Kamala Harris On Trump’s Refusal To Concede: ‘We Need To Govern’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

Kamala Harris On Trump’s Refusal To Concede: ‘We Need To Govern’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC


On President Trump and members of the GOP’s refusal to concede in the election they lost the presidency, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris says, “I have to believe at some point that reality will set in and that everyone will understand that we need to govern.” Aired on 12/21/2020.
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Kamala Harris On Trump’s Refusal To Concede: ‘We Need To Govern’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. Drag him out, gas him out, flush him out, kick him out. But make sure the TV networks are there. I wont miss this for a billion bucks.

    2. You wouldn’t make it past the door. He’s protected by former Special Force soldiers. Good luck. I’m just saying.

    3. @Jon Smail He’s protected until noon EST on January 20th. At 12:01 PM, he’ll be a trespasser in the White House.

  1. Remember that American carnage Trump was telling about 4 years ago? Who would have guessed he was being prophetic..

    1. Look at the Cossack eye brows of his demented Father ,Some say he was born in Scotland where all Russians change their names ???

  2. I hope one day Americans will do research on candidates before they vote for them. Looking for a D or R next to their names doesn’t qualify as research.

    1. So Nancy put on the bill that the other half of the 900 billion goes to other countries? Why are we taking care of other countries before Americans 1st? This is why Trump campaigned make America 1st and great again, cause politicians before hand took care of other countires before America.

  3. The republicans maintain that this election was rigged to favor the democrats. How do they explain that the same election also made them gain 15 seats in congress. Can anybody explain this?

    1. Agree, he needs to gtfo, I dont care if he wants to cry and whine his same song and dance claim till the end. I care that he is out of the WH and out of government. Take the rest of the trash out too.

    2. All we have to do is turn off utilities at the W.H. I think he’s going to set up house up house at Camp David.

    3. Some how after what he has put us through I want to see him bodily dragged from the W.H. screaming for Barr to come help while calling McConnell on the phone screaming it’s all his fault because he guessed the wrong price on stimulus.

  4. How many people here agree that Trump will be nowhere near The White House on Inauguration day? Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s out of the country!

    1. So Nancy put on the bill that the other half of the 900 billion goes to other countries? Why are we taking care of other countries before Americans 1st? This is why Trump campaigned make America 1st and great again, cause politicians before hand took care of other countires before America.

    2. @Tech ti Like Moscow Mitch had nothing to do with it. I guess America can’t borrow any more money. 15 Trillion in debt!

    1. @Flux Bullets – Well – you know everything else – it stands to reason you know all about this, too. If only we could talk you into running the country – utopia would be nigh, I’m sure…

    2. @Godfrey Daniel
      I mean. Yes. I spent more time studying the history of monetary policy and the origins of the central banks than one would care to know. So what? Maybe instead of mock me you might learn something.

      Governments and media are middle tier. It’s the unelected leaders who control the world of finance that are running this show.

      So yeah. FYI there were two times in America’s history when we defeated the private western central bank and kicked it out.

      It is the root of all corruption. Here I will give you a brief history of central banking in the United States in a following comment.

    3. @Godfrey Daniel
      This was pre written. Before you read it my friend. I will make 1 bold claim to you.

      The true , and I mean the TRUE history of the United States is the battle between the people and the elites who wish to CONTROL
      HER MONEY SUPPLY. So here it is.

      1781 – the very first central bank is chartered by the continental congress and established in America. It was fixed and modeled after the Central Bank of England. That is to say it practiced “fractional reserve lending”. A practice that allows banks to loan out 10 times more money than it actually has on deposits. Essentially creating money that doesn’t exist in the first place. It is named the “Bank of North America”. Two Agents of Rothchilds English banking house, named Robert Morris and Thomas Wilding, became the president of that bank.

      1785 – the central bank charter was not renewed because the bank failed to rectify the depression that we suffered after the revolutionary war. The bank became massively unpopular with the people. So the first attempt at a privately controlled central bank in America dies after just 4 years.

      You can also thank Jefferson, Madison and many other founders who were outspoken against the banks.

      1791- Hamilton, the first treasury secretary, and also the protege of Robert Morris, copy’s and pastes the original central banks “charter”. He reintroduces the bill to congress as if it were brand new – for the adoption of another privately owned central bank in America. This time it’s named “The first bank of the United States”. The bill from Hamilton passes. Robert Morris and Thomas wilding once again become it’s directors. Same players, different bank name. Jefferson Franklin and Madison are appalled.

      20% of the bank belonged to Government. The other 80% shareholders were private, meaning their names were never revealed. We now believe it was in fact the Banking house of Rothchild in London and Frankfurt who owned majority of its shares.

      1811- the central Banks 20 year charter is not renewed by congress because once again they caused massive depressions and the people were wiser and more keen to fraud back then. It dies.

      Rothchild famously warned that if the bank charter wasn’t renewed by congress, then America would face another war.

      1812- 5 months after Rothchilds warning, England and America go to war. This war brings America into another economic depression.

      1816- desperate to fix the economic depression, Congress introduces yet another Central bank bill called “The Second Bank of United States”. It’s a duplication of the original 2 banks that had already failed. It passes with another 20 year charter.

      1828- Andrew Jackson is Elected by the people on the promise to destroy the central bank. He was elected 8 years before the bank charter would be up for renewal.

      During his first term, Andrew Jackson contents himself draining the swamp of 2000 out of 11,000 federal employees and agents of the bank in high places.

      1832 – just before the next election, the central bank tries to renew its charter 4 years early. Jackson Vetoes the early renewal.

      Jackson wins re-election in a landslide despite the central banks pouring 2 million dollars into his opponent: Henry Clays campaign. Jackson’s campaign slogan was “Jackson and No Bank!”

      January 1833 Jackson’s second term begins.

      October 1 1833 – Jackson orders his treasury secretary to remove government deposits of gold and silver from the Central Bank. His first treasurer refused. Jackson fired him. His second treasurer also refused to remove the deposits. Jackson quickly fires him as well. Finally Jackson’s third treasurer obeys Jacksons order and removes the gold and silver deposits from The Second Bank of The United States.

      1835 – for two years Jackson sells government land out west and uses that money to repay the final installment for the national deficit. The only president to ever repay the national debt. With no reserves and no assets on their balance sheet – the central bank system in America dies for 77 years.

      Years later when asked his greatest accomplishment, he famously said from his deathbed “I’m the man who killed the bank!”

      1861 – The central Bank of England finances the southern states in the civil war against the northern states. The Central banks of Europe wanted to divide the nation to more easily control it in the future. Lincoln knew that the power of the United States depended on keeping all of the states together. The war was not about slaves. To Lincoln It was about maintaining the union no matter the cost. He said so many times.

      The central Bank of England meets with Lincoln and offers him a loan to fight the south (who they were already financing). They offered Lincoln a war loan at 34% interest.

      Lincoln says “thanks, but no thanks”; proceeds to print $500,000,000 greenbacks, debt free at 0% interest to finance and win the war.

      It won the war but caused a huge depression. Wars do that because it forces nations to inflate their own currency by printing more and more as they try to defend themselves.

      This is how they set up nations to finally accept their central bank deals.

      1910 – Rothchild agents, Paul Warburg, Kuhn Loeb, Senator Aldrich and a few other famous New York bankers got together on Jekyll Island. They draft up the federal reserve bill over a 9 day period. These men were actually competitors at the time, but the time was now ripe to join forces with each other and consolidate their power. These men made up 1/4 of the worlds wealth at that time.

      1913 – Federal Reserve Act and 16 amendment is passed by congress and Woodrow Wilson signs off. this is the central banking system we live in for 107 years now. Responsible for buying up all the free press in America. Responsible for every war during the last 4 centuries. Responsible for every boom and bust in the markets.

    4. @Godfrey Daniel
      So to answer you question about some kind of utopia. Lol. Impossible that.

      But a step in the right direction is a full audit and then a dismantling of the federal reserve.

      Congress would never let this happen. It is their money pot.

      You see this is where a lot of people get it wrong.

      It’s not that we don’t need central banks.

      It’s just that we don’t need central banks in private hands. The federal reserve is a private for profit bank that congress decided to imbue with the power to counterfeit our own national currency back in 1913. They counterfeit our money and then loan it to congress at interest. Meaning we have to pay back interest on money that never existed in the first place and this is why the debt always gets higher.

      To pay off the debt would mean to take money out of the money supply which would cause a depression. So they’ve created a clever catch 22 for anyone who wishes to operate outside of a central bank.

      Look what happen to Ghadaffi.

      He got killed because A) he refused to let the globalists put a central bank in his country B) he refused to sell oil using the dollar.

      The reason the elites came up with this clever little scam is because they realized you couldn’t tax people more than 25% before you had a revolution on your hands.

      So instead they said: what if we don’t tax the people directly, rather, we tax them indirectly through inflation?

      That way they don’t realize that they’re being taxed.

      Their money is worth less and less as we keep printing but as along as the elite are up there at the nozzle, it doesn’t matter to them they can just print triple and quadruple.

      That’s the stage we’re at now.

      Not to mention the fact that private central banks are the direct financiers of EVERY major war since 1684.

      Oh William of orange needs Money to fight Louis? Send him a war loan! And while
      Your at it… send Louis a war loan too!!

    5. @Godfrey Daniel
      Here’s the deal. In the late 60s Henry Kissinger went out to the Middle East and made deals with all of their leaders.

      At the time we were still on a gold standard. The central banks wanted to get away from that because it’s not as easy to print money backed by gold.

      So they came up with a clever plan and it’s been working.

      Kissinger told the Middle East leaders, “we will provide you with trade, with tech, with protection, and on top of it all you can sell your oil and get filthy rich as a whole seller, and on our side in the west we will set up the retailers”

      But here was the big catch that changed everything.

      He said, “you have to sell your oil using the American dollar only”

      What does this do? It forces literally every single nation on the planet who wishes to purchase oil, it forces those nations to have billions of American dollars on reserve.

      Why is that important?

      Because by doing this. They created a global demand for dollars since it’s the only currency you can use to buy oil on global markets.

      They had to create an artificial demand for American dollars because they were planning to go completely fiat, and drop gold.

      It’s just way easier to have your money backed by oil, that way you can print up as much as you want without anyone noticing.

      When you peg currency to something finite like gold , then it becomes easier to detect changes in the value of currency. Meaning it becomes easier to detect when the government is borrowing too much.

      And this is why I’m telling you man, both sides of the aisle are all in on this.

      There may be a few good guys here and there

    1. So Nancy put on the bill that the other half of the 900 billion goes to other countries? Why are we taking care of other countries before Americans 1st? This is why Trump campaigned make America 1st and great again, cause politicians before hand took care of other countires before America.


  5. We are witnessing the death throws of the party of Lincoln. So sickening for us true rebublicans that loathe Trump and his twisted followers. Embarrassing!

    1. I seperate “Republicans” into two types. “Republicans” those that are conservative in nature but not holding to tRump. Most of those are in exile at the moment but they will return to move the party away from radicalization. (or start a new party, or maybe become Libertarians) and the tRumpublicans, who are seditious swine.

    2. I’m a Dem. but I’d like to see the Republican’s re-open under new management. We need at least a two party system, hopefully more than 2.


    3. Between my in – laws and extended family, we are almost 50/50 Democrat and Republican. The Republicans in my family believe in things like lower taxes, smaller government, protecting the second amendment, and most are pro life. They have dignity and have reasonable conversations about ideological differences. I respect them very much. Trumpets aren’t Republicans, in my book. They follow a cult of personality headed by one rude, name calling man who says things like “ the so – called constitution”. The honest, Republicans that I know love their country and are as embarrassed as you are.

    4. @Helen Voss
      I too can recognize the difference. I don’t have a problem with Republicans who have stuck by their parties original goals and who stand up for America against the destruction of the tRumpublican Party.

  6. I think we should consider initiating the next step because I don’t see a peaceful transfer of power in the future. In fact, I don’t see don showing up to any event, at all.

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