Karine Jean-Pierre: Today We Saw Republicans Start A cover-Up For Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Karine Jean-Pierre: Today We Saw Republicans Start A cover-Up For Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. @Nef Africia – We could do more protests, that have already been done, a few times every year. But, the real voice of the people is from the House of Representatives (aka, “the voice of the people”), and we have collectively already CLEARLY said to impeach him. Now it’s the Senates job to be the “adults in the room”, and check if this is correct. BUT (shocker!), the Senate is broken and partisan, and NOT objective, impartial jurors. SO…he will most likely NOT be removed from office.

      *How to fix our failing democracy*
      1) Abolish the electoral college, 2) Replace plurality, with rank choice voting, 3) Replace Senators with non-partisan scholars.

    2. @Michele Walburn also screaming this is the best economy. Lately, I’ve been noticing small businesses are beginning to close shop.

    1. You must be joking? Obama used UK and Australia intelligence against Trump during election to start an investigation. Obama did much worse, but thats ok? Obama didnt even help Ukraine with anti tanks missiles against Russia, did nothing when Russia invaded crimea in 2014. What did he gain by not doing anything against Russia? Money?

    1. They would argue, it’s okay to be “political” and partisan…in other words be duplicitous and two-faced. (It’s okay, not to let silly things like ethics and morals guide us…however, we will us these words against you, when it’s convenient for us).

    1. It’s ok we found where Democrats tried to stop trump from winning in 2016. The people still voted trump in despite the corrupt fbi.

    2. Yes, and the insanity started when a supposedly reputable political party stooped so low as to choose Donald Trump as a presidential candidate, a man with virtually no tact, diplomacy or intelligence – and absolutely no political background. The first outright traitor to occupy the White House, courtesy of Russian election meddling.

  1. And, what happens if a president believes it’s in the “public’s interest” to remain president for life?


    2. Kelly Keller Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real condition that the cult have. Luckily you can be immune from it with a brain and education. If you think its hyperbolic, then imagine President Biden and his defense team saying nothing Biden does is impeachable or can be questioned. In fact now say to all those people talking about him and Ukraine lies, but imagine it was true, you have to say that he’s allowed to do that and anything else he wants.

    3. Tony Scott We *overestimated* the “will of decent people” in 2016. I think you may be underestimating the will of people responsible for Trump becoming president.

  2. …and I wonder how much Trump lawyer Alan D gets paid to represent the Devil ??
    Do the taxpayers end up paying that bill ???

    Republiclowns dont want documents or witnesses. No Bolton, Pompeo Mulvaney, or Parnas.  This is not about partisan politics. Do the Republiclowns not want the truth? How do you not hear from Parnas? That’s like having a murder trial and you dont want testimony from the murderer. The Republiclowns sold the country out for local reelection.

  4. That defense argument was literally a face in the of the American people who do not buy into the religion of Trumpism … Trump and his pansies were actually telling that they believe we are stupid and gullible enough to believe that crap

  5. Where are all the public protests against this totalitarian regime? Has no-one in your country read Big Brother?

  6. USA is already paying for it. American democracy has already become a laughing stock around the world. The damage is already being done. This isn’t just in the future somehow. Why can’t the Senators understand this?

    1. the country USA was dissolved in 1933. the jews own the USA and it is no longer a country or a Republic. it is a Democracy and a private Rothschild Corporation

  7. Karine is correct and we need to listen to her words of wisdom. This prez is upending the very core of our American way of life.

  8. Ohh! Honestly 100% absolutely well said to her!!! Truly an outstanding realistic speech/talk! Completely agree and undoubtedly definitely keep it up!!! 👍👍👍👍👍

    1. Roger That …more truth to that than you know. He’s knowledgeable of freemasonry and spell casting. MAGA means High Satanic Priest in freemasonry. Every time they scream maga…they’re agreeing to mind control! That’s why they can’t see or hear truth. I am not kidding you!!

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