Keeping Politics Peaceful During A Politically-Charged Time | MSNBC 1

Keeping Politics Peaceful During A Politically-Charged Time | MSNBC


NBC’s Joshua Johnson discusses political violence in the United States and how former President Trump has been at the center of much of it since 2015. He asks how viewers are helping keep politics peaceful during a politically charged time. Aired on 02/15/2021.
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Keeping Politics Peaceful During A Politically-Charged Time | MSNBC


    1. @S D You are continuing to create an atmosphere of political violence. I clicked on to your link. I did some fact checking and I found out that it is a vile conspiracy spreading site.

    2. @Barbara Ann Baugh Does this mean you are evil and deceitful if you see the truth as violent? Did you listen to the man’s own voice and say that facts and evidence don’t matter because you are a fascist?
      Maybe look up the definition of fascist before you respond with more fascism.
      By the way, thanks for admitting that Twitter is a conspiracy spreading site.

    3. @S D Truth is truth it is neither violent nor nonviolent. There was very little truth in the link you cited. My response was to your reply only. I don’t see how you can accuse me of being a fascist from my response to your reply. I did not say anything about Twitter spreading or any other social media spreading conspiracy theories and for that matter any outright lies. Some social media sites are better about fact checking controls than others. I have looked up the definition of Fascism. In fact, I have read articles on Fascism. And I have noticed that most people on the right and left and in between get it wrong.

    4. @Barbara Ann Baugh Truth is truth, so why did you call it violent? The truth is, Mike Shirkey said it, he is the source. Was Shirkey lying? I don’t think he was — but fuss at him if you don’t like what he said.

      Mike Shirkey is the source unless you can prove that the reporter fabricated the evidence like the impeachment managers did.

      Fascism’s definition has changed throughout the years, and its meaning was different before WW2. Today, if you see “far-right wing” in the definition you know that you are listening to propaganda because there is nothing “right-wing” in fascism. (Except one might argue that it is to the “right” of Communism on the socialist scale — but again, all socialism is on the Left.)

      Basically, fascism is authoritarian, forcible suppression of opposition. This is what we are currently seeing the Left embrace and what they have historically always embraced. This is why all fascists historically were socialists as all socialism in on the Left.

      When you see a report, follow the sources, trace it to the original source and then see if that is true. That is how it is done. If you rule out “lying” news sources, you would have to rule out Left news sources FIRST because they do not believe the truth is real, or that it exists, so they feel no obligation whatsoever to tell the truth unless they can use it to their advantage.

    1. Hitler took power in 1933, 6 full years before WW2. During that time he had people assassinated, political parties banned, broke the Versailles Treaty from 1919 by building up Germany’s military. Europe gave meek murmurings when he introduced conscription but nothing more. These 6 years nothing was done, when he invaded Poland in September 1939 it was already too late.

  1. There is nothing a average citizen can do to change anything about politics let alone violence in politics. That is a fact. But common sense would tell you that after Trump threw all his capitol rioters under the bus, he should worry about that. Those people have extreme values already and now they know Trump used them like pawns.

    1. But we can continue to seek out non-violent methods of dealing with the concerns and use them whenever possible. And we can expect more from our country, because our expectations will drive the ultimate results.

    2. SweetSue420 how do you negotiate with a man with a gun. Once you pick the gun up, negotiations are dead. Let’s stick to our policy of non negotiation with terrorists

    3. SweetSue420 I hope you take no offense. But what “color” are you. You do sound like someone who doesn’t fully understand loving with these people and the everyday discrimination and demeaning.

  2. The Democrats respect leaders like Dr King Jr, John Lewis, and Obama – all who called for peaceful protests.
    Meanwhile, the republicans supported armed attack to stop the election because of one man’s inability to admit he lost.

  3. You’ve brilliantly articulated one of my greatest underlying fears. Let’s hope that’s not what we have ahead.

  4. Interesting piece. I don’t know what trump supporters get out of following him. He disowned the ones he sent to fight for him on January 6.

  5. I advocate the use of techniques that marriage and family counselors use to improve the health of a family system. The tested and proven principles of Psychology can help our government function in a more healthy manner and our society to function in a more healthy manner. Our schools should include in any required curriculum instruction in Applied Behavioral Science.
    We cannot have lasting peace without this resting upon the firm foundation of sanity.
    We cannot have this firm foundation of sanity without embracing the truth and the facts.

  6. Good afternoon my friend how can you pay in the white house and can not pay in School’s everytime the white house open up they start of a pay something is wrong

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