Kamala Harris' Flight To Guatemala Forced To Land 1

Kamala Harris’ Flight To Guatemala Forced To Land


Vice President Kamala Harris' flight to Guatemala was forced to return to Joint Base Andrews due to technical issues. Harris is making her first foreign visit to Guatemala, to have talks about border security and the migration surge in Central America.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Kamala Harris' Flight To Guatemala Forced To Land


  1. Not to sound insensitive and thank God nothing happen. But this shouldn’t even be news. No lives lost, no engine failure, most likely a sensor. Now it is a good day when there isn’t any deaths.

    1. Hey at least nothing happened. It could be worse. Pelosi Could of Been Vice President

    2. @Xx_MYSTiCWOLF_xX From your completely unbiased opinion apparently, judging from your comment history.

    1. @Erik Anderson you mean “little Covid thing” as in they had to scramble to cover for Fauci and his lies right?

    2. Man y’all just mad over every little thing, all y’all do is nick pick everything!

  2. Guatemala getting paid , Sad they messed it up in less than 5 month’s its gonna take decades just finish the wall ,be a lot quicker. DUH!!!!

  3. Funny how the reporter says it’s not something that can be solved, that it’ll take decades. These Democrats sure know how to set it up so they don’t have to get anything done.

  4. Taking peoples rights while arming yourself… we are all the “other”. Dropping jewels Yasmine

  5. “TECHNICAL” Not Tecnical. You would think there would be someone that could proofread what is being placed on the screen.

  6. “She gave her signature smile” Outstanding reporting! Must have been right before she gave her signature cackle

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