Katie Porter: ‘I Cried Today Because My Grandmother Is Dying Of Covid-19’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Katie Porter: ‘I Cried Today Because My Grandmother Is Dying Of Covid-19’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


    1. Calling Katie Porter good is too simplistic. Katie Porter is rational, an expert lawyer as in she knows the laws and can explain them. She puts her focus and effort on exploring what they mean and the reasons the laws came into being. She has empathy for her fellow human beings.

  1. Georgia needs to come through to get McConnell ousted from from his position as majority leader and stop this nonsense!!🤔

    1. We know wht the roadblocks in Georgia are, we know who’s behind them… and apparently, we the people whom these representatives are supposed to protect and serve are doing everythg (legal or otherwise) to suppress our votes. So, let’s fight fire with fire!

      We need to organize a movement… let’s call it *’ex: buddy voting’.* It would be a simple movement, voter’s would travel with a buddy. They would come prepared for the worst possible outcome (hour’s in line); bring blankets; sandwiches; hot soup, tea/coffee; a folding chair; a plastic raincoat, umbrella and a *buddy.*

      Now the important piece… if it is a long wait, stand in line in shifts (ea commit to an hr in line, while the other returns to their car). This coupling system could also be done by those traveling in buses.

      Those practicing this system would need to have something to indicate tht this is wht they are doing (utilizing a buddy system), so no one thinks they are jumping the line. *The coupling should be limited to 2 people only!* (C-19 > distancing)

      We need some type of system… somethg tht makes the waiting bearable.

      We need those 2 Dem’s in the senate… and we need *mitch’s wraith* suppressed. If Kamala won’t step in and take over Mitch’s reign… voting is our only option!

    2. Hey Phil, McConnell isn’t from Georgia, try again. Oh by the way ladie your party the democrat party believes your grandmother has been here to long any so let’s just give her some pills like Obama said, tough to hear when it’s your family right.

    3. @Kay Davis Yes! My entire family will vote for both candidates. Also, I informed many of my cousins today concerning early voting and who to vote for. Our lives depend on those two seats.
      Thank you for the encouragement:)

    4. @Sayoni Mukherjee Thank you so much. My prayers are with you and your family. We all are struggling to get through this pandemic, but I do believe a little encouragement and support ❤ goes a long way, even if, it is in words!

  2. Moscow Mich! Is also a co-conspirator Trump’s clown treason coup attempts at destroying America and our constitution of independence.

  3. Thoughts to Katie, her grandmother and family.

    If only the US had a Person who could have made a difference to bring the country together in a time of need and take decisive action. If Only..

    1. Yet his state voted this pig back in office… someone needs to tell me why Kentucky voted this evil man back in office

    2. Shame on Kentucky for re-electing him, especially when they had a great alternative with Amy! May karma come back to them all!

    1. We tried to tell everyone in Kentucky but somehow he was re-elected to a 7th freaking term. Please Georgia, vote Warnock and Ossoff!

  4. Congresswoman Porter~ I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. May she be well cared for, and may you all find the strength you need.

  5. So sorry to hear about your grandmother . I can see the sadness in your eyes & hear it in your voice. Thank you for continuing to fight for what’s right for us. We need you !

    1. Was your dum as sorry when cumo put all those grand moms in nursing homes killing them 🤷‍♂️no u didn’t say anything so STFU

    2. @Rydastyle 98 u have got to be the dum as of the centry now go turn your obummer phone in and go back to your safe place 😂😂😂let me guess u think cumo did nothing wrong 😂😂that’s just how uneducated and ig no rant u new porkers r

  6. whats sad is youtube’s algorithm makes it so only us who care will see this video, and republicans will stay in their echo chamber 🙁

    1. Typhoid Trump , the virus existence is NOT his fault , the handling of it IS.
      His endless lying about it.
      And having his minions purposely spread misinformation and lies about it , is the civil crime, Mitch McConnell wants to absolve them of.

      So we basically be letting Trump’s deep state (which could be the only deep state) walk away clean from the damage that they have done.
      And that’s why you see the trolls , going into overtime.

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