Karen Doyle Talks UK Deportations | TVJ Smile Jamaica

Karen Doyle Talks UK Deportations | TVJ Smile Jamaica 1


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  2. About stop being criminals, you get no Sympathy from this Jamaican; if you are not a doing bad, you won’t be deportation

    1. Not everyone who goes to prison are guilty of committing the crime, the system isn’t flawless. Now imagine being locked up for a year in prison because of being falsely accused, you spent your entire life in a country but was deported to the place you were born, all your family had migrated so you’re alone in a foreign country with nowhere to go. Sounds messed up isn’t it? well that is what has been going on. Even if you did something petty that warrant you a year in prison, do you think it’s still ok?

    2. whether you are Good citizens or not you don’t have the right colour and legal papers. Jamaicans are a target because of the bad behaviour of a few

    3. Thank you and God bless you Karen. For putting it out there and let the world knows what’s happening in the UK and home office system and what they are doing.

  3. The sterotyping of Jamaicans in the UK is still a negative one, demonising Jamaicans as if they’re responsible for every crime in the country.

  4. Finally! I’m hearing it now loud and clear!Hopefully when we hear “dem” say it, “they” will listen!!!!🥶🤦🏽‍♀️

  5. If persons leave jamaica at a young age and grew up to be an adult hardened criminal in whatever country it is. Why the hell the jamaican authorities allowing them to comeback?

    1. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
      Long time I have been saying the same thing, turn back the plane ✈️

    2. @Sharon Hewitt they can keep their money and criminals. Who to say they aren’t the ones causing a muck now. The Jamaican government need to start looking out for our interests.

  6. As a British born Jamaican, I would really like to make my fellow Jamaicans aware of the structural racism that exists in the u.k.The government really do have a dislike for Jamaicans and they are amongst the highest group to be deported inthe u.k. The streets aren’t paved in gold in England…. Jamaica is home

    1. I am also a British born Jamaican travelling to Jamaica for more than 30yrs and it is a shame that when we go home we still have a fight. I’m tired 😔

    2. @Roxy! Go where your appreciated!
      I encourage us to get citizenship in so called 1st world countries and always plant and grow 🇯🇲💫🥂💝

  7. Every single country has a law, so if you intend to say in that country you need to do the right thing by going through the process of gaining legal papers to stay and keep a clean police record. That’s not a big price to pay for a better life in the country you choose to stay in.

  8. Finally light shining on us, God sending helping hand, what’s in the dark is coming to light , these are the deals that governments signed on, the big people them know about it, God soon come put a stop to all this madness, guidance and protection for this team, I pray God expose, the plots and plan’s it’s so so sad what they doing 😭😭

  9. the government over here, in England UK. are saying that when they detain people who are asylum seeker’s, it will deport them to rowanda in Africa. and they have set in place an agreement with the government in rowanda to do so.

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