Katie Porter Responds After Trump Loyalists Disrupt Town Hall For Families 1

Katie Porter Responds After Trump Loyalists Disrupt Town Hall For Families

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) was hoping her first town hall since the pandemic would offer a forum for her constituents to discuss the economic recovery, but it was soon disrupted by Trump supporters who started a physical confrontation. Rep. Porter tells Lawrence O’Donnell “we need to be civil and listen to each other. And it was incredibly heartbreaking when that happened.”    
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    1. @druu jenkins – And what is it that you offer to society? Other than scrambled thoughts? Word salads are not very tasty, nor are they digestible.

    2. @Crimdor Anyone who physically assaulted another should have been arrested regardless of party and they were. What needs to be addressed is the Republicans exercising the right to freedom of speech to disrupt other’s right to speak freely. There is a distinct lack of understanding (among those on the right especially) of the basic rules of civil society. Your rights and freedoms can not be exercised in a way that restricts the rights and freedoms of others. You are not more free or more entitled to be heard and respected than anyone else. You do not have a right to disrupt a peaceful public gathering and scare those in attendance.

  1. Katie Porter = embodiment of courage. If most reps were like her, America would be great again! Vote!

    1. @Felix Ndayis de Bologne
      There’s some narcissists that troll just to feed off of other people’s time and emotions. Its a mental health disorder that drugs, surgery nor therapy can cure.

    2. @druu jenkins he wasn’t in power when he was registered as a democrat. why would anyone apologise?

    3. @druu jenkins, another lie from Trump trying to distance himself from his buddy Epstein! No proof that he kicked him out.

  2. There is literally no rational reason to vote for anyone representing the Republican faction. None at all.

    1. @druu jenkins “while pretending to care about the big bad Orangeman making a joke about a hypothetical consenting woman…. ”

      You didn’t listen to that recording obviously. He literally said “I can’t help myself”! LOL

      “And you did vote for the person who actually grabbed a woman by the P against her consent”

      Who are you talking about now? Biden? So, we should believe the women accusers is what you’re saying yes? ALL of them, or JUST the ones who are pointing at Biden? LOL

      Biden has had 8 women claim sexual assault. Trump has had 26! Yeah, I know, that’s because Trump is WINNING right???

    2. @Beaukneaus I’m just holding you to the same standard you held Kavanaugh and a bunch of TEENAGERS from Covington… since they disagreed with you politically

      I obviously don’t have to bend myself into mental pretzels like you do. I’m not a 12 year old WWE fan still holding onto the Iron Sheik

      Like you having to hold onto the idea that the donkey party isn’t filled with a bunch of donkeys… despite transforming into the party of Robert Mueller….

    1. @ccrncindyI’m a big fan of Katie Porter. I have nothing but admiration for the way she stands up to the Republicans. If I lived in your district, I’d vote for her every time she ran. You are very lucky to have her as your representative.

  3. never associated rock star and politician together but if a politician could be a rock star it would be Katie!

    1. @hellshade2 Yupp, no self respect, no sense of dignity.
      They have basically devolved to savagery.

    2. @Douglas Montague Gee, seems like an awful lot of Repugnantcana are under indictment. They are the ones who belong in prison. Trump, the traitor, soon.

    1. @Cali Den why delusional? Katie Porter would be a better president than any of the men that have been in that job.

    2. YES. I’VE watched alot of politicians over the years. Katie puts them all to shame. Hardworking ,honest, trying to do her best for the American people. T Y Katie

  4. This is how Republicans are defined. Professor Porter destroys crooks, and is a good lawmaker. Hate and violence is the GOP answer.

    1. @gnshapiro Ted Kennedy was a pretty great Democrat Senator. He merely caused the death of a young woman and got away with it.
      Robert Byrd was pretty great too. He was a Grand Cyclops for the KKK and was honored by many other Democrat legislators, including Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden when he died. That’s how democrats roll.

    1. People who against Katie are NOT American. They want to turn American government into a dictatorship. poorly educated trumpers just love the idea of 45 makes “libs cry.” That make them happy and feel winning. LMFAO. They are not considering what will happen in their future(Short-sighted). They are dumb as rocks. SHAME. RIH GQP

    1. Why can thugs get away with this? Still? When are Merrick Garland and the DOJ going to pull this monstrosity out by its root and indict Trump and all of the scum responible?

    1. @norm simpson It’s just about come to that. There not the only fight out there and looks like that is all there going to understand!!!

    2. While I would like to agree in principle with Kanda, I think many are missing a larger point; the 74 million people who voted for the Big Orange Weenie(here in after BOW) are our neighbors, inalienable citizens, and cannot be deported or lose their citizenship by any legal action- naturalized citizens can be but not “born here “Muricans. Encouraging a new civil war is pointless and futile- virtually any result you get will fade away as soon as most of the guns get put up. In 1861, there were about 80 million Americans; 620,000 died on the battle field, 400,000 lost limbs, were blinded or other life changing injuries sustained and a further 400, 000 were subjected to a POW camp on both sides. Today we have 335 million people- a proportionate number for the dead would be 2.5 million dead , mostly young men- the men who would take over the stores and factories and get the next generation started- DEAD. And about 1.4 million heavy injuries and another 1.4 for the POW situation. Tbh, I think the POW number will be much higher due to the atrocity quotient the BOW’s supporters, athletic and otherwise, have been chorused up to.
      I would like to figure out how to “save the neighbors”- all of us are related to many of them- and I would like to bury this ancient sin and stain of slavery and the racial attitudes it engenders once and for all. I almost forgot; there are 415 million registered guns in America today, and the same authority (BATF) says there may well be another 415 million unregistered firearms, among them fully automatic “machine guns”, maybe as many as 30,000 in Texas alone. Some historians think there were about one gun for five citizens in 1861- about 16 million guns- that is 26 times as many registered firearms plus all the other for just four times as many citizens. I don’t see any good clean ends from this path at all, I don’t. FR

    1. I find it interesting that all the real threats to the ‘old white man’s’ grip on this country are younger woman no matter their colour. They bring common sense, compassion and determination to their jobs that we don’t see in so many old 50’s guys.

    2. I agree. One day I hope she makes a bid for the WH. What happened is something we must confront.

    1. @Joyce Duncan Unfortunately, the US stood by and let these ppl be indoctrinated into complete idiocy. No one stopped Trump from spewing his filth. He is a POS human and I’m almost positive he is the antichrist. As long as his grift is still working, he would happily let all his followers croak as long as their checks cleared.

    2. @candace pritchett YEP! Like deer in the headlights, Americans stood frozen in place while the Trump bus came barreling towards them in the dark of night. We have a problem in this country that is far bigger than Trump and we better start talking about it directly instead of skirting the edges talking about the symptoms/results.

    3. @candace pritchett God told us the antichrist would rise to power during the last days of the end times. (Of course we’re there. All signs from Matthew 24 have happened!
      God even described the evil man in Daniel 8:23-27:
      He shall allow deceit to prosper
      He shall use swelling words He shall exalt himself above all others
      He shall come to power, but not by his own power.
      Hmmmm…. I know somebody like that!
      > 30,520 lies as President. Still spreading the big lie of voter fraud, 8 months after he lost the election by 8 MILLION votes!
      > “tremendous, terrific, fabulous, a perfect call”
      > “I am the chosen one. no one knows more about ______ than me. I know more about _____than anybody. I have done more than any other president!”
      > came to power but not by his own power” Umm… His boss Putin influenced the 2016 election!

    4. @Mark Keller Remember When Susan Collins said “I think the president has learned his lesson” after impeachment number one? After the election was called for Joe Biden, some Senator said “we just need to give the president time to come to grips with this.” Remember when Mike Pompeo said “we will have a smooth transition to a second Trump term” Remember all the people who came to his defense about his admitting to sexual assault (grabbing them by the p****)?
      “It’s just locker room talk. that’s the way guys talk. he didn’t mean anything by it…” when the Times article came out that he had lost billions of dollars over the years, the Fox & Friends’ host said that’s “pretty impressive he’s lost more than most people would ever make” or some nonsense like that.
      Trump has been treated like a spoiled five-year-old boy his entire life! Just give him whatever he wants so he’ll stop screaming and get up off the floor!

    5. @candace pritchett and they are still kow towing to him. The sad thing is that’s what his cult followers want. A corrupt, slimy man child that sing a pretty song while he bleeds them dry. Financially, emotionally and mentally.

    1. She lacks the charisma. She’s an excellent attack dog and policy maker. Very few Democrats fight as hard as she does. The Democrats are a sad party when they are in and out of power. They lack organization and strength. For every Katie Porter in Congress, there are about 30 useless elected Democrats.

    2. I hope that she runs down the road. I’m sick of awful female candidates such as Hilary and the current VP. I would absolutely vote for Rep Porter. I think that a person such as she could absolutely win. She is the type of candidate that people want.

  5. This woman is the kind of woman they need in Congress… That’s why they’re trying to shut her up…… This is beyond dirty politics

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