    1. When it’s not taught as part of a countries history, then it is only taught mostly to those who it has/had affected. How much Native American history is taught in schools????

    2. The US has never faced up to its history. That’s why it leads the world in hypocrisy, all that flag waving, bible bashing, anthem singing, oath taking circus is just for show. Barbarism and hypocrisy, that’s the USA.

    3. because history is written by the oppressors.

      can we be glad that it’s finally being brought to light?

  3. Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
    – Dylan Thomas

  4. That’s not what I picture when I hear “behind me is hundreds of bikers”, but I think I prefer this version lol.

  5. Yes Christ and the criminal justice system back then the men with no eyes. What are these high and mighty bloody vampires of Roman justice looking at anyhow?

  6. Rome and the false hearted judge of justice blind what the are you mighty vampires looking at?

  7. Yes the Church of Rome clearing, the blind shepherds and the sheep for the shearing. Yes the spires of bloody Roman vampires, calling the blind shepherds of the Roman church home. This way please they’re waiting no hesitating.

    1. Same ones who are gonna take responsibility when lockdown protesters get coronavirus 🀣

  8. Keep it going. Takes the streets peacefully! Justice for George Floyd and all violent thug police victims.

    1. @Tommy Westbrook Lincoln was a republican… i believe he freed slaves.. dems have fought to keep blacks from voting… voted for planned parenthood to keep black numbers down

  9. “….. Wait just a minute… your telling me some living human beings force breed and force convert other humans…? WHERE IS THIS AT…..!!!!…” pandemic thoughts 2020

  10. Democrats screaming about the horrors of racism , while voting for a senile racist in creepy joe for president , and democrats are to stupid to see that 🀣

  11. the more you identify with race, religion, class, creed .. the less identified you become with your humanity..dont let your prejudice confine you..let your humanity become boundless and everyday you will live in bliss. the moment you label yourself as good or someone else bad is the same moment you choose to mistreat them.12 years of public schooling, and never taught one lesson in developing humanity or inner well being…this is the worlds problem.

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