Jury selection delayed in the trial of Derek Chauvin | USA TODAY 1

Jury selection delayed in the trial of Derek Chauvin | USA TODAY


Jury selection was delayed Monday in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin while an appeal proceeds over the possible reinstatement of a third-degree murder charge.
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  1. LELs is corrupt. Cops should have to pay for their own lawyers. I live in minneapolis and sadly this has spread from just a race issue to a police gang that is nothing more than separate factions per city.

    1. @NOYB MAXX sounds like you’re more worried about black people moving into your neighborhood rather than corrupt cops.

    2. @hydrofarmer15 Oh really? I am black. Don’t assume that just because I disagree with BLM that I’m white. That’s racist. Haha…. I do NOT support BLM. Hey white guy ( not that I care about what color you are) Name ONE thing that BLM has done for black people. They’ve done nothing for me or my community other than make it “more” dangerous because of “them”. And we’re not talking about black people “moving” anywhere. We’re talking about the crime and violence that BLM incites…I’ll take the police before BLM any day. Be well.

    3. @hydrofarmer15 No, but you….. you said that they were basically gangs of thugs and bullies.. Yes I’ve had police who have a God complex, but that happens no matter what color you are. My neighbors kids are white, they dress like thugs… so, they get treated like thugs. They’re actually pretty sketchy… all you have to do is comply, like a normal law abiding citizen, and things, for me anyway, have always gone well. Common sense tells me that when you fit the description of the majority of people who commit crimes in your area, you should expect to be stopped. Which tells me… that the police are doing their job. We’re being divided by race. That’s the wrong approach, race doesn’t matter. Culture does, and that changes from area to area…city to city. There’s my 2 cents. Be well.

    4. @hydrofarmer15 A troll…? I’m not sure what that is…but sure….if you say so. I’m thinking that I wasted my time even responding to you if you’re going to start calling me names. Who’s the bully?

  2. Who keep zipping up there jackets or am I missing something that sound in background is what can’t be his nose is it .

  3. I’m thinking that due to how polarized this case is and that public opinion has already made…this guy doesn’t have a chance to get any impartial jurists. Nope, no a one.

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