1. You won’t qualify. I know my kids don’t. Looked into it already.

      Been putting off my own dental needs for years so my kids can get it.

      This is for single moms and that’s about it

  1. We already have that in Ontario for low income children. Not such a big deal. Cut carbon taxes on home heating

  2. In the early 60’s Dentists were sent to our School and set up in the Gym. They were generally old guys that literally ‘welded’ our bad teeth from one corner of our mouth to the other and used huge needles. That was at our local elementary school called Hollywood # Been there.

  3. Let’s be real he will send it in money form and how much of it will actually be used on dental it most likely will be to feed their kids. $650 is nothing that covers what a couple fillings and a cleaning. Won’t have cavities If kids don’t have food to eat0

  4. My kids are all in their ’30s now. Due to financial situation of their parents at that time, we qualified for free dental care for our kids by applying to the local health unit. So these “real measures” are nothing new. How about helping diabetics with their necessary medical needs?

  5. Justin Trudeau is giving all kinds of money 💰 away but he’s not doing anything for senior citizens in Canada lol 😆 😂 🤣

  6. Really, I think parents and their children would rather be able to afford 3 square meals a day. Nice smiles and teeth mean nothing when children their parents go to bed with an empty tummy.

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