1. So I would like to know what it is costing the tax payer to keep a 16 year old girl quit about him

  2. Trudeau doesnt have the right to blast anybody and talk about NOT WORTHY He is the one not Worthy . I can’t stand to hear him speak on anything! He has to GO.

  3. Says Trudeau! Ask him about the teaching job. And the student he was so friendly with. Transparency set by example Justin!

  4. JT is spewing what Canadians want from the government. He can’t trust hockey Canada???? He better look in the mirror.

  5. Trudeau accusing someone of sexual assault is like a heroin junkie lecturing someone on harm from smoking cigarettes.

  6. This guy just lives to shame and blame everyone else like he is somehow better than everyone! What clown, I’m tired of listening to him.

  7. Was he talking about hockey canada or his Liberal government? Because he nailed it if he was talking about his Dictatorship led liberal government 🙄

  8. Meanwhile it’s ok for him to pay off a reporter when he groped her. Reporter did have the guts to remind him of that

  9. Yep, Hockey Canada need to a heck of a more. 😬
    But what is the Goverment doing about it, can the government not force them to do more??

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