Justice Department changes step following Trump’s tweet

Following a tweet by President Trump, Justice Department lawyers told a federal judge in Maryland that they have been told to try to add a question on citizenship to the 2020 census in a way that's consistent with a Supreme Court ruling. #CNN #News


  1. Please vote in 2020.
    Register NOW.
    Take a day off, call in sick, and take your friends.
    VOTE EARLY, don’t wait until November 3, 2020.
    VOTE IN-PERSON, don’t do absentee.
    FORGET POLLS and forget the trolls. Don’t listen to them, just vote.

    1. @Sean Pizzo it won’t be a fine this time you will pay for it when they take 30%+ of your taxes

    2. @Anthony Egidio I don’t see anyone that can come close to beating him. Maybe Bernie. I think Bernie is the only one any body believes when it comes to free stuff. Still, going to be very hard considering how well the economy is doing. The socialist will ruin the country with the open borders and free everything.

  2. Sorry!: what other justification do we need for invoking the 25th Amendment? Does drumpf need to defecate on the Mall?

    1. @Dragonice Lakeoffire sorry but this is my country and I will stay and fight for it.Why don’t you leave I hear Russia is a better place for such criminals as your party.

    2. Linda Wetzel, It wouldn’t matter if he did. Nothing would happen. I don’t know why but it seems that everyone in our government today is so terrified of Trump that they will not lift a finger to oppose him. If he tweeted that the sky was pink with purple polka dots Everyone in the government would totally agree with him.

    3. @david Bordelon You for got The devils right hand.Pence.The hand that wipes trumps bum…lol

    1. @Jeffness Stuff Trump has been married three times and he cheated on all three of his wives even though he took vows to be faithful to each of them. Vows mean nothing to Trump.

    2. @Jeffness Stuff If you want to correct people’s grammar and punctuation, you’re in the wrong place. We make political statements here to the best of our abilities.

    3. Numinous123 great, so it sounds like you agree with me that illegal immigration is unacceptable. Why else would you bring up Melania being one in the past (if she was one)?

    4. @Paul Reverend People applying for asylum to enter the USA are not illegal immigrants, but people that lie to get a visa or don’t obey the requirements of the visa are illegal immigrants. Melania Trump was not a legal immigrant.

  3. When are people going to pull their heads put of their butts and see what Trump really is? He has no respect for our laws, our Constitution nor our values. He is a wanna-be dictator who idolizes authoritarians and insults our allies. I could go on and on.

    1. You have for 2 and a half years. You sound like a broken record. When are you going to realize that he is a great President? Tell me one thing that he has done that wasn’t an improvement to the mess we had before he took office. Just one ?

    2. Richard Ralph Roehl One of thee most honest posts I have ever read ! We are honored to have people like you in this fight.
      Thanks Richard. MC

    3. @Joe Caputi The census is supposed to enable calculation of a localised budget for services required for TAXPAYERS, whether full citizens or otherwise legal workers PAYING TAXES. Only counting citizens would give a false low number for areas where a lot of non-citizens work, e.g. Seattle. What needs to be known is how many people are there, not their status; seems to have worked in the past. The attempted change is a political act, not an accounting one, according to the courts.

  4. Even with voter suppression the gop have dug their OWN grave. Look at graham and mcconnell. Cookie cutter gop FUCKS whose appoval ratings are at all time lows in their own base. If that doesn’t tell you something NOTHING will.

  5. It will be interesting to see these fools follow Michael Cohen and Manafort to PRISON for listening to the CORRUPT CRIMINAL in the White House!

    1. WOMAN you give females a bad name. You have no clue what you are talking about CNN loves your type cuz you’re so GULLIBLE

    1. I heard that twitter is going to shut down any accounts where people are using racist sand violent speech and Trump will
      Be the first to go. Heard this the other day.

    2. Chance Tough
      I guess your a communist who is against the peoples right to speak

    3. Leeanne Bishop
      Why no one said anyone promoting violence
      You just do not like what he says so you want to censor people
      Ok Fidel Castro great solution

    1. @dominionofme saying that cnn is pathetic kinda makes ulp for the way youre crying now

    2. @Miter Sangeeta telling trump supporters to thicken their hides is a lot like telling a Christian to deny jesus. They will die.

    1. When the question ends up on the census, which can happen because what they send to printers could be anything they want. They know what SS#s are associated with citizens and which ones are not. This is Trump’s signature issue, most people not in his 33% could care less about this issue and he will convince zero Hillary voters to switch to him on this issue. Hillary ran a stupid campaign last time, Trump’s is stupider, sticking with one issue only 33% of voters care about for 4 years, so it’s vote for me on impeachment and brown people in 2020.

    2. @Michael Browne That’s an element of trite — but only in the context of something being overused. If you want to assert that my commentary is “of little significance” — you’re free to do that, but since my argument is original and doesn’t follow any norms, it simply cannot be qualified as “trite.”

    3. @South London Metal Detector if extreme new low is Judge but Trumpism….that low has been set VERY low

  6. John Baron — former spokesman for Donald Trump — is not a citizen, and will have to answer accordingly.

    Let’s see that birth certificate.

    1. I’m still waiting for Chump to provide proof that he’s not the child of an Orang-utan…

    1. Anthony Campos Oh don’t worry about them , they are well compensated and knew exactly what their client is like when they took up his cause.

  7. Thedonald whatever are you going to do if you don’t get your way on this? May I suggest, having Steven Miller hold his breath untill his face turns blue?

  8. The “Chaos” is only the symptom of the disease …. It’s the total *Incompetence* that is the root cause!

    1. @Mind Crimes <<--- ia a paid rusian troll too. This is what they look and sound like. #Trolling4rubles #Trolling4trump


  9. So you are now at the level that a tweet means more then the opinion of the Supreme Court? USA, how low can you go?

    1. Starsurfer74 i honestly dont know how much lower we can go. I thought we had hit rock bottom when Bush Jr. was in office but i was wrong

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