Jury selection continues in the trial of Derek Chauvin Monday | USA TODAY 1

Jury selection continues in the trial of Derek Chauvin Monday | USA TODAY



The court, for hours, heard from more potential jurors, with both Chauvin's attorney and prosecutors questioning them about their knowledge of the case, the protests and Floyd's death. Jurors faced a battery of questions about whether they could set aside any existing opinions to serve impartially.

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  1. He was just doing his job he didn’t know what was going on. There was a lot going on that day. Not fair let him go free.

    1. @Rene Remington Actually it is, Police have the right to use deadly force, however that’s not what happened here, 1)Floyd was talking throughout, this would not have been possible if Chauvin restricted.his breathing. 2) Chauvin’s knee was at the back of Floyds neck, against the neck bone, even if Chauvin had wanted to he couldn’t have stopped Floyd breathing this way 3) The police body cams show Floyd complaining about not being able to breath from the start, long before Derek Chauvin even showed up.

  2. Wy they gorry abauth this criminal he kill in the day time no remorse they have tu kill him the same way

  3. Floyd likely would have killed somebody himself driving in that state. By the way, how is someone driving a luxury Mercedes SUV trying to pass fake $20 bills at a convenient store?

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