Katyal: Discussions Of Invoking The 25th Amendment And Impeachment Have Gained ‘A Lot Of Velocity’ 1

Katyal: Discussions Of Invoking The 25th Amendment And Impeachment Have Gained ‘A Lot Of Velocity’


Georgetown University law professor and former acting U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal weighs in on how Congress could impeach the president for the second time and the potential that Trump might actually be removed from office. Aired on 1/7/2021.
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Katyal: Discussions Of Invoking The 25th Amendment And Impeachment Have Gained ‘A Lot Of Velocity’


    1. He’s been nothing but a cardboard wee wee for 4 years plus. Of course he’s not going to do ANYTHING! Throw him in jail on that principle alone. Useless POS.

    1. He is the typical mob boss . . . threatens everyone, gets his minions to do his dirty work (hey, if a few of them die along the way, no problem!), and says just enough (but not too much) to maintain plausible deniability. He is a coward who never served his country, throws shade on brave people serving in the military . . . and incites his brainwashed followers to violence, says “I’ll be right beside you”, then sends them on their way as he runs and hides . . . and watches it all on TV.

    2. Lol used us, I spent 4 years in this or that desert. Never Trump, did my taxes go up nope first time I actually didnt have to pay, my MOS 0317, I didnt stay outta the dust anytime. Oh ya he didnt try and keep me locked in my home for my “safety”. Contrary to what u might think he cant comtrol a virus. People had jobs economy was doing great my power bill was amazing. So ya, host was I used?

  1. Make no mistake: if the terrorists had gotten hold of our elected officials, our elected officials would be have been murdered.

  2. The Murdoch family needs to be held accountable like Twitter and FB for orange Adolf ‘s tormenting violence.

    1. Yep the Murdoch’s are like the Mr Bigs hiding in the background pulling all the strings but avoiding any blame, who me?

    1. A “stable genius” is the guy who works in the stables and has become an expert at shoveling horsesh!t. Individual 1 can certainly shovel the s**t.

    1. @Oozysolution149 lol, sorry your world is so terrifying. The rest of us live in Normal Land where us democrats are ‘nearly’ as capitalistic as you are, we just care a little bit more for our fellow Americans. It’s actually the ‘christian’ thing to do, isn’t it?! You know what they say…”Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward men”…?. That’s liberals in a nutshell. You’ve been radicalized by rightwing propaganda fueled by Russian-paid internet trolls. You’ll be okay.

    2. @Oozysolution149 #1 What does that have to do with anything I said? #2 You do realize that the rest of us majority who did not vote for Trump are ALSO Americans? Your group seems to think you are the only Americans. That is how idiotic, brainwashed and narrow-mindedly delusional you all are. #3 Soon we will choose sides? Soon? Seems like your side is pretty well chosen at this point. The side that is delusional AND hateful. #4 You do realize that our government currently has full power AND that we are all Free at the same time? If you belive that the government does not have full power then you are even more delusional. Our Freedom is and has always been just an ideology and an illusion. No one is really free. AND #5 It is “we’re” not “were”. “Were” is a verb. “We’re” is a pronoun, as in “We’re about to show you…” Get it right, you illiterate stump.

    3. @Oozysolution. Dummy. The right wing has been conning people with this communism / socialism scare campaign since the 1950s and you still keep falling for it.

  3. Neal Katyal tells us he is just a man with an average IQ.

    Nice humility. But Neal has a much higher than average IQ.

  4. Get him out – does he not know they can over ride his pardon and he cant pardon himself lol – GET HIM OUT

  5. He’s in Save His Skin mode, now. His latest Twitter speech is so smarmy and gratuitous that it turned my stomach. And no way he wrote it, either.

    1. They’ve probably taped his tweeting finger up so it can’t be used, & he’s not smart enough to think of using another one

  6. And anyone who says “hes learned a lesson” or “he won’t get any worse” is just as incapable of learning a lesson as trump

    1. He is a narcissistic sociopath, plain and simple . . . he doesn’t “learn” anything, ever. He knows everything (“of course I’m the best and the smartest!), and the only people that need to “learn” things are . . . everybody else.
      That is the way it will always be.
      People are so naive about this guy . . .

    2. @James Brauer Americans need to learn more about world history, especially about how the dictators came to power.

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