1. For every 1 person willing to bother protesting there are very likely 100 willing to vote with the protestors

    1. For the rest of my life i will remember PP willing to sacrifice children for votes and his supporters did not care

    1. If you mean floor Trudeau like 👍 pancake 🥞 I think 🤔 you ve a 90% vote 🗳 from Canadians and 100% vote 🗳 from me!

  2. Protesting is a right in this country, if you follow the laws. We don’t have to agree with or understand their ideologies to respect their right to protest within the laws. This is a perfect example of democracy in action.

    1. Setting off fireworks, causing damages to private and public property and creating nuisance noise, is not respecting legal and democratic protest.
      These “freedum” criminals don’t even know what they are protesting about. They believe a bunch of nonsensical conspiracy garbage.

  3. There’s really nothing wrong with this. “Despite all of this there were no arrests made” as if this was expected

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