Kavita Patel: Covid Priority Is Reopening Schools, Not Bars | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Kavita Patel: Covid Priority Is Reopening Schools, Not Bars | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


MSNBC Medical Contributor Dr. Kavita Patel discusses concerns over Covid variants and her belief that reopening schools should be the highest priority for government officials. Aired on 02/17/2021.
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Kavita Patel: Covid Priority Is Reopening Schools, Not Bars | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. I remember Nancy pelosi giving a speech about protecting the kids and keeping schools closed.
    Guess we won’t be hearing another one of those now that they have power.

    1. No they wanted to send the kids to school with no guidelines no testing and no contact Tracing we’re going to send them back to school with those things

    2. @Angela Carter the kids wont see the schools in the majority of the country until the teachers union can extort billions of more dollars

    3. By the way she is no the one responsible for us to be in this situation to start with. For almost the last year we had an administration at the White House that did everything in its power to minimize the COVID-19 crisis and was mostly focusing on the reelection of Donald Trump and that last part went very well…..againts all of us you included as well.

  2. Idiots: “The numbers are going down! That means we’re in the clear!”
    Corona: “Go on…”
    Idiots: “Masks off, people! Let’s go to the bars!”
    Corona: **tucks napkin under chin**

    1. @Jonathan Hunnicutt if that is true how come dems are the majority inbothe house and the. Executive verabch

  3. Opening the border, & benefits for illegals are first for Biden… We’ll see what comes first… Schools or Border…

    1. @Felipe Arevalo go easy amigo, why can’t America take care their own first every other country does. An don’t give other BS. America is the most generous out of all… We should care of our own first…

    2. @Felipe Arevalo that’s what I said, borders before schools….he already signed the paper.. which is BS..

    3. @Felipe Arevalo yea, ok actions speak louder than BS. AN so far all the action from the left doesn’t pull any of that weight of America first…

  4. Given that we have a vaccine that will be available by summer we should just wait until teachers and students are vaccinated before we reopen schools. I know it’s hard but people need to have patience. This is the home stretch.

  5. this is him and not her… oak creek tells FOX 6 that every 45 minutes one voter show on average. opens at 8:00 am closes 8:00 pm . 12 hours intotal . 6 district . =9 people each district x6=54 people . oak creek has 20.000 eligible voters ???? fox is on at 9:00 pm they called it around 9:00 pm 10:00 pm. they did not count the absentee again !!!!

  6. Americans believe New Zealanders have less freedoms than Americans and that is why they have 500,000 Covid deaths while NZ have had 26.
    US Propaganda must be good for Americans to believe that having half a million Covid deaths is freedom. Oh well, I’m off to a BBQ at the beach.

  7. US Media need to interview New Zealand and Taiwan pandemic experts.
    CDC briefings would benefit from having zoom connected global advisers.
    Covid variants = US has 10 variants, 1 UK, 1 South Africa, 1 Brazil and 1 China.
    2020 the virus possibly originated in China. 2021 there is no debate the virus is from US.

  8. Schools have never been high on the list of politicians except during elections. They prefer less educated voters who can be fed lies and half truths without the ability to recognize them. Opening bars and restaurants give the people the illusion everything is normal and make their big donors, who rely on regular people’s money, happy.

  9. May I remind these “experts” that we are currently having the same COVID numbers as last October. If they want to open schools now, where were they last October? Oh, that’s right. Trump was in the White House. Such hypocrites!!

  10. Absolutely not, the goal is bars, have you seen how filthy they are? If they can open, then, and only then, will it be safe, because the only thing filthier than a school is a bar. Stop trying to subject children to covid just so you don’t habe to spend time with them, give your kids love empathy and love, instead of shunting em to a deathcamp

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