Jurors In Derek Chauvin Trial Say They Can Put Aside Presumed Knowledge Of Case | Andrea Mitchell 1

Jurors In Derek Chauvin Trial Say They Can Put Aside Presumed Knowledge Of Case | Andrea Mitchell


Former U.S. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg says one thing all of the jurors in former police officer Derek Chauvin’s trial have in common is that they said they can put aside everything they knew, or presumed to have known about the case, listen to evidence fairly and follow instructions of the judge. Aired on 03/29/2021.
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Jurors In Derek Chauvin Trial Say They Can Put Aside Presumed Knowledge Of Case | Andrea Mitchell


  1. as if there IS a reason to have a knee on the neck cutting off airway – WHILE SUBDUED, ON FACE, hands behind back HANDCUFFED W/LEGS PRESSED DOWN SUBDUED is acceptable.

    1. @Narcissistic Capitalist That sort of overlooks the guy with both knees and his full body weight pressing down on the guy’s back.

    2. @Nancy Ross if you really can’t breathe, you wouldn’t be able to get the words I can’t breathe out of your mouth, you people fall for anything

    3. @Helen Hunter unlike the witness, I have no hidden agenda for me to say something that’s not based on facts

  2. Has there ever been a seated juror who said no I will not be impartial ? News flash Andrea Mitchell made a story about nothing just like Seinfeld

  3. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven,

    Like so more people can see this.

  4. We watched and witnessed Derek chauvin pressed his knee against Floyd neck for 9 minutes as he lay handcuffed chauvin actions was reckless no regard for human life Floyd did not died from an overdose Floyd died from he could not breathe because of chauvin pressed Knees to his neck

  5. On a related topic, here’s a tip to pretty much guarantee you’ll never be involved in a police arrest situation:
    Don’t commit crimes.

    1. @hugh jorgan Chauvin wouldn’t have been arrested if he hadn’t committed the crime of murdering Floyd. I get what you’re saying.

      (P.S. – Floyd _hadn’t_ just committed a crime. The bill was not counterfeit. Moreover, he was not a “career criminal”. His last offense was committed over a decade ago.)

    2. @hugh jorgan how do you know all those interactions and arrests were performed legally and correctly? Police regularly shield their mistakes and crimes from the public. Do you know how hard it is to get your hands on an officers disciplinary records? That should be public information that is readily accessible to any citizen, police are public servants after all. There is very little accountability for officers under the US’s policing policies. We need to do away with qualified immunity and police unions before anything is going to improve.

    3. @Matt O …You’re right, I don’t know the stats are 100% accurate.
      Just like you don’t know they’re inaccurate.
      But they’re all we have. Google “USA police arrests by year”. Be sure to delve into the detail.
      People are losing their minds over .001% of police/citizen interactions.
      I’d link the results (which include completely objective sources) but (as I said), Google/Youtube blocks them.
      They want people to remain uninformed.

    4. @Ales Me , Thank You. Sometimes my blood boils and I cannot express my own reaction to an assault on my senses.

    1. More ppl have killed, and violently assaulted by the far left liberal mobs (coloring book lives matters). The cops are outa control in liberal wastelands.

    2. @Deborah Freedman Mob justice like the mob that stormed the Capitol on Jan 6, all because one certain cry baby couldn’t deal with the fact he lost? That kind of mob action?

  6. How are their double the amount of white people over Black when it’s a black City even all 6 others are still less then the 8 white people but want us to think it’s fair yeah okay whatever

    1. How is a city, 59.3% white, and 19.3% black and mixed race, a “black City”? To match the racial makeup of the population, there should be three times as many white people, as black people, or 10:4, not 8:6.

  7. If I put my knee on the windpipe of a cop, had him crying for his momma and saying he was gonna die, then 8 minutes later he died, wonder if I would be held accountable?

    1. @Matthew Thomas It takes a mere FOUR pounds of pressure to cut off the blood supply to the brain = no oxygen to the brain = death.

    2. @Matthew Thomas The line of action of the force from his knee goes straight down, through the windpipe and carotid arteries. All of it was under pressure. Physics.

    3. Fuc yea no question in fact they would scroll he’s facing 300 years and the death penalty across the screen.. you wouldn’t have a suit on like this pos.. no shackles and the country colors.. you know they gotta make you look like a wild monster.. just watching the difference is sick.. no wonder nobody fuccin respects us in the world.. no wonder china is throwing this up in our faces.. tell what country what warlord what dictator what they can do?? How?? Other countries see whats going on and they are using it to attack our credibility because in this country we refuse to hold white people for the most part accountable..

  8. Makes no difference where the trial is…I’m in Europe and guess what was on the evening news? On the local news!

    1. This whole thing is so sensationalized, and politicized, and racialized that there is no way this cop can get a fair trial.

    2. @Mark Cicero there’s no way this cop can get a fair trial??? How many cops have ever been jailed for murder? I’ll wait.

    3. @thepodbaydoorshal A bunch. The department always fires them though, so that the media refers to them as a former police officer. That’s called distance.

  9. Was it ever proven the knee to the back of the neck killed him as opposed to the drugs in his system? That’s going to make a big difference. It makes me wonder as he was saying “I can’t breathe” while he was still standing and not being restrained.

    1. We found out today the knee was on the SIDE of his neck, choking off the blood supply to his brain.
      Also, he bbn may not have been feeling well even when he wasvstill on his feet

    2. @Jeweled Bird, oh. In that case, I can see manslaughter, as I don’t see any proof of intention and this second degree description doesn’t seem to fit:

      Under the heading of unintentional murders, a person can be charged with second-degree murder if that person causes the death of a human being, without intent, while committing or attempting to commit a felony offense other than criminal sexual conduct in the first or second degree with force or violence or a drive-by shooting.

      If I was to sentence him, I would consider his job training and what types of restraints were being used at the time. He will probably be out in five years.

    3. @Helen Hunter, how long would you give him knowing what you know about the case. I think 5-7 years served sounds about right.

    4. @bryanatwku Well, the neck restraint was allowed by the MPD, but Officer Chauvin ignored all signs that Mr. Floyd was in distress, including remaining on his neck for almost three more minutes even after one of the other officers announced he couldn’t find a pulse.

      Because of that, I’m thinking it should be more like 10 to 15 years, but I’m not holding my breath (hah!) as it is notoriously difficult to convict police officers.

  10. What does “identify as black” mean? Is this the same as “human beings identify themself as animals” or “a male identifies himself as a female” type of scenario? This gets me very nervous!

  11. Of course, you don’t care if the jurors black or white because you’re white. But you don’t really mean what you said. You would start to care if they select only black jurors.

  12. This whole case is so sensationalized, politicized, and racialized that there is no Chauvin can get a fair trial.

  13. Chauvin’s Trial should be viewed as the one George Floyd was NEVER allowed to have because Chauvin was the judge, jury, and executioner! This trial has ZERO to do with the lies and excuses made for Chauvin in order to blame the victim (Mr. Floyd). NOPE! Just ask those who use whatever lie/excuse if what Chauvin did to George Floyd would be ‘justified’ when applied to her/him? Also, ask those types, to validate their lies such as ‘whether they know for certain George Floyd had drugs in his system and if so, what about Chauvin’s knee? In fact, ask those who blame the victim if they consume drugs (legally/illegally), does that give ANYONE the right to kneel on her/his neck? If the liars still say yes! Then you’re dealing with a sick liar and an ignorant one. I know those who claim to support Chauvin are really hiding behind racism, dishonesty, delusions, and/or unAmerican values- just to maintain the status quo! How do I know this? Easy! Because the same liars ALWAYS have a double standard when it comes to her/him! Hmm?

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