1. Russia also denied Katyn – killing thousands of Polish officers in 1940, in `1983 denied shutting down South Korean plane – lies and cover up is a trademark of Russian past, present and future!

  2. It’s not only barbaric the way that Russian forces don’t seem to care about the damage they’re doing to these citizens and their homes, but also horrible that these citizens are losing their homes and loved ones to these people.

    1. @Mikinaak This isn’t a tribal conflict. Putin wants to create a Soviet Union 2.0. He expressed his deep regret when the USSR fell apart.

    2. Russia way of war more humane than America & NATO invasion in middle east, but well, victim not white skin & blue eyes, so it might not be human rights violation according to west & their media

  3. Six people, with their hands tied at the back, were doused with petrol by the soldiers, and left in a locked room in a village. Then the soldiers moved away to start burning other houses first. Their purpose was to burn those people alive as the fire spread to that house. About 200 soldiers pounded that village with heavy artilleries before entering and started shooting. The local guerrilla forces received the information of the 6 people from the villagers. A small unit of guerrillas quietly slid into the village and freed the 6 men, just in time to save their lives. No! It’s not in Ukraine. It was in Burma (Myanmar). It occurred on the 4th of April in a village called “Mee Loun Kyun” (မီးလောင်ကျွန်းကျေးရွာ) in Yesagyo Township. The whole country is currently being torched by the ruthless fascist military regime. Later that day, the local People’s Defence Force (PDF) staged guerrilla warfare and managed to kill 15 soldiers including 2 officers (virtually with hunting rifles and home-made weapons). People of Burma understand and support the people of Ukraine. As Ukraine is being scorched, people of Burma know how terrible it is, to be in that horrible situation. They stand together in solidarity with the Ukrainians. May the President Zelenskyy and the heroic people of Ukraine defeat the invading Russian marauders!

    1. @Jennifer McGoldrick I apologize for humans being human. I wish they were not humans but unfortunately, they are human. Humans respond more to visuals than anything else. So unfortunately, it helps to move humans if you show visuals. If you cannot, then sorry, you will need to find a different audience besides humans.

    2. Burmese and Chinese regimes support Putin regime who just kicked out of UN human council days ago. I learned about abuse and torture in Burma (Myanmar), China, N Korea many ways. They are so much common as well as Russia. Hooping to get what they did to weak Innocents and paying a big price for war crimes.

  4. Greatest respect to Doctors Without Borders and all the medical professionals working to save the lives of Ukrainians! 💪

    1. I’m concerned with the mental health of the doctors in the Ukraine. I hope they take shifts with others to prevent burnout.🤕👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️

  5. I have seen Dr Joanne Liu in other situations. She is a very dedicated and amazing! She is a Godsend!

  6. a young couple from Ukraine who now lives in Australia was worried about their 90y grandmother who was left in her apartment block worried she was going to die after everyone left her there alone, so she called her to say goodbye to her niece so her niece went to extraordinary lengths and got her out she is now in Australia safe and sound and starting a new life with her family they even got a tv channel reporters from Australia to get her family photos that she loved

    1. @Glasgow 6715 Yes they did. They moment they colluded with the US to join NATO and build up military on Russia border. Ukraine and Russia had a agreement and Ukraine broken it.

    2. Now your new life begins with no hate freedom to live your life in our magnificent country ❤️🇦🇺❤️ WELCOME AND ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR FAMILY IS 25. MILLION BROTHERS AND SISTERS 🇦🇺🇺🇦🇦🇺

  7. Not only they tortured and EXECUTED these people but basically accuse the victims of doing it.It’s beyond disgusting.
    It’s beyond anything that a normal human being can accept.

    1. @Juan Pueblo No… We are just not willing to deflect from this current and on going atrocity.

      What exactly are you guys saying anyways? Because bad should happen in the past we should repair about this? That’s a convenient cop out. One that anyone with a conscience is going to take a hard pass on. So please spare me your self-righteous speech.

    2. @Kosh 963 That is an absolute lie. Russia has these in storage by the literal thousands. How hard would it be to open a warehouse door?

    1. @Dvenchy Nope, also as an AI engineer I can certainly say there can be no future for humans under totalitarian regimes. This is why we care so much for democratizing AI. Americans understand this as a Turkish engineer I use google libraries all the time. I just trained a network using Keras for example.

    2. Totally agree it will take forever to establish any type of meaningful relationship between those 2 countries after this is over.

    1. Russia way of war more humane than America & NATO invasion in middle east, but well, victim not white skin & blue eyes, so it might not be human rights violation according to west & their media

    1. @Sean Murphy There’s no evidence of your asumptions. You must be one of those sunflower seed trolls..

  8. Bless Doctors Without Borders! Such amazing dedicated people… my Uncle was a Dr. and was part of that organization. They are just incredible human beings… pray for their safety and success…sending’ove, peace and health♥️☮️🕉🥰🙏🏻‼️

    1. @Sean Murphy You joined Jun 1, 2021 and are spouting the same Russian garbage .. you’re copying and pasting. So another pro Russian bot or troll.

  9. The barbarity of the invaders is beyond understanding, as is the dedication of these medics risking their lives to save others.

  10. This whole war is truly disgusting. Russia must pay reparations for this atrocity! Slava Ukraini forever!


    2. @frenchfreestyle
      “No nato must pay for the reparations . Russia forever”

      Exactly what has NATO done to Russia that Russia deserves reparations? Putin and the Russian people owe reparations to Ukraine. The Ukrainians should never have given up their nuclear weapons. Russia promised to respect Ukrainian sovereignty but Russia did not. If Ukraine had kept its nukes, Russia would not have invaded. Ukraine doesn’t need NATO; it needs its own nukes.

      Do you have the freedom to criticize Russia in Russia like we have the freedom to criticize the U.S. in the U.S.?

    3. @frenchfreestyle
      “Yes perfectly acceptable”

      If it’s perfectly acceptable for Russia to invade Ukraine, then by that reasoning, it would be perfectly acceptable for a nation to invade Russia. I’ve got a better idea – since you and your fellow Russians think it’s acceptable to invade other nations, give nuclear weapons to all the nations surrounding Russia. If they all had their own nukes, they would not need NATO to defend them from Russia.

  11. As a retired critical care nurse I found this report fascinating. Thank you for covering the medical care needs of the people of Ukraine.

    1. @Sean Murphy dear boy try to do some critical thinking and you will stop making such a fool of yourself.

    2. @Sean Murphy Go back to fake moon landing conspiracy theories. You’re out of your depth here, kid.

  12. God bless these courageous, committed medical professionals and watch over them so they can do their work well, within the circumstances, and save many lives.

  13. “The great lesson of our time is that evil still exists, and when evil is on the march, it must be confronted.”

    –Stephen J. Solarz

    1. @Oleg Kuzmitskiy Yeah. Despite this, there is no excuse for targeting civilians though, or tieing them up and executing them. While there was some justification for the war, and it was caused by various party members (NATO/Ukraine/USA), some soldiers in Russia, perhaps even officers, went way to far by targeting civilians who were not armed.

    2. @Ian B Well, english isn’t his first language, but he isn’t entirely wrong. Some soldiers committed war crimes, but it doesn’t make all Russians or Putin evil, unless he specifically ordered that. On the other hand, the FBI/CIA, US Ambassadors, Neo nazis, and Nato all had involvement with antagonizing Russia. You don’t get to box someone in their nation by expanding NATO to 13 countries, and putting biolabs in those countries, while also escalating and restructuring a government to oppress 1/3 people in the country.

    3. @Oleg Kuzmitskiy 2008? Go back decades more please. Elaborate or talk about what Russians did in Ukraine. I was about to agree with you when you implied that evil has to be determined first before action against it is made. I think you need to take your own advice. Russian influence in the world has always been in the position of subversion and dominance. And it is now that the world is catching up to what you really are. Not some strong influence for humanity but just a insecure and weak bully. The modern world is sick of your ways.

  14. The father of my wife was in Bucha this Thursday. The pictures and videos that he made are just shocking 😢

    1. Yet India, which has full access to accounts of such atrocities, haughtily declares itself to be neutral, and basically above the fray — happy to play both sides off against each other to get good prices on imports and access to the latest weapons.

  15. These reporters risking their lives. Very brave people. At any moment a landmine can go off, or bomb, or some missile

  16. To see that dr Liu, who was international president of MSF till 2019, is in full action in Dnipro, is again a sign that this organisation deserves everbody’s support.

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