Karen Bass sworn in as first Black female mayor of Los Angeles | USA TODAY


    1. @Ron S With democrats things will only change for the worse Republicans are a change for the better Start voting republican

  1. Well, Chicago, New Orleans, DC, Atlanta, and all the other wonderful, safe cities already had the same, so I can only hope we see such bold leadership with skyrocketing violent crime rates and finger-pointing.

    1. @You are Trippin you cant even back anything up you say,every dem run city has the worst crime,worst schools,worst corrupt politicians,that when they suck they cry about the right or trump,now your crying about elon musk,lol. and i dont care about the right.but you dems are on drugs

    2. @Jaewon Sung right.. Republican states are high in the high crime murder rate…but he doesn’t know that all he wants to do is blame blacks for his folks inept failures at running the Country 😅😅😅😹😹

    3. @Jaewon Sung other way around? Have you used your eye balls? Or brain? Dem cities are the worst crime ridden garbage you can breed. Anti gun but pro criminal

    4. tell me what is wrong with this country right now. you keep saying it but wont tell us what it is,thats the dem way,blame blame blame. tell me what great things black are doing ,for example,in chicago

  2. I stopped caring about “first black” this “first female” that…just do a good job. It’s about merit, not identity.

    1. Exactly … the fact she’s block and female shouldn’t have been a note. How about her qualifications? What has she done in her previous role? Liberal media sure loves touting on about race

  3. People keep making the same mistakes. So sad for cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Houston, and Atlanta and New York. Great American cities that are crumbling because of liberal leadership and polices. This is on the voters. You did this. You did it again.

    1. @C Dubya 😂🤣 yeah right. Like I hoped for Lori Lightfoot in Chicago . Garcetti was another Democrat liberal Mayor empty suit. Karen Bass is a phony radical Democrat liberal. She is likely to be even worse than Garcetti

  4. Do people not feel due to todays climate getting positions due to race is becoming an issue? As a black man, if I got promoted at my job due to my race I would feel pretty embarrassed

    1. @C Dubya It aint about race it’s about party. When she leaves the office someday LA will still be the same hell hole it has been for years. Nothing is ever accomplished in dem cities because their mayors are too busy repaying favors and or playing favorites to the woke crowd.
      No time to do the people’s business when you got that kind of agenda.

    2. @scanman 67it always broils down to insults and insinuations. This doesn’t compute. I am too far advanced for my huge brain to understand the low brow insults. I send you love, hugs and kisses. 😘

    3. @BlueAlien No you didn’t insinuate anything demeaning in your chirps. See that’s what I’m talking about. You don’t even analyze your comments. Keep plowing your field the same way, cupcake! Sunshine and rainbows, right back at you.

    4. @BlueAlien
      How naïve. Her voters picked her for one or all of three reasons, her skin color, her gender, and/or her party affiliation.

    1. @james chan He didnt promote censorship or ban people he didnt like. Thats what democrats do and theyre destroying democracy.

    1. @t crow bullshit my mother in law lives in New York and this mf just got 7 years for assault on an elderly person…

    2. Ppl slip the cracks every day..like in Idaho… 4 college students butchered.. I reside in Idaho for work at the moment. White kids butchered.. Republican state Republican city

  5. at first, I was wholly for Karen Bass, considering the candidates’ backgrounds, and past history. But when I saw one of the debates, I saw strength in Caruso, someone with a plan and the intestinal fortitude to make it happen. My impression of Ms Bass was that of everyone’s Good and Sweet Auntie, smiling while serving you hot fresh baked cookies. But, seriously, there isn’t ONE person that can right this city, nothing will change. The rich will get richer, the poor will continue to suffer, and the city will continue to be filthy.

    1. @glumberty1 but is it ok when politicians make rules FOR the rich and AGAINST the poor? Do you think the answer to the housing crisis is to ELIMINATE the smaller ‘Mom and Pop’ owners by creating rules, regulations and laws that greatly hinder their well being? It’s good for the Rich Developers, and will only make them richer. In the process of creating housing, RENTS WILL SKYROCKET. Good for EVERYONE, right????

    2. So, you’re talking about voting, the ‘voice’ of the people. That’s why we’ve got people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Ted Cruz, etc, in leadership positions. That’s why people would actually support someone so totally unqualified as Herschel Walker. What matters to the people doesn’t matter to the elected leaders. Dream on.

    1. @Billy Brown selfish concerns…along with Racism, Hatred and Ignorance, they all became first and foremost for the people of this country, STARTING IN 2016.

  6. Identity picks that get the job on other than their own merit and accomplishments will never improve anything in any job they get. Their poor and emotional decisions will only make things worse than ever. She is the best person for the job in all of LA? No way.

    1. @Bagrilla Jenkins Ah, so just keep a bunch of white men in a room and have them make all the decisions that affect the lives of people they have nothing in common with. LMFAO. Just admit you are racist.

  7. The cackling of Kamala is embarrassing. I was driving my friend from Alabama around the city. His question, “We don’t have homeless people in Mobile, why here?”

    1. To be fair, one reason is because large cities have programs for homeless people so they flock to them. Nobody in Mobile is giving them free food, medical checks, and other services. Mobile lacks the infrastructure to support a homeless community so they go elsewhere.

      My city didn’t have a large homeless population until stupid people built a huge homeless campus on the edge of downtown that provides numerous types of services. Not only does it serve the local homeless population, but homeless people from other cities moved here or were sent here by other cities to get rid of them. Cities literally give bus tickets to homeless people to get them out of their towns, it’s a known solution.

    2. I used to live in that area. There are countless homeless ppl in Mobile, AL and other places in MS and AL. They are just in the woods. Your friend is obviously a bit slow, or perhaps he is one of those people who overlooks issues that do not affect him. Long story short…there is a homeless problem in literally every city/town and state/territory in the USA. Ignorance of it is why the nation continues to suffer. wake up

  8. Ms. Bass is well qualified to deal with the problems of LA:
    A Los Angeles native, Bass attended college at California State University, Dominguez Hills and the University of Southern California.
    She spent her career as a social worker and community activist before seeking public office.

    Before her election to Congress, Bass represented the 47th district in the California State Assembly for six years.

    In 2008, she was elected to serve as the 67th speaker of the California State Assembly, becoming the first African-American woman in United States history to serve as a speaker of a state legislative body.[7][8]

    She won the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award in 2010 for her leadership during the Great Recession.[9]

    Bass was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010.
    She represented California’s 33rd congressional district during her first term, though redistricting moved her to the 37th district in 2012.

    She chaired the Congressional Black Caucus during the 116th Congress.[10][11][12]
    She also chaired the United States House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations and the United States House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security.

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