Jury Unanimously Finds Amber Guyger Guilty Of Murder | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

Former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was found guilty of murder after fatally shooting her neighbor Botham Jean when she mistakenly entered his apartment. Guyger claimed she believed she was entering her own apartment and Jean was an intruder. Aired on 10/01/19.
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Jury Unanimously Finds Amber Guyger Guilty Of Murder | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


    1. I think she believed that white tears, along with “I’m sorry, and I feel bad” would be enough for her to be found innocent. It has worked historically. I guess she miscalculated.

    1. @IRenegaddEEEE, AAAHAHAHAHAHA !!! Justice ? This lady is going to serve 5 years and be released for good behavior, write a book, have a lifetime movie, and retire. This woman makes me want to vomit and poop.

    2. IRenegadEEEEE. Yes justice but only Cus it’s a woman and not a man. I bet a man would have been acquitted.

    3. @Cary Spay What do u think would happen if he had a concealed carry permit, accidentally walked into her apartment and shot her ? And you unfortunately have to factor in that he is black.

  1. No excuse for this woman walking into somebody else home and murdering them and then try to scream self-defense. If she does this to somebody who lives in same apartment complex imagine what she would do to somebody on the streets. Lock her up for life.

    1. Procharged 100th Anniversary Dodge Charger RT …. I know…. that’s why I never claimed she could use it……………………..the castle doctrine never came out of my mouth…….. are you feeling okay?

    2. @Buttbanging Trannyliberal
      It was an accident I would have been charged for if I replicated the same trespassing and shooting. Being tired is no excuse. Going to wrong place is no excuse. If you trespass and fire a weapon on someone, you deserve to be in jail.

    1. Apparently you’ve never heard of football hooliganism. It’s prominent in Europe with soccer fans. Look it up. You’ll find plenty of riots. Whites also rioted in Oakland when the Raiders lost the super bowl to Tampa bay. Enter that into google as well. These stories aren’t hard to find. Pick your news site. I’m curious to know if you have the ability to conduct basic research.

    2. Oh yeah. Whites also started a riot, killed somebody with a car and injured several of their own people over the government removing a statue from government property.

    1. She was so tired that her reflexes enabled her to shot before he got up. White people love playing dumb when that have been exposed.

    1. She wanted him to die. That is why she performed a “little CPR” on him. She did not value the life of a fellow American citizen. she deserves the death penalty as far as I am concerned.

  2. One lesson to learn, make sure you are where you’re supposed to be. Second, cop or no cop. If the door is unlocked when it should be…call the police. She should have known this.

    Use of excessive force has become a common practice from police for far too long.

    President sfb’s is contributing to this discourse of shoot first and ask questions later nonsense.

    1. @Michael Kahr sad to say but you are probably right on the money.
      She should get life and no parole but we no that wont happen.

    2. @Buddy Blair ‘fraid yes. Racism is deeply ingrained in society and a problem still waiting for a solution. The world has bigger problems like climate change to overcome, so it would behoove us to solve that sh**ty problem soon. A problem that constantly keeps us embroiled in wars and hate.

    3. @Buddy Blair Maybe Guyger should be celled with cop Mohammed Noor (remember that shooting?) & serve 12.5 yrs.

  3. She was the intruder in Jeans apartment…. No justified shooting.. Her training told her to shoot first because it is better to judge by 12 than carried by 6… That is a police motto, I have heard it many times by police. In this case, being judge by 12 will cost her, her freedom.. Guilty… The fear for my life BS didn’t work this time.

    1. Actually, her training was to retreat to a defensive position and call for backup. This is why she got convicted of murder. She revealed during the trial that she heard someone, then peeked into the apt, before entering. She then admitted that her training was to retreat and call for backup, but that she couldn’t think of anything but going in. So she had the opportunity to avoid even entering the apt and likely would have realized she was in the wrong place upon retreating.

    1. @TWDxKILL3R some of us actually watched the whole entire case. it sounds like you didnt and instead got the synopsis version and decided to make dummy comments

    1. o z .. what about Micheal Brown? Unless a cigarette is a reason to die? Most police shootings are justified, eh? I’m asking because that’s a false statement

    2. @Christopher Morningstar I don’t care why you’re asking, it’s not a false statement. It’s a false statement only to you SJWs because you SJWs don’t know WTF you’re talking about. Michael Brown wasn’t snot because of a cigarette, he was shot because he was attacking a cop. Anyone who read the autopsy report can tell you that.

  4. They could have convicted her for the lesser charge, however, the jury chose to send Dallas PD a message for the special treatment Guyger received.

    1. She was off duty wasnt she? So I like to see the real bright side..putting Beckys on notice their days of bs are numbered now because they always been worse than their counterpart but society has always protected them

  5. “I feared for my life” the most abused statement….. in the history of this country!! 😪
    I hope your souls will rest in peace, Botham!!

    1. Miss Amazon if you fear for your life, QUIT!!!! your all cowards…. and lyers, no integrity, no dignity, no leadership, what ever happened to medium, Maximum, and deadly force!!!!! go straight to
      deadly force… she got what she deserved… and I was a cop…. there you go….

  6. Walk into someone’s home by accident. You’re not competent to own a gun. Handling guns require people who aren’t flighty + confused.

    1. 👏👏👏👏 Everyone who has a gun THINKS they know what they’re doing; that doesn’t mean they’re right. I just argued with some low lives who said they don’t need training to operate an AR-15 because “they’re so easy to use”.

    2. @My Serendipitous Mind everyone who has a gun should have been taught how to use one. All my children went to classes to learn how correctly before I’d let them actually go hunting. Even thou they learned from their dad. We still had them do it. All 6.

    3. A. Stri i rather have the right to own a gun while bad guys with guns exist, than to have my gun rights taken away and left defenseless as the bad guys still have their guns they get illegally. Taking away guns only leave innocent defenseless, not the bad guys

    4. @Derek Fisher Funny i would feel defenseless in your country because anybody can have a gun. Just look how it works in other countries and you will see how twisted your second amendment is.

    5. David-Alexandre Laurent and how does it work in other countries?? You mean the knife attacks in the UK? Why havent they banned knives yet? It seems ppl are bum rushing to illegally migrate into America so it cant be that bad lol.
      How do you plan to defend yourself if an intruder comes into your home with a gun? You’re gonna talk it out? Lol

    1. i love and respect law enorcement and the woman and men in service, this was terrible, bad for the community and trust

    2. @April I agree… I’ve been locked up with a woman who stood by while her husband tortured her kids leaving one serverly handicapped and no one even risked being mean to her!

  7. They tried so hard to make him the villain. I’m so glad she didn’t get away with that. In the meantime, I’m a blubbering fool right now. Justice for Jean. ❤

    1. @President of the Virgin Islands I’m not saying they didnt but… The neighbor across from him testified that they both smoked weed and that they were both visited by management for some other reason and that they talked about how the weed was probably the real reason for the visit.

    2. Yeah, they tried to make him look threatening, but what else is the defense atty going to do? Surely, he wouldn’t say he was just offering him some ice cream (even though he might have done that had he lived).

    3. Nobody tried to make Botham Jean a villian. This is the kind of rhetoric that gets people worked up and fills the streets with violence when a verdict falls short of expectations. In this case they didn’t but you are indeed a fool. That is clear

  8. That would have been my vote. She walked into an apartment she didn’t realize wasn’t hers? Please.

    1. I’m with the other lady…did anyone ever explain how the officer got in his apartment in the first place? Does everyone in the complex have the same keys.

  9. He was shot in his castle while he was eating ice cream in his shorts “Castle Doctorine”…Good Job Texas serving justice! I’m surprised but 😊 happy!

    1. Anthony Johnson why would anyone.
      Being an officer isn’t about protecting the people, it’s about protecting the tribe/police.

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