1. @ronald burns Obama ordered military raids in at least seven countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. CNN praised him, while he literally destabilized the entire Middle East and spent his entire two terms at war.

    2. @roof pizza Uh… Back to school with you, Bud. Congress is made up of The House AND The Senate. Senators are definitely members of Congress, as are the Representatives in the House. Wow…

    3. Reece Beauchamp: Actually, that’s not true, but it sure sounds good. Especially if you throw in the moniker, “Commander in chief”.

      Sadly, throughout this thread, people have made all kinds of reference to the constitution, amendments and laws. What nobody, including you has mentioned, is the Patriot Act. You know, that pesky little document that popped up right after 9/11 that immediately and indefinitely changed the powers of office. Clearly, nobody reads documents like that anymore. Probably because it’s too long and difficult to comprehend and because the MSM does a piss poor job of reporting. If the MSM actually did their job, then people would know that the Patriot was set to expire, but not only was it’s shelf life extended, but its powers of surveillance were expanded. This was done with the full support of Nancy Pelosi. When the Patriot Act was set to expire, Nancy made sure that didn’t happen and she made sure it gave Trump more power to spy on American citizens. This little reported on document also gave the President more powers of engagement just short of war. So of course the language is a bit ambiguous, by design. The Patriot Act was passed, again, less than 5 weeks ago and clearly, Trump wanted to try it out.

      Why would Nancy Pelosi, who routinely calls Trump unstable, unfit to lead the military and possibly a Russian agent, give him this much power through legislation like the Patriot Act? Probably because the notion that there’s a difference between the 2 establishment parties is a lie. It’s theater for the electorate to trick them into thinking and believing there’s a difference, so both parties can engage in this kind of selfish and nefarious action. They are complicit. Obama routinely used the powers of the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act that was written by both parties and signed into law by both parties. The Patriot Act currently supersedes all previous and existing laws in matters of military engagement, surveillance, spending, etc.. It’s the over riding law and people should really understand it’s power. Actually, people should understand that it even exists, especially since it will be the justification for what’s to come.

      As an example, this current act of aggression is beecause of the terrorist action against the U.S. embassy in Iraq. But who did the terrorizing? Americans were shown some video and professional former generals go on TV and say the intelligence community and the Pentagon said it was this group of people. But was it? The intelligence community said who it was? The same intelligence community that screamed WMDs that started a war that has dragged on for over 18 years, yet, not a single WMD was ever found. That intelligence community?

      It’s not as if America hasn’t produced a false flag to elicit a manufactured response before. After all, it won’t be the family members of the ones making these decisions that are going to suit up and hit the front lines for slaughter.

      Nothing the establishment does, is done in a vacuum. This is no different.


  1. When an retired or active military General tells someone to “Shutup” it’s really bad news and what follows that, is death and destruction.

    1. A vast majority of the military are President Trump supporters we don’t have very many liberal snowflakes in our military. The vast majority of law enforcement and Military has always been about ninety 95% conservative.
      I am currently recovering from a surgery but I will be back to active duty soon serving with the 3rd Battalion of the 75th Ranger regiment stationed out of Fort Benning. I am a proud supporter of the president and I will gladly deploy again under his administration just like I did multiple times under President Obama who also had my upmost respect because he was my commander and chief and I did what he commanded.

  2. How can this administration expect anyone to believe their claims of possessing evidence when they don’t reveal it and they’ve lied brazenly time after time.

    1. @supermatti78 Oh. You mean other than Kushner wanting open up a secret back channel with the Kremlin or all those secret meetings with Russians or Trump not letting any records be kept of his phone calls and meetings with Putin or all those Russians cropping up all over the White House lawn after Trumpy was elected? C’mon, Bud. How stupid do you think people are?

    2. Are you that foolish, why would the president reveal that kind of secret for his enemies to also be aware! You are dumb!! #WalkAway #Blexit #Trump2020

  3. Wait a second… I thought the intelligence agencies were the “deep state” and weren’t to be trusted. How convenient that intelligence is good when it serves Trump’s purposes.

    1. @s b Your going to find out that the attacks on the US embassy, were orchestrated and paid for, to cause a distraction and hopefully start a war, because There is no crime to impeach and the senate will
      have a trial as soon as the articles are manually delivered.

      Nancy won’t deliver them…ask yourself, why not?

      Embassy attack is a distraction to buy time..
      Nancy and Adam don’t realize the senate can start a trial even without any articles…

      They don’t want a senate trial. ..
      It allows for discovery…and they will be exposed!
      Keep watching…2020 is going to be very eye opening.

    2. The top were the worst, but no doubt there still is alot…but its now under much better leadership…thank goodness. fear not young millennial.

    3. @Pub Comrad He is Commander and Chief. ..he has the authority to do what ever to keep our country safe…
      They had plans to attack us next!
      He does not have to tell the gang of eight, before he takes action. He can brief them shortly after…and that’s what happened.
      They are mad because they didn’t have an opportunity to sabotage the mission…

      Just like what happened when we got Al Bagdadi…

      It will start to become clear, what’s really been happening, in this year of 2020…


  4. What started this situation? In my opinion it was when Trump welched on the nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions. The Iranians appear to have abided by the rules but Spanky capricious pulled out and everything that followed can be traced back to the Bonespur’s ego.

    1. Goes back further than that – to 1953 when we engineered a coup of their democratically elected leader and installed the U.S. puppet, the Shah. Because of oil. And Trump continues to openly state we should take everyone’s oil. But I think this particular action today is all about him maintaining power.

    2. @soylentdean you believe anything your told from Jewish press eh sheeple? America is the terrorist in Middle East on all accounts just ask rest of world.

  5. “Just be quiet”
    Really? Is that easy? If you say something I don’t like I can just ask you to be quiet?

    1. Piesho Nais because we have been at war with Iran since 1979 when they killed the ambassador and took over 100 US citizens as hostage. Nothing has changed

  6. generals arent in charge in america. congress is. he should know he should be quiet, not representative murphy. the constitution seems to mean squat these days

  7. Retired Major General James “Spider” Marks spews the administrations propaganda. All without proof. This won’t fly from this lawless administration.

    1. Molon Labe I don’t. I just don’t blindly follow a liar, a fascist, a criminal, and an extortionist. You MAGAts should learn to think and act for yourself. Soon the WH orangutan will take your Social Security, your Medicare, and your freedom. You’ll be working as a slave in a labor camp making golf balls.

    2. @nedaz2 Making golf balls!! That is one of the funniest fucking things I’ve ever imagined. A bunch of slaves making golf balls! Classic

    1. @Walt Schmidt The war that Trump has desperately been trying to start with Iran, clown. Everything Trump has done with regard to Iran has only brought us closer to war.

    2. Drumpfs new war morons, it’s started and will only oscillate.with what to acceive, leave Middle East already tired of fighting for isreal who gets Iraq’s oil.

  8. Ok, General, when has the US demonstrated self restraint? You know, aside from killing over a million civilians in IRaQ, half a million in Syria and thousands more in Afghanistan?

    1. @Major Minor just answer to that.who did the massive killer with nuclear bomb in hiroshima and nagasaki?who came to iraq and killed thosends of people to find weapons of mass destraction and find nothing?who killed the people in afganestan?who killed the people in vietnam?let me answer to you mr terrorisim that is united states of america who did all of this.what did iran in syria?just destroyed daesh who has been made with americaaa

    2. @Austin Giguere You swallow that Fox propaganda pretty well. Why don’t you swallow another beer and chill.

    3. Roc you’re right somehow when other people in those areas we’re doing the killing it still follows under the white imperial colonialist American. Shame on use

    4. @Manuel Lopes I don’t drink but thanks for the sentiment. Now how about you come up with an actual argument you ignorant Little Snowflake. How about you prove me wrong?

    5. @sepideh kazemi that ignorant Iranian talking point was disproved a week after the Drone was shot down even the UN which is Pro Iranian in many instances said the Drone was flying over international waters when it was shot down.
      It amazes me how well foreign propaganda works on weak-minded people like yourself.

  9. The Trump Family…5 Generations over 150 years and 2 World Wars…not one of those Grifters has EVER served!

  10. Major General John Wayne needs to tone it down a bit and realize that the World would be a better place if it had fewer cowboys and more diplomats.

    1. The previous administration set precedence on Drone strikes. This is another nothing burger for the democrat kooks and a gigantic disruption to the world’s #1 exporter of terrorism, Iran.

    2. the Nazis were not stopped by coward liberals the Nazis were stopped by Americans fighting the satanic nazis

  11. “So is the world more dangerous today – maybe it’s more dangerous but when has it not been dangerous?”
    Oh man, these people will say any vacuous thing to justify their war mongering.

    1. So has the general made himself look like even more of an idiot today? Maybe he’s more of an idiot, but when has he not been an idiot?

  12. It’s more likely that the unredacted DOD emails came out yesterday, and this attack was a convenient distraction.


    1. @Walt Schmidt I’m glad you’ve decided to abbreviate whatever you were going to say to “stupid statement” we know that’s what it would have been anyway.

    2. It’s more likely that you are a Trump-hater and will find any excuse to push that agenda because whatever 45th does is never good enough.

  13. “When has Iran ever demonstrated self restraint” coming from an American general (US military bases in over 100 different places OUTSIDE of the United States) shows an absolute lack of self awareness.

    1. @Lex et Ordo No one is keeping track of where that aid we give to foreign countries actually goes….but we know it didn’t go where we intended it to go, during the previous administration!

    2. We have those to protect those countries and neighboring countries from being attacked. Don’t believe me then ask South Korea, Japan, Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey, and the dozens of other countries that haven’t been taken over due to the U.S. stepping in.

  14. When has Iran demonstrated self restraint? Perhaps when they signed and abided by an agreement to limit their nuclear capabilities?

    1. And you believe them? Chamberlain believed Hitler when he said he wouldn’t attack any other country in 1938.

    2. @Walt Schmidt Not my place to believe them. They had UN inspectors. The inspectors said it was good. I wasn’t there. According to the deal, if the inspectors said it was good, then it was good.

  15. “When has Iran ever demonstrated self restraint…”, oh I don’t know, maybe prior to 1953 before the US overthrew the democratically elected government to install the US puppet Shah of Iran. Since that day, the US has refused to take responsibility for its actions in the region, destabilising one country after another. This is just the next disgusting chapter in the rise of US Military-Industrial Complex story.

    1. Thank you again,we keep fucking around on that part of the world.im 68 years old we have been at war with some one all most all my life,time for the u.s. people to say enough is enough.

  16. The president did the classic move of, “when the leader is in trouble, start a war to make people forget.”

    1. I think the attack on embassy had more to do with it. Trump is a hero now and drunk nancy wont even forward articles of impeachment…

    2. Klee Klee
      Is that really what you get from hearing the facts? Please educate yourself on the matter before running your ignorant mouth.
      Your feelings for Trump shouldn’t matter when it comes to situations like this, and no one cares less about being impeached than Trump, move on with your life.

    3. yawn….that old canard is getting to be a bit tiresome. Was Truman in trouble when he decided to get into the Korean War? No. Was Johnson in political trouble when he got us into Vietnam? No. Was Obama in trouble when he ordered the Seal team mission to take out Bin Laden? No. You Dems just want to criticize Trump period, no matter what he does.

    4. Today obammer dropped pallets of cash on iran. PRESIDENT TRUMP will drop his big BALLS on them. TRUMP RULES

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