1. I dont get it. Why everyone trend “Twitter is over” yet they stay on and somehow it keeps running fine as of this current moment?

    2. @jennifer jean 🦋 Twitter was already losing money. The only employees who hate him are gone, because they refused to work. Have a full cup of antifreeze before spewing out garbage.

    1. Twitter is quite resilient given the number of users constantly using the platform. It may not be profitable, but I imagine it has enough to at least subsist.

  1. I felt Nick Fuentes roll his racist eyes when Kanye said “EVERY HUMAN BEING has something of value that they brought to the table.”

    1. @mythbuster Why did Israel sterilize Black Ethiopian Jews? Why are they oppressing and killing the native Palestinians? Why is it not antisemtic if you attack Arabs but it is when you attack ✡️?

    2. @srl nee Well I guess anyone could decide to be CAtholic or Buddhist as well. Does that mean they’re nazis too?

  2. The one thing i personally ” reeeeeally love” about hitler was his success in killing off hitler. An example his followers should consider

    1. He was like trump in the way whenever he started screaming the other side would laugh…watching him lose his sh*t over nothing still makes me crack up..what kind of pukes support screaming yelling losers??!? Were Nazis Christians too?? Tell me no lol.

    2. @G.P.B That’s the short answer yes.
      And his followers should indeed do the world a favor and emulate his great example 😂

  3. Kanye’s just lost it now. Kind of feels like he’s just surfing this wave of attention and doesn’t know how to stop…unfortunately there will be nobody to catch him when the water recedes. He will crash badly.

    1. @WetWhistlinWillyJohnson this is actually an easy moral choice (which does not happen often). Kanye’s ideology is identical to Nazism. This ideology led to genocide, mass violence and authoritarianism. These are objectively evil things. I reject this evil; the same as I reject other forms of bigotry. Kanye and those, like James, who accept his ideas are full fascists; no different than the Nazis. Fascism is evil. Not many things are such an easy call.

    1. @John Freedman so someone insane can’t be a performer? Or a performer become insane? Come on think about it, basic philosophy.

    2. @yasuke No it isn’t. He is eccentric, but far from crazy. You can tell this by any of the interviews he has done, or going on Stern, or Rogan’s shows.
      Most people such as yourself though wouldn’t know he even existed if it wasn’t for CNN.

    3. @yasuke Seems like you are trying to conflate what I said about Alex, and Kanye. Considering I gave names that is hard to do. All your comments were deleted by youtube, or CNN moderators though.

    4. @John Freedman no I agree alex isn’t a insane. But i still stand by what i stated. An insane person can be a performer and a performer can become insane. they’re not exclusive, you can be both. that is my point. you state that he isn’t insane but that he is a performer as if he cannot be both. but one can be both. also ive known of alex from back in the day through a nut case friend of mine. I’ve listened to multiple podcasts with him the best being when he was on flagrant. i think hes kinda out there but in a funny way and he shouldn’t have been sued or be censored.

    1. Mind Begs the Question:
      If those once expelled from their Homes
      Expel others from their Homes
      Following on footsteps of their Oppressors,No?

    1. @B-Luv812well, to be fair his hair restoration surgeon did a wonderful job. As for the rest, Elon is not a handsome man and never was.

    2. @A LT And then he went to his barber and said “Give me a Kim Jong Un.”
      No individual should be able to own their own manned space program. It’s like we’ve learned nothing since Moonraker.

  4. Eventually Twitter will be as irrelevant as Hotmail, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and MySpace!

    If you and/or your business “still” maintains an account of any sort on Twitter, you in essence supports Musk’s ideology.

    Just saying.

  5. One question: if Alex Jones says he’s personally bankrupt, how come he still owns the media company that broadcasts his “Info Wars”. One of those mysteries, I know… It almost feels his bankruptcy filing is fraudulent.

    1. This is normal practice for any corporation. Look at any large corporation. They file bankruptcy all of the time of some sorts .
      If you have a good lawyer you can do this too .

    2. @Angelaina Marie How are you going to pick and choose which people are deserving of bankruptcy filing and which are not? Is it going to be based on your personal opinion?

    3. @Doug H 👈Thank you. Exactly.
      Just because you disagree with someone, doesn’t mean they’re a lower class citizen than you.

    4. @Angelaina Marie You’re completely out of your mind if you believe someone shouldn’t have the same access to filing bankruptcy as others based on how much you disagree with them.

    1. It shows to me that this imagination of Elon Musk allowing every voice on this platform, is an illusion. Because people voicing thoughts like Kayne West does, should not get a public platform to spread their malicious thoughts.

    2. I did it faster in 7 days. Was just allowed back after a month suspension for inciting violence, for stating in a thread about overpopulation that all old people have to die (eventually).
      And only a week later I got perma banned for hate speech, for joking that Elon Musk is a slut for having 10 children.
      So much for free speech… 🤣

  6. This right here. An artist that has no value on society getting paid millions meanwhile I been through 67 interviews and no job out of college. Something is very wrong in this country.

    1. Real Bootstrap Boomer tier thread here. The economy is fake, the numbers are fake, the money is fake, and it uses college women as props to showcase a fake labor force that it didn’t even need when we went into lockdown. This is neoliberal capitalism and everything about your world is fake. Now The Architects of this world are freaking out because their Golem is off the leash.

    2. Well he has value if millions bought his music across the world. Maybe you dont have value, with your sociologist degree.

    3. I sincerely hope you do get the job you want, you deserve it. It zounds like you’re trying hard. Please don’t give up. You’ll be ok as long as you keep trying. Good luck sweetie. I would hire, I would not hire Kanye and I would not buy his music.

    1. @grimshal yes that’s true, everyone knows that, even elon says it.. and there was unreasonable banns happening before on twitter, now it will be more reasonable based on real reasons audited by his new team.

    2. @Mayank Zee so where is the line. cause im fine with hate speech getting banned, also racial slurs, but ppl want those protected too

    3. @grimshal We will see over time about the line, but it has always been a common sense to know what truly hate speech is.. and never trust the new definition of Hate speech these main stream media is propagating, it’s all politics.

  7. When Alex jones become the voice of reason, and he’s actually the adult in the room, then you know you’ve gone to far

    1. @Ocsjc13 Jones was putting it out there the nazis were bad and he couldn’t believe what ye was saying

  8. I have my tweeter account since tweeter was invented and I have never seen so much garbage speaking than right now , I just deleted the app , it is so sad how people engage in rage to another human being, or group, it is out of control ! People forgot about morals and values , there is no respect whatsoever for life and that non sense has to stop 😡

    1. I also got my Twitter account when it first came out and i immediately deleted it as soon as i saw all the garbage on it.

    2. The fish stinks from the head down. I’m speaking to you all, GOP. A great lesson of having your head in the sand you taught to old and young alike.

  9. Everytime we hear about Twitter it’s always Elon Musk who is calling even the smallest shots. Twitter staff used to make these decisions. It’s almost like they all left…

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