Justice Department To Sue Georgia Over Voting Rights Law | MSNBC 1

Justice Department To Sue Georgia Over Voting Rights Law | MSNBC


Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the Department of Justice will be filing a lawsuit against the state of Georgia over its new election laws. He claimed that the new rules are in violation of the Voting Rights Act and are "denying or abridging the right to vote on account of race or color."

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Justice Department To Sue Georgia Over Voting Rights Law | MSNBC


    1. @Zombie Frogg republicans siding with a loser to spread a lie, republicans taking away votes, republicans taking away education, taking away money from the poor, republicans doing everything they can to support big business no matter who it hurts.

    2. @De LayDe Lay.. Are you new? Or maybe just another deluded yank who thinks that just because you believe in gawd, you’re entitled? And btw, I’ll dare do as I please because your gawd is dead!

    1. @Foxykins have no idea why it would take so long to vote every time I voted it’s taking me less than 20 seconds to do it once I had the ballot I suspect some people constipate the system just to be obstinate because there are so many people with that mentality in the world

    2. GOP lawmakers who have supported the measure say the provision on food and water was included in an effort to prevent the solicitation of votes and electioneering, or influencing voters.

      The law states that poll workers under the law could still bring water from a fountain, or bottles of water, to people in line.

    1. @Rod Much more than a state’s rights issue, because it potentially affects the outcome of federal elections. GA is WRONG here on so many counts (giving people food, creating long lines, putting partisan hacks in charge of the results, etc.).

    2. @MC KO You agree with denying people waiting 8 hours in line with food? With laws that target Black voters with, as one court put it, “surgical precision”? If so, you are sick.

    3. Aging Backwards,
      Let’s not jump the gun on that. From what I can see, he has done NOTHING so far. I think there’s a good chance that he has no intention of winning this lawsuit. I’m sure he realizes that it is going to be extremely hard to prove that these new laws are racially motivated. He could certainly prove that they’re motivated by pure party-empowering interests, but that’s not the direction he’s going.

  1. Yes, Mr. Garland. I am still waiting on you to bring Trump and his allies to justice. Or none!

    1. “I am still waiting…”
      More and more I am fearing we will be waiting for a very long time. I have gotten the distinct impression that this DoJ intends to do absolutely NOTHING about Trump or any of his criminal allies. So far, Garland hasn’t even done anything about all the rotten Trumpist apples right in his own DoJ!

    2. u are waiting because when trump was in power he pardonded every crook that could have put him in jail along with apointing judges that would do him a favor. he also had immunity as president so he couldn’t be touched. they need time to find new people and put things together..its been 6 months not 4 years

    3. @Stef P well, we all aren’t as smart as you .ok so you can go back to watching newsmax,oann,and faux entertainment news now. It’s almost “tucker time”! Lemmings.

    4. @Astrobrant2 yeah…we are waiting for Merrick to sue texas for even more egregious voting restrictions. I don’t think he’s the sharpest tool in the drawer.

  2. I have to agree with the last comment that was made God bless the USA and every voter in it….

    1. God Bless every person with the blood of Jesus Christ.

      Voter ID is necessary to protect American elections though.

    2. @i dont have time 2 reply the blood of Jesus Christ is on the hands of those that refuse to believe his words in Matthew. When did we give you water when you were thirsty? What you did for the least of us you did for me.

    3. Look guys all I’m saying is thank goodness and please bless the United States and every voter in it because every voter counts every vote counts it doesn’t matter where you are from if you are a USA citizen you have the right to vote it should not matter what your religion is what your races what’s your political thoughts are about any of it it’s what is right for the people of all people for everyone to have their stand their opinion matter I’m not going to stand by and allow other people to dictate how the people are allowed to vote for them which we pay their salary am I right or am I wrong? I don’t think that’s right they shouldn’t be allowed to make that decision for us the people just bless everyone during these difficult times and most importantly just remember everyone is human please

    4. @i dont have time 2 reply As soon as you demonstrate any meaningful voter fraud then you’ll have a point. As it is, Trump failed dozens of times to prove anything in court.

      If you have evidence that’ll hold up ion court then bring it.

    1. So they should be. It’s a lot more secure than the post office. Mailboxes are routinely broken into even before DeJoy started his reign of terror.

    1. Don’t worry, Jr. Some people wouldn’t know a hero if they were beating him with a Trump flag.

    2. @David perez I didn’t vote for Trump, but I find it awfully funny how he lives in all these people’s minds. True real estate mogul

    3. @Big Jim This action is about the preservation of Democracy itself. I don’t think a hallelujah is out of order.

    1. @rapunzel eh? Republicans lost white male voters while democrats gained white male voters in 2020 Pres election. Alternatively, Republicans gained votes from hispanics, blacks, white women, Native American, asian while Democrats lost voters in those groups. That trend will continue. Soon, democrats will be known as the white male party. The party of racism is alive and well.

    2. umrengnr – Yeah, that was the only reason. It wasn’t all of the colluding and lying, huh?

      The media had nothing to do woth it, dimwit. They REPORTED THE NEWS.

    3. @Isaac B Why are democrats so scared of recounts? If you have nothing to hide, stop reporting on it and worrying about it. You guys throw your arms in the sky and scream bloody murder bc some states are confirming the counts. Poor baby. You must be so upset they’re going to find something? I cannot fathom why else you’d be so angry about legally recounting ballots. Oh and by the way. Everything you just said in the comment to “umrengnr” was purely left wing propaganda. There was no Russian collusion. Polling data is public information. Russian agents don’t need a government agent to secretly hand them polling data. There was no Russian collusion, as confirmed by the mueller report. Trumps gone. Move on. Your TDS is real and there is no cure.

    4. @Isaac B You had millions of dollars and basically unlimited govt resources for two years and you end up with Manafort sharing polling data. Massive collusion. The dossier was an opposition hit piece paid for partially by Hillary and the DNC through Perkins Coie. The FBI knew it was fake, but they lied to the FISA courts to get the ability to spy on Americans. So even after illegally spying on Trump there was no there there.

      Raids by the FBI on old men and leaking info to the news, it was a political operation plain and simple.

  3. The gQp is packing voting precincts with their hand picked people who have already decided THEIR guy will win no matter what.

    1. @Scott Coleman However, it’s the KKK racist white supremacists, who vote for the Republicans! Ironic isn’t it!!!

    2. @Marciai Garcia Don’t forget, Trump’s racist white supremacists are the ones who support and vote for the Republicans!

  4. Way past time for the DOJ to act. The ones involved in trying to overthrow our democracy need to be behind bars.

  5. Turtle, saging bag under chin, no lips Mitch, gonna be sorry he blocked this fine Legal Mind from taking a seat in the SCOTUS.

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