Jury selection continues in the trial of Derek Chauvin Thursday | USA TODAY 1

Jury selection continues in the trial of Derek Chauvin Thursday | USA TODAY


Jury selection is scheduled to resume Thursday morning in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who is charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the May 2020 killing of George Floyd, a Black man. The incident sparked protests worldwide. Two more jurors were chosen Wednesday, replacing two who were cut because they said they couldn't be impartial after hearing about the city's historic $27 million settlement with Floyd's family.


The court, for hours, heard from more potential jurors, with both Chauvin's attorney and prosecutors questioning them about their knowledge of the case, the protests and Floyd's death. Jurors faced a battery of questions about whether they could set aside any existing opinions to serve impartially.

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  1. Why do they get to cherry pick a jury? People who dont pay attention to what’s happening are not Intelligent and are easily swayed by misinformation.

    1. @der Jakob Great comeback! Way to not address the argument.
      It was an example. You nor I have seen any evidence and either has anyone else.
      So having a juror like you who thinks you are educated because of whatever crap you watch, is something to be avoided, if one want to achieve a fair trial.

      You obviously can’t grasp the concept. You know to much. LOL
      Take it easy!

    2. @Jim Lester and thinking someone who doesn’t keep track of current events is intelligent shows you’re beyond clueless…

    3. @Mikail444 Yeah major Irony! Der Jakoff doesn’t even see the system is designed to keep people like him off a jury.

    4. @der Jakob Way to debunk something I never said. LOL

      Have you even watched the selection process?

      They are literally trying to find people that know as little about it as they can. So that they can make a decision based on evidence and not the media propaganda.

      What would you suggest? That they give a test to see how much news you have watched to qualify?
      The only thing you donkees know is what you are seeing in the media.

      Nevermind, don’t hurt yourself trying to defend your dumbass argument.

      Take it easy, Genius, since you know more than the people who founded this country!

    1. That ain’t what she told me. She said that she started laughing the first time she saw it after asking where is it. Now you know why she said no when you proposed. She told me that she would just keep using her bedroom toy. Better luck next time. Nowadays you would think there would be an operation you could get. And there may be. Check into it mate.

    1. Let alone the fact he followed everything he was taught. Their issue is with the department on style of training not Derek.

    1. Even if you are correct (which you aren’t) it is still police brutality, disorderly conduct and attempted murder

  2. Free the officer and give him a million dollars to start a new life. He only removed a violent dope dealer/user off the streets for good

  3. I feel like every day since weeks ago there has been a “breaking! Jury selection in trial of Derek Chauvin!”. How about get on with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Don’t eat your fentanyl stash when you get busted for passing a xeroxed 20 to get some cigs and Thunderbird….

  5. The only way they are going to find a complete impartial jury is if they go out of this country or some how find people that have no idea about this case

  6. Let’s just do a country wide vote like we do the election minus dominion voting machine involvement . -not guilty

    1. Great Idea!! ….and If we don’t get the outcome we want…let’s organize a boycott of My Pillows!

    1. Oh yes. If I was on that jury he definitely would go down. Police brutality has got to stop and we just as well start with this one. Life with the possibility of parole in 40 years. Nothing less than that. He flat out murdered mr. Floyd. He should plead guilty and cut a deal. I’ll bet he doesn’t get a sentence like I would like to see him get. He will be out in 10 years or less.

  7. This “crime” wouldn’t of even made the news if it was black on white. Worlds not getting for the better folks.

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