1. Of course he did it !!!! Listen. At cnn we don’t think- we just know everyone who doesn’t get down on their knees and opens wide swallow and repeats what they are told – is obviously just a racist racist.

      Also isn’t it hysterical!!!! Biden and Harris are such failures and embarrassments that they are forces to run stories from 2014 !!!! Hahahahahahahaha I’m embarrassed for them honestly

  1. Of course he denies it; the Court is certainly earning it’s illigitimacy opinion with the public as more and more come out about the bought and paid for conservative majority Court.

    1. Its media propaganda trying to engage support for expanding the court by attacking its credibility. That’s why Biden lied to us about student debt relief so that we can blame the court when they say he lacks the power Biden knew he didn’t have when he lied to so many young Americans saying he would save them 20k right before a pivotal election.

    2. The only Power the court had on Roe v Wade was to never bring it up because had they they’d realize the precedent was unfounded just like affirmative action. It’s only left-wing media trying to drum up support versus trying to fix the actual problems.

    3. They are also making rulings on laws in other countries, that were made centuries before the Constitution as their arguments. I thought we came to the new world to get away from many of those laws and start our own. Why would they make rulings on laws before the US was formed, when our Constitution didn’t include those laws in our Constitution to begin with, for some reason. Could it be that free people should have a choice to do those things, instead of being dictated to.

    4. @Regina Fetty it’s not their job, buddy. Blame the people who stopped making laws because they stopped trying to work together.

  2. The Supreme Court has earned every bit of the public perception of partisan politics and their legitimacy. You can thank McConnell, the Federalist Society and the guy from Florida for this.

    1. @An Acc This Supreme Court violates the Constitution more than anyone so shut the hell up you theocratic fascist.

    2. @Wiz KID They aren’t poorly written, this court violates the Constitution, plain and simple. Alito even tried to push theocracy on the courts for years. The truth is coming out, and if there is any justice, Alito will lose his position on the bench. There has never been a less qualified person on the court, and that’s saying something given Scalia’s involvement. There is NOTHING Constitutional about the Hobby Lobby decision OR the overturning of Roe. There is NOTHING in ANY religion about birth control, and employers should NEVER have freedom of religion because they are a BUSINESS.

  3. Please, all GOP appointment Justices are the most “honest sincere justices in the World “🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😜

  4. What?!! Did she just say, if the Court begins to look political. It’s already being seen as political. Confidence in the impartiality and integrity of SCOTUS is at a historic low.

    1. @Warrin Bang Acceptance of a precedence in judicial law exists only because it is generally accepted; otherwise, there isn’t one. Hence the need for an authoritative and trusted body to present unknown precedence. A Supreme Court represents what should be accepted by definition.

      Break that and you lose it.

    2. Well, keep letting your religious zealots run the country America, and it shouldn’t be too long until you like the average country in the Middle East.

    3. They are political, they just don’t want to be perceived that way, like someone who uses the n word like it is going out of style but doesn’t want to be called racist.

    1. Pack the court. Eliminate the filibuster. Use three letter federal agencies to go after parents and journalists and politicians. Federalize election. Control the media and internet. Then we will have the democracy democrats want.

    2. Perhaps this could all be avoided if like in credible democracies,your highest court justices in the land were not politically appointed..

    3. He’s an argument for bands of citizens going and eliminating politicians who break the oath of office. Lethally eliminating.

  5. Alito also lied to Ted Kennedy about respecting Roe, and stated in his confirmation hearing that it was an ” important precedent”. So we ALL know that Alito lies when it suits his agenda.

    1. Liars on the supreme court , in every ad for the GOP candidates and pretty much everything that comes out the mouth of the present GOP. Lie, blame take away freedom and take in the money. What most their children think of the example of these people. Let’s not forget hate rhetoric that sounds like we have a bunch of Hitlers making speeches in America. I am glad I am old. My hope is completly gone. Dying sounds good to me. I am sick of this horrible world. But I do care about my grandchildren who they are brutally hurting. The cruelist people in America that I have ever seen.

    2. @Sean McCartney What about it? Did she ALSO lie about Roe during her confirmation hearing?

      Nope, she said, for years, that she thought that Roe moved too fast. She ultimately agreed with the need for abortion rights, but she also felt that Roe was the wrong case to allow for it, because she wanted it protected under the Constitution due to it fitting better as an equal rights issue, rather than a privacy one.

      Her finding Roe to be an imperfect solution is kinda apples and oranges to Alito (and friends) lying about their beliefs in regards to Roe before congress. And only one of those things paints one of those two (VERY SPECIFICALLY ALITO) as an untrustworthy liar, even while under oath.

  6. Politically elected leader’s should not be permitted to appoint supreme court justices, it should be up to the voter’s and there should definitely be term limits. Similar to presidents, a two 4 year term limit with a re election bid after the first 4 years. But no more lifetime appointment’s to the supreme court. Absolute power currupts absolutely every single time

  7. All Americans deserve fair and impartial justice… Alito demonstrates that the Supreme Court of the United States of America is no more than a political instrument…

  8. Kagen was questioning the legitimacy of the court because of how the option changed not on facts but on the court’s membership. Settled law is settled only as long as the people that bought the seats on the Extreme Court say so.
    Way past time to unpack the Extreme Court. Maybe someone other than the Federalist Society should pick judges for a while.

  9. Like anyone would believe anything Alito says. He lied about his belief that Roe was settled law. As did three others.

  10. it’s a majority religious court now.
    anyone paying a tiny bit of attention can see it clearly.
    most Americans, even if they agree with the court, do not want a religious court.
    they have lost credability, until they can get rid of these religious zealots.

  11. While you shouldn’t question the courts legitimacy based purely on whether or not you agree with a ruling, you can question their legitimacy based on their overturning of Roe when no new evidence was introduced to justify the overturn of a 50-year precedent.

    1. rBG stated it would probably be overturned. I guess even though we have a right to privacy under the Constitution, that must only be a right for men. That was Roe’s argument, the privacy of patient and doctor to be able to perform the procedure, that was no ones business but doctor and patient.

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