Jury delivers guilty verdict in trial of Derek Chauvin in death of George Floyd | USA TODAY 1

Jury delivers guilty verdict in trial of Derek Chauvin in death of George Floyd | USA TODAY


WARNING: Viewers may find portions of this trial disturbing
The jury has found former police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts in the murder of George Floyd last May.

Chauvin, 45, was found guilty of second- and third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

The judge asked each juror if the verdict was correct, thanked them for "heavy duty jury service," and dismissed them. He revoked bail and told Chauvin to report back in eight weeks for sentencing. Chauvin was handcuffed and taken into custody.

The former officer, who is white, was seen on video pinning George Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man, to the ground with his knee last Memorial Day for over nine minutes after police responded to a report that Floyd used a counterfeit $20 bill.

Cell phone video of the incident went viral and touched off months of protests in the U.S. and abroad condemning police brutality and calling for racial justice. The widely watched trial, which began in March with jury selection, was livestreamed – Minnesota's first criminal case to be televised.

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  1. God I ask for you to watch over the family of george floyd and derek chauvin and bring peace to them both.

    1. @Michael Anderson Your statement was not constructive criticism, it was an opinion. Your opinion is that they are praying to sky fairies. You are simply being rude and intolerant. It shows the hypocritical tendencies that you possess. Learn to respect the opinions of others. Thank you.

    2. @Mile Goranovic George Floyd was a criminal and drug user, that does not mean he deserved to die. If someone can shoot a school of 17 people and leave alive, someone should be able to leave using a counterfeit 20 dollar Bill alive. Take him to court and settle it there, it is not our right to take a life from someone who has never taken a life.

    1. @April Love I’ve seen OD’s they the die INSTANTLY AFTER GETTING Fentyl In their blood not after 9+ minutes and need narcan to bring them back within less than 2 minutes, no OD there it was MURDER

    2. @Maria Calvert money on his books for what, so he can buy some sardines and you two can write to one another???????

    3. @Maria Calvert yeah hopefully he gets dahmered. Like I said I’m not a liberal nor BLM supporter but I hate the police more than anything they’re the real crooks they can all drop for all I care I never called 911 once

    1. @T T Yeah that was wrong of them. At least they went after(what they thought)were corrupt politicians though and not innocent citizens that had nothing to do with Floyd. The bias is real. Hey Asian hate crimes are the new lib fixation right? Where is the left when an old Asian women is beaten? Oh right, looking the other way because a black man was the perpetrator.

  2. It’s 4/20. I have my weed, a brand new pair of oculus quest 2 headset from Wal-Mart, and a frozen tombstone pizza in the oven, and a guilty verdict in the chauvin case. For whatever reason the universe trying to friendly bob with me today

    1. @Ryan Byrd Secorea Turner. Cannon Himnant. David Dorn. Cant get free sneakers off of their names. So blacks dont care

    2. @Ryan Byrd he paid for his sins with time in jail, or do you believe murder or death is the only way to pay for crimes? If so theres something really wrong with you, he was a father, a brother, and a son. He did his time for his past actions, stick to the story man, that day that cop did a terrible thing. Theres plenty of great cops in this country, this cop is guilty of murder.

  3. Now we must see if true justice will be served in the sentencing phase. If they give him a few years it’s gonna get crazy

    1. @Brozilla I mean, no, unless you’re just being sarcastic. We’re a constitutional republic. There’s a stark difference between republics and democracies. Mob rule is dangerous.

    2. @Matt Jankowski no racist cop deserves to be In jail. He should have been in prison shortly after George death.

    3. This is your form of vengeance not justice. The trial was tainted by public opinion and media. The supreme court has already ruled on a case similar years ago in favor of the dependent

    1. @Lizcawick 2020 I’m happy for the verdict but I’m not celebrating because I remember the Rodney King verdict we thought things were going to change back then. But you’re right people have to change

  4. I honestly don’t think he’ll make it one year in prison regardless of special protections afforded him.

    1. @Willie Abe no one is slamming anything in my face I hate fake gods and all people the stupidity is unreal you have your fun cause i know i have my fun get all those pigs out so i can start having my fun

    2. @Chef K-Dot my comment wasnt to you and idc about this pig just like idc about any if the pigs i hope you get rid of all the pigs so I can have my fun

    3. I’m not. That is a left wing neo Marxist talking point. White supremacy saw its last days in the Jim Crow (Democrat ruled) South.

    1. Exactly! All he did was write write write. during most (if not all) of the prosecution’s witnesses’ testimony. So disrespectful.

    2. What he was writing down was how him and his wife was going to do about their new charges of income tax invasion, he thought he was getting off and was calculating how the cop teamsters were going to get him out of TONS OF NON TAXED MONEY

  5. Chauvin when they rose for jury, was memorizing the face of each juror who convicted him. He wants to remember each and every one.

    1. Not just them… every doxxer will get their just dues. Chauvin wont be touched in prison, it’s the snitches that get the most stitches. those who dox get a fate worse then a life in a box…. society will make sure such vermin won’t live another day with a smile

    2. @Jared this is real life, and apparently, 85% of the public don’t side with CORPORATIONS over a innocent cop, if you want the nation to be runned by PC Mercenaries then cops doing their jobs, cool…. but just for you know you just made 4/5 of the nation despise your pro corporate, pro lobbying guts. Have the guilty conscience throwing an innocent man in jail as corporate security are your new cops now

  6. He looked shell shocked. I think his attorney knew yesterday when he tried to declare a mistrial!!!!’

    1. Is anyone taking into consideration that George Floyd over took three police officers while he was in the squad car? And that he spit fentanyl pill onto the police floorboard? Could that be perhaps a reason for his great panic and heart failure? Enlarged diseased heart and fentanyl overdose?
      Did anyone see the video of the 17 minutes prior to him on the ground; Where he fought with and overpowered three police officers while in the squad car? And Already saying that he can’t breathe… why was he already complaining about not being able to breathe when he was setting up and fighting with the police in the back of the car ?

    1. @Elim Garak Awww poor thing you seem so angry. Do you have people in your life who are THERE for you??

    2. @U N V Me Oh you sweet summer child. Being the useful victim of today only makes you a tool of rich white elites. But you go ahead and celebrate. Let’s see what happens in eight months when they sentence him. Oh and see? You CAN learn grammar and spelling when you have some one to show you how! Don’t worry, soon with the help of the entire community, I’m sure you’ll be able to tie your shoes all on your own. Good job buddy! 👍

    3. @Elim Garak Actually he’ll be sentenced in 8 WEEKS not 8 MONTHS. You must be Chauvin’s brother because you seem so angry you poor, poor boy. Get some help you’ll feel better.

    1. If I were the judge and see that rolling eyes, I will give him max and add 10% on top of that 🤣. Totally a cold blooded murderer’s face

  7. ‘my guy really looked surprised look like this emojii👁️👄👁️ man wow when i heard the ambulance audio i was like bro he has to be guilty of this like he cant get off for this mess

  8. I remember being sentenced to 4-20 years in prison for burglary over 20 years ago. I was in complete shock and didn’t feel anything until that night when I was put back in my cell. This guy is not gonna have a fun time thinking about all the time he’s going to get. He’s gonna get his boots smoked.

    1. I was reading sentencing guidelines on the Minnesota Court website. The judge more/less has to follow the guidelines unless the prosecutor can prove he should depart upward because of serious aggravating factors. So he will most likely be sentenced anywhere from 128-180 months. Minnesota you only have to do 2/3 of your time. So he will probably serve 84.5 months to 119 months in prison.

    2. Nah. He’ll be sent to Colorado to super max. This high profile of a case, they system can’t afford to have him get fucked with. That’s if he doesn’t off himself.

    *DEREK’S EYES* : 🕞🕓🕒🕝🕜🕜🕠🕕🕡🕖🕗🕠🕔🕟🕧

    1. This verdict is dedicated to all the cops who bullied us, discriminated us and destroyed our lives as human beings.
      -F..k you Jill Reiter of Palm Beach State College!
      -F..k you Plantation Police Department
      -F..k you Plantation Fire Department
      Privatize Law Enforcement! VICTIMS………WE FINALLY WON!

    2. @KILLdaPOPO JUSTICE. Obviously the brainwashing propaganda schools have not taught you how to read or write or think critically. Chauvin was innocent.

  10. I couldn’t be any less relieved than I am now looking at the face of Derek Chauvin as the jury foreman reads off guilty, guilty, and guilty!

  11. The defence should have argued that Chauvin was merely applying ancient Thai massage on Floyd’s neck. It’s a proven method to reduce stress, anxiety and pain.

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