Justin Trudeau condemns assassination of Haitian president #shorts 1

Justin Trudeau condemns assassination of Haitian president #shorts


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is condemning the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, calling the act 'absolutely unacceptable.' #shorts

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  1. But never condemn the burning of churches. Now, if they had been mosques? He would have called parliament back from vacation to talk about it.

    1. Regardless of what party you support, our Canadian leaders always stand up against any violence. Because we are Canadians and violence is NOT acceptable. PM and other leaders did condemn Burning of churches the same way they condemn any other violence. You chose not to see or hear it,

    2. After looking at all the other world leader I can say that I am proud of our PM the perception of safety is what keeps our heart safe

  2. We Canadians condemn violence, unfortunately when you have a dictator, corruption , gangs, violence attracts violence.
    We empathize in this tragic moments with the Haitian peoples.

  3. He’ll condemn the assassination of a president who oppressed the opposition and was ruling by decree and violent intimidation by armed gangs. Will he not condemn the president of a country that refused Covid-19 vaccines and puts its entire population at risk to the pandemic? Does this mean that if Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus was assassinated that he would also condemn the murder?

  4. Remember when trudeau promised election reform and then went back on his word. Trudeau could be next

  5. Dictators usually get what’s coming to them. From what I read he wasn’t exactly a stand up guy.

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