Kasparov: Impeachment Now Is The Best Protection Against A Future Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Kasparov: Impeachment Now Is The Best Protection Against A Future Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Garry Kasparov, Richard Haass and Neal Katyal join Morning Joe to discuss this week's riot at the D.C. Capitol, preventing the next demagogic president and the DOJ being open to pursuing charges against Trump for Wednesday's riot. Aired on 01/08/2021.
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Kasparov: Impeachment Now Is The Best Protection Against A Future Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Sleep Smart Smash Stress Yes. I agree. Very dangerous times. Twitter cancelled permanently his account. That is an important step…take away his voice.

    2. @pat chapman OK. I wish the very best for you and your family. Your job. I hope for you it is all very good for you.
      We DO have to move away from Dem vs. Repub. And start to think about the common ground and how to get there.
      You have a family? Yes? You do your things…holidays, dinners, celebrations,…the little things…holding your kids, speaking with your wife…? yes? as do the people who are your political opponents. Yes? But remember this: your political opponents are on the same TEAM as you. But they differ in opinion. AND they ALSO do those same things with their families; as you flourish in your life, so should they…IT IS GOOD to disagree politically…one day. your opinion wins, another day your opponent’s opinion wins…and that is the stuff of life…but it is not the stuff of disrespect or hate. The entire ‘America’ is a ‘team.’ You guys have to hold it together, or else divided your opponents in the world will then really TAKE AWAY your freedoms. Do you get my drift? My meaning?

    3. @pat chapman PAT…you also say ‘treasonous media.’ Do you have an idea what it actually takes to be a reporter/journalist? Usually, those writers at the big newspapers/news outlets have gone through 2 to 4 years and even longer of training in journalism. It is NOT an easy gig, It is NOT EASY to get a journalism degree. My point is, their are very stringent standards involved in writing for the major news outlets…as stringent as it is to become a Navy Seal. The media has a duty to “protect the public interest.” The ‘FIFTH ESTATE.” just b/c the ‘media’s reporting’ doesn’t agree with your sensibilities doesn’t mean its ‘treasonous.’ They HAVE TO FOLLOW VERY STRICT GUIDELINES IN REPORTING OR THEY WILL GET SUED.

  1. Authorities : let’s play a game. First we let all domestic Terrorists flee from Capitol Building then public need to identify them.

    1. This was an orchestrated coup with Trumps Loyalists . Somebody in high places orchestrated this inside the capitol building.

    1. @S Calliou

      Under God’s Law, neither he, he rotted Family nor anyone that supported / supports his Tyranny him are Pardonable. So he can run but he can’t hide from God’s Wrath!

    1. It was called de-nazification with nazis 1.0 and this is just nazis 2.0 so .. .same thing but first the USA needs to be bombed into rubble if Shitler gets a 2nd term.

  2. This is the best case scenario. Think about what would have happened if he had won the election! It makes my blood run cold. He needs to go NOW!

    1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zhQIOfDQdCo

      You Americans are beacon of modern democracy, equality, and freedom. Why did it happen like this…? I strongly believe that this presidential election is controlled by someone. Shame shame shame. Can the American spirit and American values be thrown into the trash……? today HONGKONG tomorrow USA
      I am 62 years old.
      你們美國人,是現代民主、平等、自由的燈塔,為什麼會搞成這樣子呢…? 我極相信,這次總統選舉,是有人在操控中 … …。 羞恥 羞恥 羞恥 …。 美國精神和美國價值,是可以全部丟進垃圾桶嗎 …? 今日香港,明日美國。 激氣發洩吓,點解咁無天理。我已六十二歲。

    2. Or even the 2 seats in Georgia. That election weakened their power..thank goodness. This could have been so much worse.

    1. If he gets away with it other people will do the same thing and the world would go into turmoil more than this because of copy cast and wicked people

    2. @Michael Crippen man you people really need psychological help there’s a reason why basically everyone on the entire planet is against trump why do you people think he’s the second coming of Jesus?

    1. @Briguy1027 Up to a week or so ago I would have agreed with you but it now looks like Pence has seen the writing on the wall and is now showing he can and will defy Trump. Especially now that Trump has reached the point of the attempted coup. If he does pardon Trump he knows any future plans he has for the Oval office will be dead before the ink has dried.

    2. Neither pardons will hold bc they are both complicit as coconspirators in many crimes. Trump will make sure everyone goes down with him. Cabinet, and including many of his base to boot.

    3. You know I don’t know I still don’t trust pence he may pardon him to bury it 4 the Republican party

  3. I gave his voters the benefit of the doubt for his first fun. The 2020 run, racism was clearly the motivation.

    1. Personally, I don’t the 12 hour Twitter ban was harsh enough! 5 Americans Dead there needs to be real Justice.

    1. @Joscelyne K probably someone on Reddit has made one. You could most likely just Google “comprehensive list of all Trump crimes” and find one lol

    1. @Dustin Caso don’t use the roads, don’t call the police, don’t call a fire department, don’t use social security, and don’t use anything else that we as a collective society pay into since you hate socialism

    2. @Dustin Caso Ok, moron, go back to your mommy’s basement and yell at your teddy bears how no one listens to you.

  4. Donald: Time to be very afraid. You owe a lot of money to people who take arms and legs as a down payment, and you won’t have the WH to protect you.

  5. So…this man, a foreigner, cares more about democracy than our own democratic leaders?? And to think we want to deport “illegals”

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