Kaine: Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill ‘Is A Big Deal’

As the Senate moves forward with a bipartisan infrastructure bill, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) says “this bill is a big deal.”

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  1. It shouldn’t be a big deal, should have been done a LONG time ago. Too many political idiots playing politics instead of taking care of the people. 🤑 🤮

    1. The real problem was a lack of compromise. People finally compromised, and we got a good bill.

    2. @Deborah Freedman again, due to selfish politics. These politicians do pay themselves quite well and make plenty of money off their office. No compromise there

    1. @WillRill Lol. She’s a white supremacist because she disagreed with you. Respectfully, please get a grip.

    1. @James Smith
      The Uneducated Republicans just throw around words they know upset people, but they cannot actually accurately define these words. So to people who DO understand them, it sounds pretty goofy.
      These uneducated people think they are hitting a home run when they don’t even know the rules of the game.

    2. There’s no need to read this book. The book is a disorganized jumble. All Levin does is jump from one centrist/leftist concept/policy/whatever to another as some kind of proof that we’re all doomed. He’s conflates the topics into something they’re not, and screams that we’re one or two small steps away from becoming the USSR v2. In other words, Fox News from 8pm-11pm every night.

      In his introduction, Levin startles the reader by announcing he intends to write a Volume II. Yes, that does achieve Levin’s goal of making this (Volume I) account alarming.

      In this book Levin conflates Marxism with pretty much anything considered centrist/left-of-center in America today. Concerned about Climate Change? You’re a Marxist. Think billionaires should pay more in taxes as a percentage of income than someone making $40k/year? You’re a Marxist. Do you think there should be some basic level of healthcare provided to all Americans? Marxist. He throws the smatterings of (non-right wing, non-Ayn Randian) concepts together into the “American Marxism” bucket. He regularly suggests that some some ill-defined cabal of elitists seeks to destroy American freedom (rhymes with Q).

      To define Marxism, probably best to stick with Karl Marx instead of Mark Levin. Marxism believes there should be no private property because the wealth/poverty gap in Europe (at the time he wrote) was untenable. Instead, Marx wanted all property in the hands of the state to achieve the goal of having wealth more equitably distributed: the Communist Ideal. Levin presents precious little, if any, evidence that any serious leader in America seeks to implement Marx’s prescription in America today. Instead, Levin’s lazy and self-serving definition of “American Marxism” now encompasses pretty much everything and everyone he disagrees with: writers, professors, actors, voters, entrepreneurs, corporations, those concerned with climate change, those seeking social justice, higher taxes in millionaires, and on and on. In America today one can agree or disagree with left-leaning positions on this or that, but those who espouse them are not typically Marxists. In a country of 330 million, can you find radical leftists on this topic or that topic? Of course you can, and that’s always been true. To suggest America is about to become a Marxist state is laughable.

      Levin goes back 140 years, referencing abstract writers of that period who wanted America to become a communist state in the 1800s. He does this to evidence how pervasive this “American Marxism” threat is to American freedom in 2021. Levin seemingly never asks of himself or the reader: If Marxism was such a meta threat to American freedom 140 years ago, then 130 years ago too, then 1900, 110 years ago, WWI, Great Depression, WWII, then the USSR, Vietnam, the 1960s, then Carter, then Clinton, and gasp! Obama….. wait, and Marxism has yet to take hold in America?! So all these lurking (American) Marxists in our midsts, dating back to Karl Marx’s day, and yet America is still not Marxist? What’s up with that? But fear fellow Patriot! 2021 is different! This time, we’re actually, totally, he swears to us, are really on the edge of the American equivalent of a creeping Russian Revolution. Lenin’s “ALL POWER TO THE SOVIETS!” must be defeated by Levin’s “PATRIOTS OF AMERICA, UNITE!”. Yes, he wrote that line.

      Throughout the book Levin quotes himself a lot, too many times to count. I’d guess perhaps 200 times? By comparison he quotes Marx 4-5 times. If one chooses to write a book on Marxism, seems you should go back to Marx more than 4-5 times? Just sayin’. In so many instances Levin seems wholly inoculated to the humorous hypocrisy of what he writes. For example, he writes of Left/Centrists behavior today that their “actions….. are evidence of an autocratic, power-hungry, ideological movement that rejects political and traditional comity” and references leftist “conspiracy theories” and “coup attempts”. I guess Levin’s TV cable was out on January 6th? Did he miss Trump’s Q adherents storming the Capitol seeking to overturn a democratic election (read: a coup attempt)? Is it possible, actually possible, that Levin doesn’t grasp what he writes is actually descriptive of the sect that he supports?

      Levin does say some things about Marxism that are true, and so have a million other writers, high school students, college students and pundits over the past 140 years. Regarding the few thin reeds of truth re Marx and Marxism he mentions, Levin adds nothing. So why would Levin torture the facts to arrive at a book named American Marxism, using an American flag with a Hammer & Sickle? Hmm….. wonder what Marx would say?

    3. You’re delusional. Try tuning into some actual news instead of far right propaganda and you might not sound so idiotic.

    1. @Cat’s Meow Democrats never don’t lie to get their way; liars in congress should be subject to ‘capitol’ [sic] punishment!

    2. Not a big deal? Gads. It’s a once-in-many-generations deal. It’s a VERY Big Deal!! Gads again.

    3. @Scientific Methodologist Oh, hush up with your meaningless right wing propaganda. MAGA is dead, sweet pea..

    4. Of course infrastructure is a big deal, while voting rights is also a big deal. Stop beating one down. Both are very important. Not only roads, bridges and trains, high speed broadband for all is very important.

  2. It must be a big deal. You’ve been talking about it every day for the past six months. Just talking… not actually doing.

    1. I mean… when you compare it with 4 years of just talking and doing nothing, this is actually quite impressive.

  3. As a 55 y/o American Citizen, I want all insurance affordable, not just health insurance. I also want the health care system unilateraluzed so that all costs are available before having to be told by insurance where a person can go, and know my price will be the same whether insured or not, even better, NATIONALIZE MEDICAL CARE! A healthy American can, and mostly will be, a Productive American. And before anyone shoots me down, I am Republican and a former small business owner.

    1. @Mr. James all equal standing, industrialized countries in the world, except America have this system. I speak to people weekly from other countries who ask why we don’t, usually followed be a statement about how we are supposed to be a world leader. The internet is a powerful tool! And, may I add… Not another Country even understands a credit score, that is specific to American Banks and profit.

    1. No, that’s more Traitor Trump’s thing. “I love the uneducated!” (because they’re the only ones stupid enough to buy his lies.)

  4. These like warm Democrats have let the Republicans destroy a good bill! Do they think this is what they were elected for?

  5. McConnell voted for it. So where do you think this goes? Sinema will go against reconciliation, setting the stage for progressives to go against bipartisan deal. Sinema is McConnell’s ace in the hole. WATCH

  6. this bill is a big deal. especially since reps have proven during infrastructure week they’re aren’t effective without progressive ideas. so now all that’s needed for success is for dems not to let it be driven by motives protecting donors. that is don’t let it become a trojan horse of republicans lacking ideas, other than blaming others for their shortcomings!!!!

  7. The infrastructure deal is SO necessary. Our country roads and bridge are falling apart. With the poor quality of our internet services, it became clear how much is needed during the pandemic. We need more spending and not less.

  8. Repugs will act like there are possibilities and then block when the vote comes. Is anyone expecting anything else? Really?

  9. USA ANTIQUE INFRASTRUCTURE: “The eyes of history are on this appointment.” – Buttigeig.
    1964 Japan’s first bullet trains were put in service and the the first Beatles album was released.
    1998 China started the construction of 36,000km of high speed railways and high speed trains.
    2021 USA still has NO high speed trains and NO safe overpasses or apartment blocks.

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