1. @BLMLovesWatermelon and Chicken👈 No of course you don’t have a racism and violence problem murca. Keep your eyes closed.

  1. The Chief needs to go to prison and the 19 cops who stood in the hallway while babies were slaughtered need to lose their badges permanently. They’re all despicable.

  2. End qualified immunity and hold ALL politicians and authorities accountable and see how quickly they shape up faster than the speed of light.
    Problem solved.
    They are Not fooling anyone but the willfully ignorant.

    1. @Yanski Arbuckle I’m all about holding criminals accountable and defending the lives of the innocent with Guns. But… that kneeling on the neck of criminals thing isn’t the way bud. That’s just torture and not par for the course.

    2. “Qualified Immunity” v the United States Constitution.
      The last section of Section 1 of the 14th Amendment SPECIFICALLY applies to States and it SPECIFICALLY denies them the authority to deny “Equal Protection Under the Law”.
      if Qualified Immunity ISN’T granting them immunity just because they’re Cops a violation of “Equal Protection” what is it?

  3. The blood of all 19 children and 2 adults are on the hands of those officers, and they should be held accountable for their failures.
    Starting with heartfelt apologies for their deadly decisions, before resigning in disgrace… EVERYONE in that school deserved better!

    1. @Wordavee1 It must be so relaxing and reassuring to live in your fairyland world where every complex problem has its simple solution! 🙃🙂🙃

    2. I’ll be glad when Fox opens their comments section back up and the garbage can go back to their cesspool.

    3. I agree the cops failed but as a veteran teacher someone in that school failed the children as well!!! Why was the door propped wide open!?? They were basically giving an open invitation to an unhinged madman to come on in and kill innocent children. That school should’ve been on LOCKDOWN the minute shots were fired outside. Who opened the door and why?? Someone needs to be held accountable

    4. @Real Aiglon
      OK, let’s hear you ideas for reducing the number of mass shootings!
      I have made various post much more complicated than that one, and all I get are wishy-washy replies ‘Oh, we can’t do this, that or the other because it would take my son or whoever another 3 years before he could buy a gun capable of killing 20 people in 2 minutes.’
      So give us the benefit of YOUR wisdom!

  4. Yeah. The police need time to come up with a good excuse. They are good at it. “I thought that Subway sanwich was a gun so I had to shoot”. Stuff like that.

  5. These Rambo cops can pose for photos all decked out in military gear but when the time comes to act they pull out the Big Book of Excuses of which that is all you’ll be hearing about from now on…

    1. I hope this finally wakes people up so they can see law enforcement are not the “heroes” you think they are.

    2. lol sorry i deff would of quit that day,, thats a little diff then what there use to from daily traffic tickets or simple search warrants,

  6. They only cared for their kids. Than stand and made a wall to keep parents from saving their kids. That’s has to leave a dramatizing deep cut into the victim parents.

  7. Republicans scream we need “Good guys with guns” to protect our kids. Hard to do with their tails tucked between their legs!

    1. @Buck Rogers Let’s say hypothetically the object of the democrats truly was to decrease the annual number of homicides committed by individuals with firearms. If 59% of the annual homicides were committed by a pistol and only 3% were committed by a AR-15. That’s 13,620 homicides by a pistol and around 400 with assault rifles. Yet the focus is all about the AR and it being a “weapon of war” with 400 annual deaths meanwhile no mention of the pistol that criminals are using killing almost 14,000 people.

  8. There should be a Nationwide message to all Law enforcement saying that if you’re not willing to enter a school while kids are being killed to turn in your badge and weapon

    1. @FrameDrumAndFlute What are the Names of the Sheep Dogs who waited out side ? That is accountability .

  9. With their QUALIFIED IMMUNITY? The only thing will come out of any fact finding, hearing, investigation or queries is they (the responsible leo’s) are getting themselves PAID SUSPENSIONS.

  10. The police: Nah. They’re fine.
    The kids: We’re not fine.
    This guy: Kids are liars.

    So sick of the excuses. We know what the problem is. Fix it.

    1. Why do they need to assess the situation or get messages from dispatch? The gunfire coming from the school should tell them all they need to know.

    2. DEFUND the Police… Fire them ALL .. dump their Union, and hire Police Officers willing to do their job for sensible compensation and no fat pensions.

  11. I get the feeling the cops who stood around while children were killed would have no issues slapping around an old granny for littering.

  12. The victims families need to sue the city the school district the police department and the DA needs to charge the spineless coward armed officers with negligent homicide justice for the victims and families

    1. There needs to be an INDEPENDENT investigation. This entire tragedy reeks to high Heaven. Way to many people dropped the ball

    2. Those parents and families need to hire one great lawyer and start a law suit against the police officers, police chief, the city, the Mayor and the school.

  13. The kids know. Question the children. One little kid said his class was in the cafeteria/ auditorium that said his teacher said hide behind the curtain. They did and didn’t come out when the shooter said kids or children come out. The news hasn’t mentioned that. Fire the coward police dept. and bring charges against the one in charge.

  14. Mr Anthony Barksdale, the law enforcement analyst, as a Mexican American, I wanna thank him for his honesty and obvious disgust at the way this was handled. Mr Barksdale is not mincing words or emotions, he is pointing his finger at the guilty parties. His honesty and true emotion for these innocent kids is on spot, thank you Mr Barksdale!

  15. They were all COWARD- chicken to confront the 18 year old shooter, where did these police officers got their TRAINING? ? Obviously they didn’t care. Or they are afraid.

  16. How do you actually train someone to do nothing while innocent little kids are being mowed down, esp. a cop with a gun? Are they robots that they could so easily be trained to be so callous? Maybe we need less of that kind of training, not more.

  17. A registered nurse gets criminally prosecuted for an accidental fatal meds mistake, but this inaction/negligence that caused more lives only gets a “review” and not an “investigation”? Because they don’t plan any criminal charges… Their only goal is to learn from mistakes made 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. You’re comparing two different cases that can’t be compared. This case has only just begun.

    2. Same thing happened in Parkland, Las Vegas Harvest festival, This one… I see a pattern here!

  18. Whoever keeps pushing this narrative that it went from an active shooter , to a barricaded suspect, needs to have their badge removed.
    You can’t say is a barricaded suspect when there’s a 100% possibility that some kids were bleeding out to death and needed immediate rescue. …anyone who was there and anyone who keeps pushing those words is admiting they assumed every kid was already dead to justify their cowardice.

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