1. This guy allegedly makes 750k dollars a day…so 50 million would be like 60 days short…he deserves to pay at least 500 million dollars as damages …that would hurt his business and his lies ( which are basically the very same thing )

    1. @Which god of thousands means nothing well when i say fail in life i mean sleeping on the streets , at times being turned down from min wage jobs, i’d say relative to that, yes i’d sleep pretty well.

    2. Isn’t his new book the great reset war for the world number 1 in the whole world sounds like he’s got a lot of fans

    3. Yes: his business is built on lies. Freedom of speech is one thing, but lying for profit should be illegal. Of course, no politician would go for that

    4. Still not enough. All the people that supported him like the politicians and the company that allowed for this lie to be televised and promoted it should also pay.

    1. Unfortunately, tort reform pushed in the USA, would probably reduce any amount he was fined. If you want to know more about how that works, you should watch the documentary “Hot Coffee” which follows the case of the woman who sued MacDonalds over serving too hot coffee resulting in severe burns. If you think that lawsuit was ridiculous, you need to see the truth of that case, and the efforts by the corporate and business world to reduce their liabilities from jury awarded monetary penalties. It is an eye opener.

  2. Can you imagine being a Parent of one these precious Children Who lost their lives only to
    have this poor excuse of a Human to deny the Victems ever existed….for over 10 years. Alex was only interested in Fame and fortune….. Not the truth.

    1. @one legged guy from iowa I lost my 14 month old in an accident. It was 27 years 2 weeks ago and sometimes I still cry so hard I find it difficult to breathe.There will always be a hole nobody can replace.The loss of a child is like no other loss. What Alex Jones has done to these families is totally unforgiveable. I just can’t even imagine having your child’s death thrown up at you like this…for 10 years?

    1. The answer to that is: No normal person could work for him or his company. It takes a sociopath to ignore all the harm caused and take the profits made from it.

    2. They are Conservative Christian Evangelical Republicans. This is what Jesus is all about and who these people are. Nobody’s denying it! And denials are pre-rejected!

  3. The look on Alex Jones face when the prosecutor told him his defense attorney accidentally sent him all of his texts is priceless. Lock him up!

  4. Imagine being so hate filled toward the Administration that was in place at the time that you would do this and make millions off of it. Absolutely deplorable.

  5. Every last penny he has and every last belonging he owns down to his last stitch of underwear. He made all of that money by lying and making those people targets of his lies. Inexcusable.

  6. For starters, the damages should be every dime that Alex Jones has or ever will have. Ideally, Alex Jones needs to be in jail and everything he has taken away from him.

    1. @KIT Stone well, if we want him to survive long enough to pay, perhaps it’s best to limit it to just dads…
      If the moms get the same opportunity, what’s left could be swept into a shoe box…

  7. The reality is, he’s only gonna have to repay a small portion of the money he made.
    Once he pays, he will still have millions.
    They need to take every penny he has, then put him in jail.

  8. What is even more sad is all of his followers texting in chats how he is the victim. What has our society become in social media era. No morals.they believe his every word as truth.

  9. The way she said no rubs me wrong. It was like she was being asked if she wanted to go to the store to pick up milk on the way home. This is disgusting. They should ALL be held accountable!!

    1. Well, my understanding is that she was hired as a spokesperson two weeks ago to specifically to testify in this trial. She hasn’t tried to spin anything in Jones’ favor and seems to be answering all questions completely honestly. Jones can’t be happy that she is confirming 100% of the allegations raised by the plaintiff’s attorneys. The way she says “No” probably comes from being the 1,500th time she’s said “No” in response to questioning.

  10. This man is a monster. Take as much money from him as possible. But really that is not enough. He should be going to jail for all the hurt he has caused.

  11. Reading all the comments I can’t believe the people that stand up for Jones. They make him out to be a saint. There are some looney people out there.

    1. @Klaus Wigsmith I think what he may be trying to say is that from the outside looking in, the state of your main Republican party (and the fact that so many still vote for them regardless) reflects badly on all Americans.

  12. It’s sickening to put these grieving parents through these conspiracy lies, after they have lost everything! Stop!!!

    1. Psychopaths never reflect upon the pain and misery they cause other human beings. That’s what makes them psychopaths. They have no conscience and don’t feel remorse or guilt.

  13. Money awarded to those parents will never be enough, listening to Alex Jones and people who worked for him ,lies making the pain so much worst, no words can express how evil they are 😢

    1. How much did Lisa Marie Presley get from the millions of people who claimed her Father didn’t die? Imagine how painful that was. Hundreds of people claiming they saw her dead father working somewhere.

  14. The fact that the prosecution had to “debunk” Jones’s claim that anyone at Sandy Hook was a “crisis actor” is infuriating. That Jones showed up to court with duct tape on his mouth is infuriating. I hope this jury does better for the families than the last one and hits Jones in his in wallet to the point it would actually punish him. He’s sick.

    1. I hope they sue him to the point he just goes away! But everybody has a podcast and a computer now that he’ll make money off this by claiming “hoax!!

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