Jury selection continues in the trial of Derek Chauvin Friday | USA TODAY 1

Jury selection continues in the trial of Derek Chauvin Friday | USA TODAY


Friday could be a pivotal day in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, with attorneys hoping to pick two final jurors and the judge ruling on possibly moving or delaying the trial.


The court, for hours, heard from more potential jurors, with both Chauvin's attorney and prosecutors questioning them about their knowledge of the case, the protests and Floyd's death. Jurors faced a battery of questions about whether they could set aside any existing opinions to serve impartially.

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    1. @Kareem Goat 33 if one Juror has common sense and huge coj0nes this will be a mistrial. He is not guilty!

  1. I am not a Hollywood star I am Essential workers
    who get up early every morning to go work hard every day making America great in the middle of a pandemic deaths cheers coronas amigos for the minimum amount

  2. Facts are Facts and Fenytal Floyd OD on both Fenytal and Herion not by the Police! This is a Waste of Taxpayers money and Must be dismissed. No Charges for Chavius!

    1. Floyd died at the hospital 3 hours after he was arrested from overdosing on drugs. Another dead junkie. Good riddance lol.

    2. @Soap Maker
      It wouldn’t make any difference even if Floyd swallowed a pound of methamphetamine and drank a gallon of gas, Derek Chauvin is going to prison for second-degree manslaughter and for not following proper police protocol. You cannot kneel on someone’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds without choking them to death.

    3. @Alan Morris That would be an ok comeback if i liked trump, but since i despise him your joke falls a bit flat.

      See, my joke was racial so it applies regardless of your politics. Here’s another one:
      Don’t you have some fentanyl to OD on?

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