1. Lol I was thinking same thing! He really thinks he’s that important and powerful like Epstein that the govt will try and whack him.

    2. @Benny Mac exactly. In HIS head hes as big as Al Capone. He can’t accept the fact that he’s a nobody. That’s what started all this in the first place. He wanted to be known.

    3. Lol exactly. Epstein was killed because he had dirt that could have buried dozens of powerful people if he ever talked.

      Jussie is just a loser that SJW liberals got embarrassed by because they jumped to his defense without waiting for due process and got exposed.

      Now that his lies have been laid bare they couldn’t care less about him.

    1. CBS has it up but they’ve shut off commenting like the cowards they are.

      That whole family should be charged with contempt of court…. They are all pathetic.

    2. yep, the family are all pieces of human feces as well. They knew he was lying, but chose to throw in with him and lay down the race card. They cared not one bit about the truth.

    1. @Caden Carlisle They didn’t deserve any sentences. It’s already been proven they were let in by capitol police, and that two bus loads of Antifa members were intermixed in the crowd. Project Veritas got a NYTs employee on video tape saying they all exaggerated January 6th, and that they were never in danger. If Jan 6th were really what they claim it was, there’d have been many more fatalities on both sides instead of the one unarmed conservative lady who was shot by a capitol officer cowering behind a door.

  1. I think he never heard anyone yell “CUT, 🎬 that’s a wrap” so he still has the acting turned on. 🤣 someone needs to tell him this is real life and not the “Jussie Smollet movie” 🍿

    1. If I was him id honestly be suicidal bc I couldn’t stand the embarrassment. And his family is nuttier than him

  2. I didn’t know Jussie was doing stand up now! This is one of the funniest things i’ve seen since the Dave Chapelle show on netflix, Hahaha!

    1. Dave Chappelle is watching this latest performance and planning his next show. Saying “thanks Jussie for the new material!”. The clownery is beautiful!!

  3. “I respect the court”….goes on to show nothing but contempt and disrespect. What a bowling pin. Juicy is the gift that keeps giving.

    1. Hes black so he gets away with it. He’ll get a job even after all this and in ten years the justice system will be apologizing to him.

    2. The greatest gift of all is his delusional refusal to be contrite. It allows everyone to mock him without guilt. You don’t have to pretend to feel sorry for him, you get to genuinely enjoy watching him get exactly what he deserves.

    3. @T Rawlins I would say it has to be pathological narcissism at this point, like a genuine psychotic break with reality, but his whole family is delusional too. Must be something in the water at the Smollett house. It’s awful how comfortable everyone in his camp is with lying so brazenly.

    4. @crunckNATIon Trump supporters were the target of juicy’s little scheme with the objective of possibly getting someone killed thus sparking a race war. This is what it looks like when you have to pay for oppression where none existed to begin with. Juicy is a victim of himself… no one else. Like I said, what a bowling pin !!!

  4. In my 42 years in this country Ive NEVER seen a bigger clown than Jussie Smollett. The man has zero idea how foolish he looks. And he just keeps at it. Over and over and over 😂😂😂. He just made a bunch of comedians ecstatic for the new material!!

    1. 42 years old you still have many many years ahead of you but it’ll be hard to top Jussie 😂

    2. Cough…cough…TRUMP….cough…cough…was a delightful idiot….and he makes me think GWB jr wasnt that bad or Bill Clinton and Hilary are saints compared to him…but smollet is just a simpleton XD…and nothing in comparison to the aforementioned before him XD

  5. He could still admit it and apologize. Do his time with some semblance of humble remorse. Maybe he can save his career.

  6. I love how he says if anything happens to him he didn’t do it to himself. But…but that, but that’s what he did.

    1. He uses the honesty & sincerity of the Bart Simpson defense! “I Didn’t Do It, Nobody Saw Me Do It, There’s No Way You Can Prove Anything”!

    2. I think he’s saying that if he winds up dead then it was at the hand of others in this grand conspiracy against him.

    3. @Tracy Gilbert Well sure it’s the racist Right wing conserves [ones who freed the slaves], now switching sides want to enslave Blacks! Ya right? Demonstrating, Satan’s advise to “Always accuse your adversary of doing, what your doing”! When you have media pumping it 24/7 it becomes “truth,” for the Godless cogs & useful idiots! I.E the opposite of God’s advise!

  7. The family’s comments after this sentencing should have them all charged with contempt of court.

    “It’s 2022 you don’t shame people like that”

    Um, actually yes you do when that person is a delusional, unrepentant narcissist *LIAR*

    An my personal favourite (by one of his brothers I believe) “you treated him like he was a mental case”

    Yes… The judge did. *Because he is one* and so is anyone else that still believes his ridiculous lies anymore….

    1. Seeing the family reaction Jussie’s narcissistic, dramatic, entitled outburst are explained. They raised this man to crave the victim role.

  8. People always resort to formal language when they’re guilty or lying. It’s noteworthy that he declares, “I did NOT do this. If I did this, i punched a hole in the fears of the black and lgbtq community.” (I didn’t but if I did…. It was altruistic and I’m a hero. Possible a martyr if “they” try to stage my demise in the pen. His delusional denial is really astounding.

  9. So, he knew he’d be found guilty and had this “song & dance” speech prepared. “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” ― Abraham Lincoln

  10. That whole family of JS are a bunch Of narcissists. Love the judge. The judge is protecting justice and also REAL victims of hate crimes.

  11. I love how he denies what he’s done by stating exactly what he’s done. What an unrepentant liar.

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