Katz: The Governor Must Resign. If He Does Not Do So, He Must Be Impeached 1

Katz: The Governor Must Resign. If He Does Not Do So, He Must Be Impeached


Attorney for Charlotte Bennett, Debra Katz, joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the New York Attorney General's investigation finding that Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed almost a dozen women like her client. She reacts to the governor's pushback against the report and says, "What Charlotte is looking for here is accountability."
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    1. No, it’s called him saying, this is what I did, which is not what she said. That’s fair, does she have any proof? The AG said there’s evidence, so why not release it if their not prosecuting. Does she want to take him to court. No, she just piling on to “support the other woman accuser”. So It’s a “he said-she said” situation. If there’s damning evidence, either impeach (hopefully evidence is still required in New York) or wait for re-election if he’s eligible to do so. It’s called proceeding with his constitutional rights, if these people believe in this at all. And then of all people, Biden says Cuomo should resign, without even reading the report, just parroting what the report said. And this is our Supreme Commander! It’s this how he decided to force all government people to get vaxxed. That’s what it said at the end of the report, right!

    2. I am just a guy and I am pro woman. I am not married, no children. This sexual harassment is Not acceptable! No one should have to put up this crap, just to do their job!

    3. These women are republican operatives getting paid for this silly nonsense crap. This is a Italian man and this is custom greetings for all women and men alike. All the women are all smiles in pictures it’s all crap. Biden smells hair and touching shoulders. Trump bragging about touching private parts 27 women came forward. Many others.

  1. I guess this wouldn’t be a good time to for Cuomo to say he’s been a hands on governor ?

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr only 2. Let’s see how many Republitrumps are in jail? Hmm… Its going to take a while to count them all.

    2. @Sid Sridhar I live in CA and if it had not been for Gov. Cuomo of NY giving us daily briefings on Covid.during pandemic year, we would all be in the dark. as you remembber Trump was having a hissy fit over loss of election and did NOTHING for the rest of his term.

  2. If he did all this, he needs to be indicted and put on trial IMMEDIATELY. So far, what we have is trial by public opinion which is not how we run this country. We have a legal system based on the presumption of innocence where the accused has the right to hear from his/her accusers. He/she also has the right to a jury of his peers (probably not in New York).

    1. Exactly. Especially if Kirsten Gillibrand is involved, we don’t need another “Al Franken” where they kick out an innocent man without an investigation or trial.

  3. He is not about to resign. Nor take any accountability on any level. Even if found guilty in a court of law.

    1. Maybe they’re doing the right thing instead of protecting sexual harassers like you weirdos

    2. @rome54545 Nope. These power brokers do what is expedient to their agenda, not for “what is right”. If you believe that, you should re-enroll into the first grade so they can give you a lollipop for being a good obedient slave.

  4. It’s about time, all those Covid patients forced into nursing homes to raise case numbers…….oh wait sexual harassment?

    1. Bahahaha!!! Use your brain boy, the hospitals were full with Covid patients. Where should he puts old people with Covid? On the street or in your home!!! Where is the second best place for them with nurses and doctors around 24/7? Nursing home! SHAME.

    1. because some of the allegations have been corroborated by witnesses and were repeated over and over. If your boss violates you at work, you don’t have to file charges and wait for the outcome in the private sector. Any CEO would be forced to resign. Cuomo needs to resign or be forced out.

  5. The LOUD silence coming from the Me-Too purple hairs is deafening. Oh right, Cuomo is one of theirs therefore the silence.

    1. Silence? Democrats are asking for his resignation. Democrats are holding their own accountable. Wish republicans would do the same.

    2. Yeah, between Bill Cosby and Cuomo the Metoos have certainly suffered a setback. However, after they abandoned Ms REade, I don’t really care what they say anyway

  6. I find it shocking that no senior staff who were specifically told about his behaviour just did nothing, other than try and make the problem “go away”.

  7. Since corruption, as it is understood around the world, became institutionalized in America and became part of culture, everything else is gradually becoming part of culture as well.

  8. I just get out my buttery popcorn whenever the left eats itself, he helped create this environment as well as said “believe all women”.
    Serves him good.

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