Kavanaugh An Ill-Considered Choice To Pen Ruling On Incorrigible Childhood Offenses | Rachel Maddow 1

Kavanaugh An Ill-Considered Choice To Pen Ruling On Incorrigible Childhood Offenses | Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow points out the bitter contradiction in the Supreme Court choosing Brett Kavanaugh as the one to write a majority opinion that shatters the precedent of a judge considering whether a teenager's crimes should be held against them for the entire rest of their life. Aired on 04/23/2021.
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Kavanaugh An Ill-Considered Choice To Pen Ruling On Incorrigible Childhood Offenses | Rachel Maddow


    1. I’d like someone to yell at his daughters ” show us your devil’s triangle” and get off because their father said under oath its a drinking game.

    2. This is the supreme court and he needs to pulled out like a thorn that doesn’t deserve to be there. To think of the sub par court sessions to indoctrinate him…sick already

  1. *THERE IS NO AMOUNT OF MONEY* would get me to move to the USA…

    Your government offer us in Europe $50k to move there as “relocation expenses” – I would not move for $50 MILLION and I absolutely mean that…

    1. @g0679 Tip: Wherever you decide – learn the basics of the local language. I knew about 10 words in German when I got here and that made things a lot more difficult. Of course, these days, tech is closing the language gap, but if you’re out in rural areas that may not make such a difference. Learn some BEFORE you go, not after…

    2. @Bruce Bashore – As I said in another comment. I think I get the targeted adverts. As an author, I read a lot of scientific studies and research. I believe they have mistaken me for someone with a valuable brain…

    3. @PifflePrattle (I’m married to a Brit, living in usa) The only thing about America vs. UK, there is still room to hide in the US, and we’re less about legislating political correctness. We watched with grief as Brexit was celebrated – becoming Florida would be a step up from what I suspect will be more like Arkansas – when the UK becomes just England. I seriously wish you and the UK all the best, and wish you could prove me wrong.

    4. Nor would I.!!

      I have said for decades that every Canadian should be thankful for our border.
      It holds back much more than just contraband.
      It holds in injustice, ignorance, social decadence and more.

  2. Kavanaugh is a liar and needs to be investigated properly. He shouldn’t be on that court. The sooner the Dems start packing the court the better.

    1. @andrew burgess
      Unfortunately can’t be done. Not unless a law is implemented that judges can be removed or term limits.

    2. Can be, the number of justices has changed multiple times over the centuries. The current version was based on one for each federal district when there were nine, there’s now thirteen districts.

    3. @Dizzy Duke – Kavanaugh CAN be impeached if he was found to have lied during that sham of an appointment process.

    4. @Dizzy Duke agreed, term limits with regularly spaced appiontments would best (nomination rights staying with president incumbent at the time and slots filled in order … should stop any more shameless McConnell “hijinx”). That Gorsuch and Barrett both remaining on Court makes a mockery of concept of equal rules for everyone; I know its a lawyers dream job but one of them needs to find the integrity to resign (unfortunately that should be the Justice to keep).

  3. I saw the headline today and was sickened by this. I cannot fathom the sort of person that would engage in child abuse of this magnitude under the guise of ‘justice’. I am utterly disgusted.

    1. @Richard Moore : Actually, you do. Sorry. It’s not a simple as 1 + 1 = 2, but it does happen. I think it’s monstrous, btw. I’m only saying that there is a valid argument; not that I’m convinced, because I’m not. It’s a grey area, that will require genuine discussion and validation of the other’s point of view, if you want to win them over. Most of the time, when you’re dealing with something a trump troll loves, you can simply point to the facts and say, “See? You’re just wrong and the facts don’t care about your feelings or opinions.” But, I don’t think this is one of those issues? Do you?

    2. @Jeffrey Photonboy : I’m literally advocating for the opposite of a, “black & white,” point of view. Some kids are not beyond saving, but should be permanently removed from society, for a range of reasons; including the threat they pose to that society, society’s inability to achieve certainty as to the safety of releasing them, consideration of victim’s families, the list is endless. I haven’t read the opinion yet, so I’d like to know more, and to see if there’s proper guidance about how and when to use such sentencing. But, keep in mind, I would vote against this if I could. I’m only saying that I don’t think this is one of those cases that we should summarily dismiss as being, “wrong.” It’s too complex for that. And, by validating one’s opponent and their views, we’re more likely to make headway. Consider: what if a judge was able to use this as an alternative to the death sentence? Would you support that, single aspect of it?

    3. This is a big win for the prison-for-profit lobby. Every minor given this sentence is a 60-year profit. The legislature should turn around and say that that minor sentenced to life without parole cannot legally be remanded to a for-profit penal institution.

  4. I remember 65 years ago listening to the mothers of the neighborhood talking about how a three year old in the neighborhood was incorrigible. I learned the meaning of that word and immediately knew that the mothers were wrong. I still think they were wrong. Those six justices certainly cannot be Christian if they have zero belief in redemption. They are neither human nor humane.

    1. Time and again we see that claiming to be Christian means nothing. My best example is the loudly Christian service manager at our car dealership who rips off one customer after another because he is “forgiven”. His explanation. Conversely, not declaring one’s self as Christian does not mean one is not kind and right-thinking.

  5. A civilisation is measured by how it treats its weakest and most vulnerable. Republicans stacking of the Courts will see a lifetime of life changing judgments. No humanity

    1. @RogerWilco
      It may be fear based on ignorance.

      If the lunacy sprouted about the US election was true the insurrection would have been a justified rebellion.

      If the batsh*t crazy fever dreams of QAnon was true, action would indeed be needed.

      To an outsider like me it looks like half of the US is into horror and suspend all disbelief in order to get an adrenaline kick.

      And if your life sucks it’s always easier to deal with others problems, real or not, than confront your own situation.

    2. We haven’t seen cruelty on such a massive scale since the Rwandan genocide. Future history lessons will remember the U.S. era of war/non-violent crime incarceration/covid.

    3. @Paul Victor How is it in any way shape or form comparable to the whole-sale slaughter of between 13% and 20% of a countries population? You really shouldn’t make hyperbolic comparisons.

  6. Cruel and Unusual punishment.. Unbelievable. This country is just inhumane yet tries to tell other countries its them.. Pathetic

    1. @Joey Scott the USA Pandora box was open wide for the world to see. Thanks to Trump and his minions.

  7. The whole point of being a republican is to enjoy causing the suffering of others.

    1. @C Dean , Most of the Antifa idiots don’t even know that Hitler and Stalin where allies. They don’t know Russia talk Germany fighter pilots and tank divisions how to fight. That’s how stupid they are.

    2. Obv, that’s proven by literally hundreds of nationwide riots
      (arson, looting, assault & battery, murders) carried out in
      republican-controlled major cities such as nyc, l.a., chiraq,
      portland, seattle, mpls, kenosha, atlanta, d.c., ad nauseum,
      with the collusion of republican governors, mayors, city
      councils, prosecuting attorneys, county executives, &c.
      Their swarming gangs of thugs frequently openly intimidate
      people in public, demanding they kneel before their republican
      overlords & chant republican slogans & display republican
      signs/gestures. Their antifa slogan “we want biden, we don’t
      want revenge,” or something like that, is chilling, whatever it
      is. The sharp increases in violent crime in these republican-
      controlled cities is an ongoing testament to the chaos they
      sow with “fiery, but mostly peaceful republican riots.”
      “O, woe is me! To have seen what I have seen, see what I see!”
      “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen. Glory, Hallelujah.”
      Jumpin’ Jehos(h)aphat, Yosemite Sam, when will they stop?
      When will they stop? When will they stop? When will they

    3. @Jason Dixon t so let me get this straight if I caught racism that makes me racist if I’m antifasciste that makes me fascist for some reason your logic does not compute

    4. @Jason Dixon You had no point and proved nothing . Your silly little post also indicates you are incapable of independent thought . You are a child with childish responses . Just put mommy’s phone down and go play in the traffic .

    1. @Texas patriot your statement is not true for everyone, acciddential death happen as well and this bill is not even used on serial adults

    1. @BANKO007 because of his hearing & mini tyrate on his confirmation A.C.B wasn’t any better but least she wasn’t flailing hard unlike him.

    1. I was looking at his little girls on the video. Admiring their dad. As parents we all wish our kids will grow up to be perfect people.i hope his girls will always be perfect little girls in the unperfect country we live in. Because the law their dad implements is the law all kids will be measured!

  8. We need to expand the court there are 2 unqualified Justices unfit to be on the Supreme Court.

    1. “Nine seems to be a good number. It’s been that way for a long time.”
      “It was a bad idea when President Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack the court.”
      both of these are quotes from Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    2. Coney-Barrett, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch AND Thomas are unqualified and unfit to be on the SCOTUS.

  9. ‘justice’ has done more harm than ‘evil,’ those kids better be as heinous as adults if they’re being incarcerated for their whole lives

  10. THIS from Justice- “I like beer” and “you can’t hold me to account as an adult for what I did when I was just a teenager”. Good old Justice “I like Boofing”

  11. “Justice’I Like Beer'” Yep, this is sick, morally reprehensible and has more than a whiff of hypocrisy on the nose, doesn’t it? Dear me.

  12. This is the start ! The 6 justices that voted this needs to be Thrown off this court, They Are InJustises!!

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