Kamala Harris meets Guatemalan president to tackle migration 1

Kamala Harris meets Guatemalan president to tackle migration


Kamala Harris arrived to Guatemala under intense political pressure to stem the flow of migrants to the US, with many people asking what she's doing heading out on her first foreign trip as vice president before releasing a comprehensive strategy. The answer, according to people close to her, is that she's putting in the leg work to help inform the administration's strategy — and her own — for dealing with the tough assignment she's been handed.

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    2. Reject all religion’s free your minds.stop the old ways are done move on and forward .sky daddy isn’t real .

    1. @xAlpaca Zeu actually in areas where you can get a drivers license as an illegal immigrant. In fact they can vote.

    2. @N 827 Bidens first 4 months he’s released over 61,000 illegals into the country. Trumps last 3 months he released 47

    3. @TrailBrakingGod that’s a fact. That’s why Kamala won’t go because she knows cameras will be there. She would probably just make some stupid comment and laugh like crazy at her own so called joke

    1. The reason they are leaving free motel free money jobs free health care Joe Biden invited them

    2. @xAlpaca Zeu Don’t remind them that this is an American issue. MAGA, the Big Lie, is here for Joe.

    1. Friend, there is always the corrupted individual and the corruptor. Morally I don’t know who is the worst. Guess who usually is the corruptor.
      Any way in the US it’s all more legal. It’s called lobbying. You can buy parties, elections and the government… What I’m trying to say is: nobody should throw the first stone.
      But he all should fight corruption.

  1. Why not stop at the border first see what your dealing with. Biden told you to handle it. Is she too scared to face reality?

  2. The United States thinks of us as their back door. We are their front door and when you treat your front door with respect, the house will be in order. – President of Guatemala –

    1. @Meme Short Using “lmfao” to start your statement just makes it sound dumb for some reason…

    2. @Droiz oh yes, almost as dumb as calling “Memorial Day” just another ” long weekend”. Glad to see Kamala Hyena getting the same amount of respect as she dishes out. Shes as hated un Guatemala just like shes hated in USA. Cnn will never tell you that, they dont deal in truth..hence the reason they pretend her Guatemala trip went well, when in reality there were thousands of Guatemalans who showed up to tell her she isnt welcome. Cnn will never show you the truth,

  3. Should have continued building the wall and kept Trumps policies then you have no need to go to the border.

  4. We really have no grounds to deny them entry when we caused the problem in the first place.

    1. Funny, I don’t remember little kids being tossed over the border wall during the Trump administration.

    2. @Brave Just Defend that couldn’t be further from the truth. Biden has never once proposed open borders, that was fake news coming from FOX which these immigrants believed and came to the border because of that. The wall was never paid for, money had to be stolen from the military budget for it and it was still underfunded.

      In 1954 the US CIA backed a coup to depose the democratically elected president of Guatemala, installing an autocrat and it’s been a mess ever since.

    3. @Mark Warren Meaning? The US caused the issue in Guatemala by interfering in democratic elections and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

  5. The shot killed me. I’m back to tell you… TAKE THE JAB. It’s not that ” bad ” on this side. It’s a game show. Ask that – what’s his name in the California capitol. A GAME SHOW HOST. THOUSANDS IN …. DEATH? PAID YOU DIDN’T ” WE “. Y’ALL SO BORING.

  6. Here’s a deal! We will take all Guatemalan who want to emigrate if Kackling Kamala stays in Guatemala

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