1. Exactly, and what he said is not going be anywhere near enough to help. However, I do not think any party – Conservatives, or NDP will be able to fix this mess. Young Canadians are being sacrificed.

  1. You have to hand it to Trudeau, he double the cost of the average Canadian home seemingly effortlessly.

    1. @Brendan Williams Don’t repeat a talking point. Think for yourself cupcake, it may take awhile.

  2. Were seeing $2000+per/sqft in Vancouver.
    That means $1’000’000.00 for a small 1br apartment.
    Increasingly the only hope for young professionals is to leave Canada all together..

  3. Lmfao this guy… 4billion to build new homes which will destroy the environment.. because where you going to build these houses/neighborhoods…. And btw we KNOW well likely never be able to own a detached home. Trudeau’s failed across the board so what is different with this empty promise?

  4. How many years does a leader have to be in power before the problems he’s facing are of his own making?

  5. OMG is he seriously trying to pass the buck on to construction workers??? He is something else. Well at least he answered I guess.

    1. He supports working class families… as long as they are not truckers or construction workers or any other real blue collar workers…

  6. The problem is not the number of houses it’s the price!! Been trying to get a decent house for 2 years and the price is 500k for a sh***y house 😕

    1. Or a condemned one!!!!! Cambridge ontario 3 bedroom 2 bath and 2 car garage condemned by the city 578000$ wtf

  7. I didn’t listen to his reply. I can answer the question myself. Yes. I am a senior, and I have a son and a daughter in their early 40s. Both families are well employed and hard working, and both are homeowners. They managed to accomplish this with financing from the Bank of Dad. Without my help, they would still be renters. So the answer is yes, give up that hope unless you have a generous family with deep, deep pockets.

    1. Amen to you for looking after your family. you and your kids are lucky to have those opportunities! Some day I hope in the distant future I can have a house of our own for my family and kids and share in the same generosity when they get older!

  8. Maybe the government should do something about all the short-term rentals that are everywhere. Investors are buying up homes and setting up AirBNB’s in them instead of long-term renters. Less homes for families to rent drives up the rental fee’s landlords can charge.

    1. Yes, and my City, the City of St. Catharines just legalized them and to add insult to injury now sells permits and asks neighbours to report them on a hot line sent out with our Water Bill!!!!! If they do not have a permit, then they pit neighbour against neighbour and make a bigger dollar grab with fines of $1000. per day to those who didn’t get the permit. Talk about a giant money grab in a City where we can’t even fill up our hotel/motel accommodations. The Mayor, then has the audacity to claim he is supporting affordable housing!!??

  9. He wants to pick up a bucket while standing in it. More immigration, more government regulations all seems like his policies which creates this issue.

  10. Trust Fund Trudeau hasn’t had to make a mortage payment in his life. “The budget will balance itself”

  11. He admits Immigration is part of the problem. Yet he’s the one letting them in. He just more or less said this guy’s son is screwed.

    1. This is someone who just does and doesn’t see himself and what he has done. A lot of Ah ah ah ah ha. My son says no way will he ever have his own home it’s not for his generation. kids having kids are either living in housing , slum lord situation or living back at home with their parents and raising their kids , otherwise they cannot make end meet , truth is only the Wealthy can afford to own anything and they wanted it this way.

  12. It’s never been easy for Canadians, but because of all the printed money now it’s going to be impossible. He never answers questions 🤥

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