Juror Appeared To Be Sleeping Amid Fact Witness Testimony In Chauvin Trial | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1

Juror Appeared To Be Sleeping Amid Fact Witness Testimony In Chauvin Trial | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


NBC News' Shaquille Brewster reports that, according to a pool report, a juror in the Derek Chauvin trial appeared to be sleeping at one point during a fact witness' testimony. Aired on 04/6/2021.
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Juror Appeared To Be Sleeping Amid Fact Witness Testimony In Chauvin Trial | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


    1. @Barbie Crocker There’s a very good chance that if Floyd had been white nobody would have heard anything about it. Say his name…TONY TIMPA.
      Maybe there would be less of an issue regarding ‘race baiting’ if people weren’t called racist for saying that “All Lives Matter”. All lives do matter, don’t they?

  1. If that juror feels these proceedings are not important, maybe they should be relieved of their duties.

    1. @Eric Klaus *WHAT* anonymous sources? The news people in the courtroom said there was a juror whom **appeared to have fallen asleep.** “My” only point is that l know they, the jurors, are probably overloaded with information and exhausted / fatigued by now. Simply, this moment in history and the weight of this trial are too important and maybe he or she should be replaced so that the **heathen unscrupulous defense attorneys do not try to finagle a mistrial.**

  2. Is that a surprise? They’re likely getting no sleep and they’re meant to sit in a single position for hours while they listen to people talk and talk and talk. Unless I’m actively doing something, you put me in a seat and have me watch someone talk I absolutely WILL fall asleep.

    1. That would explain your college degrees and respected expertise in the subjects you were trained in. We need more people who can learn that way without their own whims restricting concentration others are taught at a young age. It makes one appreciate the knowledge and advice of doctors, climatologists, viral scientists etc. who have

    2. @Impslap it is not hard. My uncle told me how when I was young. You just have to show bias when you are questioned during selection. He said he would tell them he would believe a cop over anyone else. I did not agree with him even when I was a child I knew he was wrong and would tell him. Cops can lie just like anyone else but it is worse when they have such power over peoples freedoms and they lie.

    3. @Mike Hunt that’s not the point. You are right, you can state objections during the selection process. I haven’t been picked because I am very vocal with my bias against police with regards to not trusting them due to personal experience with them lying to incriminate me on several occasions, one time costing me a hefty fine when I was a teenager saying I did something I didn’t do. I’ll never forgive nor forget. However, my point was that once you’re picked you can’t back out.

  3. As a court reporter, I often see jury fatigue to set in about now. People become less vigilant as the court room routine becomes familiar. This is where Starbucks becomes a player in the American legal system.

    1. @Can’t get Right309 I have been watching it on YouTube, so I stop the trial/show and do something else for a while. My brain would turn into tapioca if I had to sit and listen non stop.

    2. @Immortal Asirpa I’m enjoying not being on the merry go round. I did get a lot of in site into our justice system. Thanks for reply

    3. @mixdbeautea
      Starbucks don’t need the money.
      How about finding an independent coffee cart, trying to make it, after all the pandemic struggles.

    4. @Toni S They sure don’t, good idea. I only said Starbucks because the person before me said it, but you’re right

    1. Not guilty and I hope they do find him guilty and I’m 100% NWA they are going to burn America down so sad that it has come to this white boy get yo knee off my neck I can’t breathe

    1. @Joyce Duncan I let my brother who is the same weight as me hold the exact position as Chauvin held on Floyd for 10 minutes. I was uncomfortable and a bit sore but no injury and I’m not dead.

    2. @Roland Kennedy Were you upset when Trump wasn’t magically re-installed as president? LOL. Mike Lindell speaks truth, right??

    3. @Dewayne Battles wow! do you re-enact all murder scenes? Do anything you can just to excuse a white cop!
      I C U!

    4. @Erin Sanders where are you getting your info? From the same source that said 1/6 was a lovefest and 6/1 was perfectly ok.

      Fyi… 6/1 day Individual 1 ordered troops to gas peaceful protesters so he could hold a Bible upside down.
      End times for sure! Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Who put darkness for light and light for darkness. who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

    1. @Robin Ellis …only white people mostly males are saying his knee was wasn’t on his neck.

    2. @R L T …it’s a true statement. I guess you are a right wing **** that has an issue with the truth but then again this country is based on lies

    3. @Preston Parks I would say quite the opposite. Isn’t that funny. Russian collusion, a corrupt media colluding and lying on an hourly basis to keep a single party in power, lies about the Georgia Voter legislation…all of it classic falsehoods and baseless narratives. So you see….you are a liar….we all know that truth.

  4. If it makes anyone feel better, as a court reporter I’ve even seen judges fall asleep in the court room. More than once. Alas, the court reporters are the *only ones* in the court room that don’t get to snooze off Or sneeze, for that matter. Or wipe our eyes if the testimony makes us cry. Gotta make a professional commitment to waterproof mascara.

    1. @zammmerjammer that sounds like discrimination and likely covered under the ADA. Sorry that happened.

    2. I have seen a supreme court judge asleep…he was in his 70s so can’t even be mad at the jurors.

  5. Maybe they’re sleeping because they saw the nine minutes of video which needs no context. Now they’re just waiting for the vote.

  6. I’d fall asleep too. Not because I’d be disinterested, but because I literally cannot just sit and listen to something for a long period of time. I have to actively be watching or doing something.

    1. @Kodakie

      If you can’t pay attention to something for a couple of hours without stimulation, that means you are stupid. You said it not me

    2. @MrShanester117 That’s not what dumb or stupid means which raises questions about your own intelligence. Please, try again.

    3. @MrShanester117 Albert Einstein whose pinky toe is smarter than you had ADHD and/ or dyslexia. So you are wrong.

  7. They’re making a bigger deal than it should be… this is actually quite common for folks to sometimes nod off during hearings, I’ve seen judges/ judge’s associates/ court reporters etc… do it to in the long drawn out submissions..l there’s always transcripts and a tone of other information that can be returned to… they have 17 witnesses.

  8. Sometimes human beings( jurors ) can drift off.Remember all the facts will be discussed in the jury room.

  9. I’ve been accused of sleeping in class, and even at work once during a brief in service/meeting. I had thorough notes on the contents of the meetings, but when I sit through lectures I sometimes close my eyes, and even feel that tired feeling where your eyes become heavy, but I’m there and I’m listening

  10. They want people emotionally disturb. You are programed if you stay watching a court case for weeks and hours.

  11. This is the reason why if you have attended college courses that last longer than 1 hour, the professor(s) typically have a quick break at about the hour mark.

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