Keep Canada-U.S. border closed until Americans take COVID-19 seriously: Infectious disease expert

Dr. Brian Conway says there has been a tacit acceptance in the United States around surging COVID-19 deaths and the border needs to remain closed until the 'social contract' changes.

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  1. americans have shown that they will not follow basic rules to prevent covid, they should be banned

  2. Thats what we talking about now we have to wait for the next election for that🤷🏾‍♂️😂

  3. It’s too bad Trudeau couldn’t stop the flights early like Australia did, they only had over 100 deaths. Now to blame the Americans for not taking the covid-19 seriously is trying to hide our own governments and medias ineptitude all through this ordeal.

    1. This alleged ineptitude was virtue signalling. Now our infection numbers are 100 000 plus and counting. Thailand id’d hotspots and stopped flights. With a population of 70 million their infections are around 3000.

  4. The states reopened (more cases). Maybe we can see how Canadians did in a couple weeks from now following reopening.

  5. The 7 Americans ticketed in Banff over the weekend should be deported back to the USA. If Americans already in canada refuse to follow our health orders, they shouldnt have the privilege of staying here.

  6. Yes!!!!! Keep the border closed!!!! Don’t let anyone in for any reason. Pull our nurses and doctors out. Let them either fail or change

  7. Maybe Canada should take fakes seriously!
    It’s all lies!
    Numbers don’t lie!
    It’s a flu!

    1. The numbers don’t lie. America has the #1 most amount of deaths in the entire world. Obviously what they are doing is wrong.

  8. The expert…should know better….a virus loses its potency over time…as it splits and re infects….this virus was special, in that for whatever reason, no comment….humans contracted and spread the virus fairly easily…which doesn’t usually happen with naturally occurring viruses…of course….I am not an epidemiologist…and most can’t agree amongst themselves….

  9. considering they are our largest trading partner…..I guess this won’t hurt our already struggling economy… who do you think keeping the border closed will hurt the most ?

    1. have you seen all the new tariffs, considering they STILL have not dropped the original ones they imposed….. they may be our largest trading partner but obviously that needs to change, since Trump came into office they certainly are not our neighbors or friends……

  10. Toronto certainly takes the Wuhan virus seriously. Look at the crowded beaches on the weekend and tthe racist gangs protesting in the streets. They must be immune to the wuhan virus.

  11. No International flights either, they are the conduit for revival of the virus. No flights whatsoever unless there`s a lockdown quarantine on ALL passengers for 14 days when they arrive, not bogus self imposed self-isolation when they meet their families. We all know how that turns out.

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