Justin Trudeau pledges more action on climate change, takes questions from reporters 1

Justin Trudeau pledges more action on climate change, takes questions from reporters


While campaigning in Quebec, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has promised to invest $1B over 10 years to protect lakes and rivers across Canada.

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  1. I really hope that’s not his real campaign slogan. Not only is it metaphorically wrong but it’s wrong in the literal sense as well.

  2. Mr Harper would have you believe you have to choose between climate change and the economy. Well I’m here to say Liberals will do both! – Trudeau 2015. 6 years later, has done neither.

    1. yeah.. despite spending $100 billion since 2015 on green initiatives (according to Freeland’s speech in Cambridge yesterday) and little to nothing to show for it. But you know someone’s gotten rich.

    1. @David Green I dislike Trudeau as PM for several reasons but “dislike of being heckled” is not one of those reasons

  3. I’m still trying to understand the logic behind having elections in today’s world.
    Full blown bribery using “now borrowed” money that some future generations must pay back. It’s called selfishness.
    Then there’s the promises that just simply disappear after the election.
    Trudeau has a habit of that happening in the previous two elections!!

  4. Justin Trudeau: “we have recently switched to drinking water bottles out of…water, when we have water bottles…out of a plastic…sorry…away from plastic towards paper…like drink-box, water-bottle sorta things.”

  5. he ain’t winning go look at the polls it’s getting worse and worse for liberals and ndp and pc is taking it al let’s goooo!!!

  6. Great, I”ll be waiting for my electric bike in the mail…, with a generator and six solar panels…

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